Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Sunny Primes Esha As Weapon Against Pallavi

Esha rushes to Keerti and throws the glass, Keerti gets angry and slaps her and says how dare you, Pallavi brought you here doesn’t mean you behave any how, Jaya says shut up, I know girls like you fool poor girls like Pallavi, Pallavi says Amma, Keerti says Pallavi don’t interrupt, Pallavi says atleast hear ger out, Esha says you were going to drink Papaya juice Pallavi made for me, Esha looks at Raghav and leaves. Pallavi says Keerti Esha was just helping you, this papaya juice could lead you to misscarriage.

Milind fixing his bike, he sees a jhumka fall of a women’s ear and rushes to give her and sees its Sulochana and says what all is this, Sulochana look a like says who are you, Milind says I am your husband and whose clothes are you wearing, She says I don’t know who you are, give me my earrings,Milind says I know why you behaving this way because I am not trying to convince you, here your earrings, She says thank you and leaves.

Esha packing, Pallavi goes apologise, Esha says they have a valid reason to react this way and its better I leave, I can stay in hotel, Pallavi says whatever you like but will you be safe there, Amma and Keerti are upset with you but once they spend some time they will understand, Esha hugs Pallavi and thanks her, says you are rare don’t change, Pallavi says now go unpack.

Milind goes home and says to Sulochana what all is this changing get up, Sulochana why will I, you have lost it, go visit a doctor and leaves. Milind says I saw Sulochana and she was calling me Anna, Sharda says she was home, she didn’t go anywhere and you go freshen up.

Good Raghav meets Raghav in his Den, and says you going to have bad days, really bad ones, Pallavi won’t let Esha go and you won’t give Pallavi the love she deserves till Esha is here, Raghav says I won’t do this with Pallavi anymore, I will take her somewhere away.

Sunny with Esha says, no one sees Pallavi’s mistakes here, Pallavi knew Keerti is pregnant then why trust a servant, Esha says why telling me all this, Sunny says I know you must respect Pallavi, but she is a problem, she even changed Raghav, doesn’t let him breath poor guy, you on one side must have such good past, and I am sure you never tried changing him and so he looks more comfortable with you and Raghav anyways doesn’t love Pallavi and you single too so why not change your past to your present and future.

Pallavi sees her room all messed and says what all is this, Raghav says old dreams, we are going Maldives which we couldn’t so it’s Honeymoon time, next week we are going Maldives, Pallavi says I am so excited and hugs Raghav. Raghav thinks everything will be normal there.

Sunny says I can help you Esha, why sacrifice and Raghav is yours, Esha says I don’t know why you telling this, Raghav loves Pallavi and I won’t break them, Sunny says I was just saying and if you change your mind your brother is with you, Esha says thank you and leaves. Sunny says you will definitely change your mind.

Milind around asking people have they seen Sulochana look a like. Farhad sees him and asks what is he doing here, who is he finding, Milind says fixing his bike, Farhad says but where is your bike, Milind says work is done I am here to pay, a man asks Kaka did you find the lady, Milind scolds the man and says leave and says bye Farhad.

Staff discussing about how rich man have extra marital affairs, Esha records that and shows Raghav, Raghav gets angry, and hits the staff bad, Pallavi and others gather, Pallavi stops Raghav and asks whats wrong, Raghav says doesn’t matter staff has no right to gossip, he begs Pallavi to forgive him because he has family, Pallavi says okay, Raghav gets angry and leaves.

Raghav in his Den, Esha walks to him and says how dare you let him go, you are not that Raghav I was, you have changed a lot, my college Raghav would send that staff in hospital, he never let anyone talk nonsense especially about me, I just heard people change with time I saw that today and leaves.

Pre cap:Esha says to Raghav, why have you changed, you will soon turn to a common business man.
Raghav missbehaves in press conference.
Pallavi warns Esha says keep your nonsense advices with you and not give them to my husband and if she doesn’t stop all this Pallavi can throw her out too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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