Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vaayu compelling Drishti to consume the golgappe. After tasting its spiciness, she dashes off to quench her thirst. Vaayu tells Varadha that Drishti is attempting to usurp Bulbul’s position, but he asserts that Bulbul is irreplaceable. Drishti silently vows not to spare him once she becomes a part of his family.

Suddenly, Bulbul touches Drishti’s shoulder, startling her. Vaayu is elated to see Bulbul. Drishti questions Bulbul about her escape from jail and the problems she’s causing. Bulbul retorts that she just wants to complete the ritual and asks Drishti to return her dress. Drishti is taken aback and asks if Bulbul escaped jail just for this ritual. Veer intervenes, explaining that Bulbul didn’t escape but was bailed out after he caught the real culprit and proved Bulbul’s innocence. He urges Drishti to return Bulbul’s belongings quickly as they are short on time.

Bulbul suspects that Drishti tried to sow discord between her and Varnika and swears not to forgive her. Meanwhile, Sulakshana worries that someone might recognize Drishti under the veil. Vaayu reassures her and informs everyone that Veer has proven Bulbul’s innocence and brought her to the function.

Upon hearing this, Sulakshana is overjoyed and expresses her desire to visit their ancestral temple after the function. Bulbul dons her saree, and Drishti hands over all her belongings. When Veer arrives and admires Bulbul, she takes his hand and is about to leave when Bulbul stops them. Bulbul tells Drishti that she has taken small things from her, but she doesn’t care. However, she points out that Drishti is still wearing the nuptial chain made by Sulakshana in Veer’s name and asks for it back. Drishti feels Bulbul is being arrogant and looks like Veer’s wife now. Bulbul requests Veer to help her wear the chain. He complies, even though she already has one, saying she can wear two. He wards off the evil eye from her and compliments her beauty. Drishti seethes with jealousy as he flirts with Bulbul and helps her with the veil. Bulbul asks Drishti to leave. Vaayu tells Sulakshana that Bulbul has returned, and she receives blessings from her and Varadha. Drishti is displeased with all this.

Jyothi arrives and deduces that Bulbul hid her face under the veil to reveal it to her husband first. Bulbul is about to tell her the truth, but Sulakshana interrupts, saying she doesn’t want to hear anything. She is just happy to know that Bulbul is innocent and suggests discussing it at home. Varnika embraces Bulbul. Bulbul ties the Sahara to the groom. Veer and Bulbul share a meaningful look, communicating through their eyes. Veer admires Bulbul, making Drishti jealous. Veer reflects on his promise to complete all the rituals with Bulbul and feels satisfied that he has kept his word. Kaveri tells Drishti that Bulbul won’t leave Veer and advises her to stop dreaming about becoming Veer’s wife. Later, Veer takes Bulbul home. She confides in Veer about her ordeal. Veer reassures her, saying he always knew she was innocent. She is touched when he refers to her as “his Bulbul”. He carries her in his arms as the family welcomes her warmly.

Bulbul tells Veer that she missed their room and everything in it. He teases her for not missing him. She retorts that he was with her in the police station, so she saw him there. Veer asks her if she likes him, and she confesses her feelings for him. She falls asleep, and he kisses her forehead, whispering that he missed her dearly.

The episode concludes here.

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