Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav to Prove His Love !

Pallavi sees Raghav, he sees her saree is torn, and gives her, his jacket, he goes hit that man badly and says how dare you touch my Pallavi, the man runs away. Pallavi asks who called you here and asked me to help me, don’t keep coming infront of me and troubling me, I will die but but I don’t want your support, Raghav says enough Pallavi, you can be angry but I won’t stop supporting you, especially in this state, so much anger is not good, come home change and come back, Pallavi says I won’t come, Raghav says you are so stubborn and picks her up

Jaya asks Keerti how is Raghav, Keerti says he is fine. Jaya says everything was fine and all were happy but it has become worst, I know Pallavi is right but I am a mother too and I know these two wont be happy away from eachother, Keerti says we don’t know what will happen and just support Pallavi’s decision and first we have to throw Esha out, because she will never let Pallavi and Raghav close. Jaya says Esha is ill and also tried committing suicide, how can we throw her out, you do one thing try contacting some NGO which can help her.
Keerti says okay.

Raghav drops Pallavi home and says go change, I will wait for you and drop you to shop, Pallavi says no thanks I will manage and leaves. Pallavi forgets her purse goes to get it back and sees Raghav talking to the man who teased her near the shop.
Man says to Raghav you said it wilo be fake fight, Raghav says what nonsense are you talking, he says you said this for your wife to convince her but you hit me hard, Raghav sees Pallavi and says don’t believe him, trust me I didn’t do this, Pallavi says trusting you brought me here, seriously you fell so low, and this just proved I am just your habit and not love, how selfish, Raghav says enough Pallavi, do you even understand what are you saying, do you not know me, Pallavi says your lie and selfishness is true all that love was fake, Raghav says I agree I made a big mistake but my love wasn’t fake, Pallavi picks her purse and leaves.
Sharda sees Raghav.

Sunny paya the man and says leave now and says I will keep creating such scenes and never let Raghav Pallavi close.

Raghav says to Sharda, that Pallavi thinks my love is fake Aai, I can’t let her feel all was lie, I agree I am not perfect but my love was, I am not understanding how to prove myself. Sharda says Pallavi is hurt, no women can bare what you did but you keep trying and you will have to give her time, because you can’t give any test to prove your love, Raghav gets up and goes inside Deshmukh house.

Pallavi tells everyone at Deshmukh’s about the incident, Raghav walks in and says Pallavi I know I made a huge mistake and I accept your anger and punishment but calling my love is not acceptable, only one thing in my life was true and it was your love, and I will kill your doubt now, I will give Agnipariksha to prove my love is true.

Keerti on call contacting PJ, Sunny asks for whom, Keerti says Esha, Sunny says how can you do this and will throwing Esha back get Pallavi home or Pallavi will forgive Raghav, Raghav says Pallavi will have to forgive me and whatever happened between me and Esha doesn’t matter to me, and to prove my love towards Pallavi I will give Angnipariksha, Jaya says are you mad, Raghav says Pallavi doesn’t trust me and will do everything to get it back, and today evening I will give the test.

Pallavi thinking about Raghav’s words about Agnipariksha, Vijay walks to her and says Pallavi you thinking about Raghav right, you very well know he will do this, agreed you are angry,and so not understanding this but you know what relation you two have, Pallavi says he has shown what our relationship is, and I don’t care now, Vijay says I agree he made a mistake but sometimes its situation and not person, atleast once talk to Raghav, Pallavi says there is no justification for what he has done.

Sulochana says how come no one has called me, neither girls nor Milind, let me call him. Rajni picks call and calls her vamp, Sulochana says stay away from my husband, and die, Rajni cuts call and says she is sk dangerous, Rajni says to Sulochana some Vamp called you, Milind says it’s Sulochana and you don’t worry she will call back, Sulochana calls Milind and says how dare you, Milind says I will do whatever I want.

Sunny tells Esha about Agnipariksha, Esha sees Raghav and says you can’t do this and for whom, Pallavi who don’t understand you, Raghav says stay away from me and dare say my Pallavi’s name, and how did you think I will listen to you, who the hell are you get lost.

Keerti calls Amruta and tells about Raghav going to walk on burning coal and asks her to get Pallavi, Amruta says I will talk to Pallavi. Amruta tells Pallavi about it.

Pre cap: Sunny says to Keerti nothing can convince Pallavi.
Jaya and Keerti ask Raghav to not do it.Raghav steps on burning coal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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