Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Veer examining the principal’s laptop, where he stumbles upon Varnika’s photos. He is taken aback and recalls the principal’s words about the photos being accessible online, leading to Varnika’s potential humiliation. This revelation leaves Veer emotional. Subsequently, Veer and Drishti engage in a discussion about the case. Bulbul confronts Veer, labeling him a monster and suggesting that he might penalize the principal for his misdeeds. Veer, however, reminds her that he is a police officer and also Varnika’s uncle. He expresses his concern about the potential harm to the girls’ reputations, including Varnika’s, if the matter is taken to court.

Veer emphasizes the importance of family reputation, drawing parallels with Vaani’s past experiences. Bulbul argues that neither Vaani nor Varnika is at fault and insists that the culprit should be punished. Veer reveals that the principal possesses backups of all the girls’ photos and videos, including Varnika’s. This news shocks Sulakshana, causing her to drop the thali she was holding. Vishesh seeks clarification about Veer’s statement, and Sulakshana questions Veer about the existence of Varnika’s inappropriate photos in the principal’s possession. When Vishesh questions Varnika about the truth of the matter, she confirms it with a nod.

In response, Vishesh slaps Varnika, accusing her of betrayal despite the love and freedom he had given her. Bulbul comes to Varnika’s defense, asserting that she isn’t in the wrong. Vishesh, however, asks Bulbul to stay away from his daughter, blaming her for Varnika’s independent decision-making. Varnika apologizes to Vishesh, admitting that she ignored Bulbul’s repeated warnings to stay away from Avilash. Vishesh asks her to stop talking, and Bulbul argues that the principal is the one at fault, not Varnika. Sulakshana expresses her indifference towards the entire situation, stating that she can’t bear to see their family being slandered again. She insists that they should not get involved in the case any further.

Sulakshana makes her final decision and acknowledges Bulbul’s efforts to protect Varnika. She appreciates Bulbul’s silence and help, which she promises never to forget. She asks Bulbul to promise that she won’t do anything that could tarnish their family’s reputation. Bulbul gives her word, and they share a hug. Vardha expresses his support for Sulakshana’s stance, despite having previously supported Bulbul. Veer is moved by these events.

Later, Bulbul is busy preparing for college when Veer arrives, reminding her of their movie date. She tells him that she isn’t in the mood for a movie, but her interest is piqued when he mentions that a Karthick Aryan movie is playing. She expresses her excitement but points out that it’s late and she has college the next day. Veer expresses his curiosity about her admiration for Karthick Aryan and claims that he can dance better than him. This makes Bulbul smile, and Veer admits that he enjoys seeing her happy. Veer then drops Varnika and Bulbul off at college, advising them to focus on their studies. They overhear students praising the principal for protecting the girls’ reputations and expressing their desire to file a petition to reinstate him. Bulbul is disturbed by this. Vishesh shares his concerns with Varadha, who tries to comfort him. Sulakshana wishes that Varnika’s mother were alive to guide her. Later, Bulbul prays for guidance and finds a quote that motivates her to fight back. She resolves to punish the principal and discusses her plan with Veer.

The episode concludes on this note.

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