Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Isha Tsunami in Raghav Pallavi’s Life

Esha asks Sulochana about Pallavi and her first husband, Sulochana says on first night Mandar didn’t return and we thought he is dead and Pallavi led a life of widow and later he came back and he is murderer and tells whole Mandar story and says Raghav and Pallavi’s wedding was just a compromise.

Lakshmi walks in with Sumit, Vijay asks who is this man, Lakshmi says we have information that Raghav Rao has hide his friend in your house.

Keerti says to Raghav how can he do this with her, Raghav says I know I am wrong, I did try telling her but she was listening to music and I can’t loose Pallavi, I feel so week. Keerti says you have to tell her because if she finds out from someone else there will be no way to save this marriage, Raghav gets call from Milind, Raghav says I am coming right away.

Vijay says we have Esha staying here and she is living as PG, Sumit tries to yell, Sharda says no one raises voice in my house, Amruta go call Esha, Sulochana and Mansi whisper, Amruta says Esha isn’t in her room, Sumit says they are all involved in Esha’s kidnapping, Milind says Esha is Amruta’s boss, and you can stay here till she comes back and confirm on your own, Lakshmi holds Milind’s collar, Raghav holds her hand and stops her. Lakshmi says leave my hand Raghav, Raghav says you were never responsible and now you showed you have no sense too, Lakshmi says who are you to decide, and you kidnapped Esha. Raghav says ask the person itself if she was kidnapped.
Esha walks in and says I came here to stay because of personal reasons and looks at Sumit, Sumit says she is lying let me handle her, Raghav stops Sumit, Esha says ACP your doubts are clear you leave now, Lakshmi leaves with her team. Sumit says to Esha, this topic is not over and leaves.

Amruta asks Esha where was she, Esha says I was in office, Raghav says Kaka called me so I got her here, Sulochana asks who is Sumit, Esha says my Ex-husband.

Pallavi thinking about Raghav’s behaviour, Keerti sess her about to leave, Pallavi calls her inside and says I don’t know what has happened to Raghav, Keerti says talk to Raghav, Pallavi says he never hides anything, Keerti says yes but talking is better go discuss with him.

Esha stops Raghav and thanks him and says I thought Sumit will leave me alone but some people are so stubborn they never leave you, and soon I will leave this house and city soon, somewhere we don’t have to see eachother, Raghav says stay safe, Esha says yes I will, Raghav says bye.
Sulochana says to Sharda that she doesn’t like Esha, she didn’t tell us she was divorcee, her ex husband got police here, there is a big matter and then she is Raghav’s friend how can this be normal, Sharda says let us give Esha some time and already there are many people like you, so let us help her, Sulochana says I will talk to you when she will bring a new problem home.

Sunny waiting for Sumit, asks Sumit what happened, Sumit says Raghav spoiled the game. Sunny says this Raghav, Sumit asks why are you behind Raghav.

Pallavi hears door bell and opens door, it’s Kamla their drivers wife, she says my husband is not home past 3 days, Pallavi says come in, Keerti gets her water, Pallavi says Yogi comes to work daily, Kamla says he has an affair and I have kids too, Jaya says Rajan call Yogi, Kamla says no don’t he hits me badly. Yogi walks in and asks Kamla what are you doing here, Pallavi says a husband who isn’t home past 3 days, what will his wife do and where were you, Raghav walks in, Yogi says I was with someone else. Pallavi says she is worried for you and you are enjoying with someone else, is she your free fund servant, she is taking care of your family and you do this to her, Kamla hit him, Kamla says he is my husband, Pallavi says does he think of this before hitting you, go slap him, Kamla slaps Yogi.
Pallavi says to Yogi, if you don’t give the love and right she deserves, I won’t spare you, Kamla inform me if he does something again, Yogi take her home. Yogi and Kamla leave. Jaya says you did good Pallavi, Pallavi says a wife should never let this happen to her, if her husband can’t respect boundaries why should a wife deal with consequences.

Pre cap: Raghav asks Farhad to find house for Esha.
Pallavi says no needed she will stay with us.
Jaya tells Pallavi that she shouldn’t keep Esha in this house.
Raghav says Pallavi I love you and hugs her, Esha turns around wearing Pallavi’s saree.Raghav shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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