Mera Balam Thanedaar 15th May 2024 Written Episode Update

In a world where emotions run high and secrets lurk in every corner, the episode unfolds with Avilash leading Bulbul to his room. Varnika arrives, praying for Bulbul’s well-being. Avilash, feeling dizzy, checks the camera before succumbing to unconsciousness. Bulbul, despite feeling dizzy herself, musters the strength to rise. She washes her face with ice water and calls Varnika, urging her to come quickly.

Meanwhile, Drishti explains to Sulakshana that she was only trying to help a tense Veer. Sulakshana retorts, reminding Drishti that she is merely a guest in their home. She informs Drishti that their house has been repaired and suggests that she should leave early to purchase the necessary items. Drishti expresses concern about Bulbul managing everything alone, but Sulakshana dismisses her concerns. She accuses Drishti of trying to portray herself as good and Bulbul as wrong, and asserts that she considers Bulbul as her own daughter.

Bulbul asks Varnika to delete the photos and videos as soon as possible. She insists that he will be severely punished for his mistakes and that they need to testify against him. Varnika agrees but refuses to reveal her identity. She collects the chips and hard disk.

Sulakshana presents Drishti with a parting gift and asks her to pack her belongings. Drishti pleads with Sulakshana, arguing that she did everything to make her understand that Bulbul isn’t a perfect daughter-in-law for this family. Sulakshana refutes her claims, stating that she doesn’t need a cunning daughter-in-law like Drishti. She asks Drishti to leave before Veer returns home.

Bulbul and Varnika check the laptop and find her picture in it. Varnika promises to delete it as soon as possible. Sulakshana and Jyothi wait for Bulbul. Sulakshana reassures Veer that Bulbul is alright. Veer expresses his happiness that Varnika and Bulbul are taking care of each other. Bulbul tells Varnika that Veer is calling her. Varnika asks her to handle him.

Avilash wakes up and confronts Bulbul and Varnika. Bulbul attacks him and runs away upon hearing the siren sound. Avilash is injured and falls down. Bulbul’s anklets fall off. Vaayu informs them that Bulbul and Varnika didn’t reach the parlor. They worry about her. Bulbul arrives and starts dancing with Veer and Sulakshana.

The episode concludes on this note, leaving the audience in anticipation of the unraveling mysteries.

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