Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav & Pallavi Quarrel Over Esha

Pallavi takes care of Raghav, Raghav says lets go have dinner, Pallavi says doctor has asked you a day bed rest, also let Amma, Keerti and Esha stay away from eachother, I feel so bad for Esha, I know she isn’t careless and its not her who added peanuts, Raghav says okay, Pallavi sees Esha and calls her in and asks did she eat food, Esha says yes and asks Raghav is he fine, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says Esha, I am sorry on behalf of Keerti and Amma, you are our guest, and Amma Keerti are just upset with you, dont take their words to heart, Esha says its okay and leaves.

Keerti says to Sunny, we should remove this Esha from the house,there is definitely something going in her mind and girls like her are not good, they can do anything to get what they want, Sunny says what proof you have it’s Esha, you people are so mad behind Pallavi you don’t see anything else, staff can be at fault too, whole house is behind that poor girl, and I am seeing you Keerti along with Amma, you always behind Pallavi.

Rajni delivering tiffin, Milind Jumps infront of her disguised in South Indian attire and says I. Rajnikant, Rajni says me and my parents are your fan, Milind says I know everything and here to see you, Rajni sees Milind’s mustach coming off, Milind hurts his finger whie playing trick’s, Rajni ties her dupatta to it and says don’t lie to anyone because even I don’t, take care bye.

Sulochana shows Sharda, Milind’s clothes and says look at these we need to show him to psychiatrist, Sharda and Sulochana see Milind dancing looking at his finger.

Pallavi packing food, Raghav says we are going on vacation and not settle we don’t need so much food, Pallavi says we will manage and Amma and Aai gave this how can we not take it, Raghav says okay and thinks I love to see this smile on your face and promise will always keep you happy.

Amma, Keerti, Sunny bid Raghav and Pallavi bye, Raghav gets call from Sumit and says so all planned for Maldives, Raghav says how do you know, Sumit says give me 10 cr and then go, Raghav says are you mad, Sumit says I have kidnapped your girlfriend and if you want your extra marital alive, give me money, Raghav says stay away from Esha, Sumit says don’t inform police and get me my money in 30 min, Raghav tells Amma and Pallavi, Amma says you two go, Farhad will manage this situation, Pallavi says no Amma, Esha is in danger we can postpone this trip, Raghav says thanks for understanding and leaves.

Raghav reaches location where is Esha is trapped, Sumit points gun at him and asks him to give money, Raghav says I will transfer money can’t get hard cash so soon, Sumit says no smartness, step back and go get my money, Raghav throws box at Sumit and then attacks him, both get in fight, Raghav relises Esha, but Sumit attacks back, door falls on Esha’s hand and she faints, Raghav saves her.

Sharda says Sulochana lets talk to Milind but keep calm, Amruta says Baba is here, Milind walks in and asks why are you three starring at me, Sharda says come sit and tell me what is all this, Sulochana says what you do with these wigs and clothes, Milind says same thing you do with Ghagra choli. Amruta says Dad enough now tell us the truth, Milind says look your aai is fooling us by disguising as Rajni, so I am doing this, Sharda says but she is always with us she isnt Rajni, Milind says she is such a big player and look she tied her dupatta to my injured finger, and its so lovable thing, she never cared so much for me and so look I didn’t take it off. Sulochana looks at Sharda for help.

Jaya asks Pallavi did he reach Raghav, Keerti says I am so tensed.
Mansi, Amruta, Sharda and Sulochana together, Mansi says I thinks Baba is hallucinating, Sulochana says oh god what is wrong with him, did I torture him so much that it led him to this, Amruta says we have to show him yo a councellor, my friends brother is one we will call him home.
Raghav gets Esha home in his arms.

Pre cap: Pallavi says Raghav I saw you feeding Esha soup, and I feel Esha still has feelings for you. Raghav says have you lost it and leaves. Esha smiles seeing them argue.
Pallavi arranges party for Jaya, Raghav says it’s her birthday but death anniversary of Appa and Bhai too, Pallavi in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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