Mera Balam Thanedaar 16th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Bulbul expressing regret to Sulakshana for her tardiness. Sulakshana commends her for her dedication to others’ happiness. She mentions seeing Bulbul arrive on a scooter with Varnika, which she found impressive. She admits to having deceived them into rehearsing and entrusts Bulbul with the responsibility of looking after everyone.

In the meantime, Bulbul attempts to conceal an injury. Veer inquires about it and she fabricates a story about falling off her scooter. He reprimands her for merely bandaging it and insists on administering first aid, despite her refusal. Bulbul assures him that everything is under control and that Sulakshana is pleased with the preparations. Veer receives a call and excuses himself.

Later, Bulbul confronts Veer as he is about to leave in his car. She protests his departure and pleads with him to stay and partake in the festivities. Veer explains that he has urgent business to attend to and must leave. Bulbul suggests that she could enjoy the event with him, but he advises her not to make a scene and to enjoy on his behalf. He promises to return the next day, but Bulbul tells him not to bother. He teases her about hogging the entire bed, which angers her. He quickly assures her that he was only joking. Amidst this, Avilash’s phone drops to the ground.

Veer questions Bulbul about the phone, and she explains that it fell while she was dancing. She intends to return it to its owner, considering it a good deed. Later, Bulbul and Varnika discuss the evidence against Avilash. Varnika reveals that Avilash is still unconscious and will likely take action once he wakes up. Bulbul confidently states that he won’t be able to do anything as they have his phone, his weapon. Varnika admits to forgetting to bring his phone, which contains her photos. Bulbul reassures her that she has the phone and they agree to destroy the evidence.

Meanwhile, Jyothi compliments Sulakshana on the arrangements, and Sulakshana credits Bulbul for it. Bulbul then starts a fire, declaring that all her troubles will be consumed by it. She asserts that she no longer fears Avilash and encourages Varnika to burn everything in the fire. Just as they are about to throw the phone into the fire, Vishesh arrives. Bulbul quickly hides the phone and lies to Vishesh about needing warmth. She nervously rambles to Vishesh, who then leaves. Bulbul realizes that Drishti is missing and inquires about her whereabouts.

She learns that Drishti has left. Sulakshana informs her that Drishti has returned home. Bulbul is concerned and asks if there was a problem that caused Drishti to leave abruptly. Sulakshana explains that Drishti went back to Bulbul’s house to sort things out. She assures Bulbul that she will always support her, despite her youth and naivety. Meanwhile, Vickram expresses his suspicion to Veer about something being amiss. Veer notices the presence of cameras and lights and suspects illicit activities involving the girls. He instructs Vickram to bring him the evidence. Bulbul expresses her gratitude to God for helping her resolve everything.

Bulbul realizes that she hasn’t yet destroyed Avilash’s phone and hides it. Varnika approaches her and apologizes for her previous rudeness and misunderstanding. She presents Bulbul with a pair of her mother’s earrings as a gift, which Bulbul appreciates. Bulbul suggests that Varnika get some rest, but Varnika admits that she can’t sleep alone. Bulbul invites her to sleep in her room and proposes that they continue playing with the others. They proceed to enjoy the game.

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