Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Sunny Exposed ; Pallavi Fools Esha

Sulochana cooking says I will win this competition and throw her out. Rajni and Milijd peak in kitchen, Milind says she is so cunning, she purposely choose Marathi cuisine, Rajni says we will loose, Milind says you will cook what you like.

Esha in her room, thinking about Pallavi, and Raghav’s reaction, Sunny walks in, and asks why are you so worried, Esha says I did something really bad and is scaring me and it wasn’t part of my plan, Esha explains Sunny how she killed Pallavi, Sunny says what a player, Esha says you supported me so well but I am not happy here and can’t stay in this haunted house, but Pallavi’s ghost won’t let us live happily, Sunny says I saw Pallavi leaving this house, Esha says must be her ghost, Sunny says not possible, I think these all are fooling you, you have to go Deshmukh house and check.

Sulochana and Rajni get their food plates, Sulochana says we had to cook Maharashtrian food why did she cook South Indian, disqualify her, Rajni says you said cook Maharastrian Vahini didn’t and winner should be based on taste, Mansi says she is right we will judge based on taste, Sulochana says how can you agree with her, Amruta says taste will decide everything.
Amruta and Mansi taste food and announce Rajni as winner, Milind smiles, Sulochana gets very angry. Mansi says no need to be sad we have one more round where all our family will vote and one with maximum votes will win.

Pallavi and Raghav together, Pallavi says we could only manage to scare Esha and we need her confession, Raghav says you are right, Pallavi says I made a huge mistake trusting her and letting her inside my house, Raghav says you just tried to help her, we made decision based on situation and now when we had so many fights, this one we will also clear.

Esha thinks of how she shot Pallavi and threw her in lake and Sunny also seeing Pallavi. Sumit calls Pallavi, Esha says she is scared by Pallavi’s ghost. Sumit says why fool around, Esha says I am not and tells him, Sunny has asked her to check in Deshmukh house and asks should she go, Sumit says if you have doubt just go check ones. Esha says okay.

Rajni says to Milind, your wife looks sad, Milind says because for her game is important, family, love, husband don’t matter to her, Rajni asks will your family choose me, Milind says even I want to see who family chooses and I hope Sulochana learns her lesson and this is her last chance.

Jaya says to Keerti hope this drama ends soon, Keerti says plan is working great and Esha will confess soon. Sunny walks in and says wow, this is all your planning, Keerti says calm down let me explain, Sunny says how could you support them, are they more important that me, Keerti says Esha is planning all this, Sunny says what guarantee you have Raghav is telling truth, he tried separating us too, he just plays game did you forget what big manipulators they are, Keerti says I am not a kid, Sunny says I am telling Esha the truth and she went Deshmukh house too, to check on Pallavi, Raghav hears that and informs Pallavi that Esha is coming.

Raghav walks to Sunny, Sunny says let me tell you all I won’t let your plan work, Keerti says Esha deserves all this and keep your anger aside and support in this, Sunny says I can’t support you, you hide things from your husband, not even my shoe. Raghav says dare you talk to her in this tone. Sunny says she is my wife, I will speak to her however I want, Jaya says stop arguing, Sunny says you are blind, Keerti says enough you can’t talk to my mother in this tone, Sunny says oh feeling bad for your mother, didn’t you think of all this when you ran with me, Keerti says that was my biggest mistake, to believe your false love, my brother and Amma kept telling me how mean you are and today I realise why, these two gave you house letting you live for free and you wanted to marry right we did what dod you do next, you will be father soon but did nothing, begging my brother for even those expenses. Sunny tries slapping her, Keerti stops him, Sunny says how dare you stop me and pushes Keerti, Keerti falls on her stomach. Jaya and Raghav rush to Keerti

Pallavi informs Amruta about Esha situation, Amruta says I have an idea. Esha reaches Deshmukh house, and says I won’t leave them if I find all this was a game I wont spare them, but my Raghav can’t do this to me, so I hope Pallavi is dead.

Esha hears Amruta arguing with inspector about still having bo news about Pallavi, and something is wrong and it’s Pallavi’s Ex girlfriend who is behind all this, she is desparate and you should investigate her, Esha thinks this means Pallavi is definitely missing and Deshmukh’s are planning FIR against me and runs away. Amruta sees Esha leave and laughs, Pallavi disguised as inspector thanks Amruta, Amruta says what next Esha will do now, Pallavi says God knows whats happening in Rao Mansion.

Pre cap: Sunny says to Esha he can call ghost.
Sumit sees Pallavi and Raghav and calls Esha says I have something important to tell you, a truth
Esha says to Sunny, Sumit called wants to share some truth. Pallavi and Raghav hear Esha talk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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