Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali : Raghav Tries to End His Life !

Jaya says I was ashamed to be called his mother but today I hate it, Pallavi says you aren’t at fault Amma, Jaya says you won’t leave Pallavi, you will stay here this is your house and he will leave, he should suffer, you won’t go, Pallavi says this house isn’t mine but Raghav’s, so I can’t stay here, Sunny smiles at Esha. Pallavi says why should I stay here when the marriage is not intact and you and Keerti will always be mine but I have to go. Esha and Sunny very happy.

Pallavi walke out of the house, Deshmukh’s leave too. Jaya looks at Raghav and leaves, Keerti follows her. Esha smiles at Sunny and both leave.
Pallavi in her room looks at her mangalsutra on table, Vijay walks in, she wipes her tears and says I am sorry, I ruined your festival, Vijay says when daughter is happy, everyday is happy and I can’t be happy when you aren’t and I am sorry and I can’t even imagine your pain, Pallavi says I am trying my best to take care of myself. Vijay says the first Raghav would definitely believe Raghav did this but in past few weeks I had seen the good side in Raghav so I can’t believe Raghav did this to you, Pallavi says love makes you week, may be he was done with me so allowed Esha to let close to him. Vijay says do whatever you feels right, I will send food, Pallavi says I am not hungry. Vijay says have it when you feel like.

Raghav in his bar drinking thinking about Pallavi, he remembers how he cheated on Pallavi with Esha under alcohol influence and ruined everything and says Pallavi I loved you and wanted to give all the happiness in world, you gave ne new better life, family but I hurt you, gave you biggest pain, I have only pain in my life, I hurt you a lot Pallavi and take revenge of it from myself and breaks alcohol bottle, I use to drink to forget my past and had no one to share my feelings, then you cane heard me finished my pain but I finished the Pallavi in you and so I will kill myself today, Jaya and Keerti walk in, Jaya slaps Raghav and says how much more wrong will you do, Raghav says help me Amma I don’t want to be this bad Raghav, I want to be Pallavi’s Raghav, your Raghav, I don’t want to live like this, hit me,but help me. Jaya lets Raghav rest his head on her laps.

Rajni walks to Milind and asks what is wrong, Milind says thinking about Raghav and Pallavi, Rajni says all men are cheater, Milind says Raghav loves Pallavi a lot, and this is not believable and I think Esha has done something, Rajni says Esha and Raghav both are adults you can’t blame Esha alone. Milind says I think Esha is playing games, somewhere there is something wrong which we all are missing.

Esha says Sunny I told truth what now, Sunny says they won’t get together now come what now, Esha says but Raghav and Amma hate me so much and never forgive me, I have to make my place, Sunny says let Pallavi go away permanently then you play, I have a plan to break Raghav and Pallavi permanently.

Pallavi plays music and starts doing Pooja and then about to leave, sees Sharda, Pallavi hugs her and starts crying. Sharda says Vijay told me everything, I can’t believe this, Pallavi says truth always hurts Aai and I want to focus on moving on, Sharda asks did you take tiffin, Pallavi says no, Sharda says I will send it with Amruta or Nikhil, Amruta walks to them, Pallavi’s bag falls down, Amruta seez her Jewellery design and says so pretty, you are very talented, Pallavi says see Amruta soon I wipl have a saree shop chain and I have learnt business from Raghav not love, Amruta says I am manager at your store, Pallavi says done and leaves.

Pallavi reaches early at shop and so has to wait till it opens, A man walks to her and sits beside her and says you look free give me some time too, Pallavi says I will slap you, he says good atleast you will touch me, Pallavi removes her chappals and start hitting him hard but he holds her hand forces himself on her, Pallavi pushes him back, and runs and sees Raghav.

Pre cap:Raghav at Deshmukh’s says to Pallavi I did a big mistake and won’t justify it, but my love is not fake and will give Agnipariksha for it.
Raghav about to walk on burning coal in Rao Mansion. Amruta informs Pallavi about it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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