Mera Balam Thanedaar 17th May 2024 Written Update

The episode begins with Varadha complimenting Bulbul on the previous day’s function and his dance performance, to which Sulakshana agrees. Sulakshana expresses her concern about Viyuk’s constant engagement with his tablet and urges him to spend time with the children. Varadha dismisses her worries, citing it as vacation time. Bulbul reminisces about the enjoyable time they had the previous day. Sulakshana notices that Bulbul is wearing Shika’s earrings, which Bulbul reveals were a gift from Varmika. Sulakshana gives her approval for Bulbul to continue wearing them.

Upon Veer’s return home, Bulbul offers him water. When Veer requests normal water instead of cold, she assures him that she has mixed it with normal water. Vaayu asks Viyuk for his tablet to watch an interview. Vaani reacts with shock upon seeing Vishesh on the news, reporting about Avilash’s death in his room due to a head injury. The news also mentions the discovery of a camera and lights in the room. Bulbul drops her glass in shock, and Varnika becomes anxious. Veer advises her to stay calm and not take the news to heart. Kaveri questions whether Avilash was their college mate, to which Veer confirms. Bulbul suggests to Varnika that they should go to college.

Varadha comments on the societal changes and the lack of importance teenagers give to their lives. Veer finds the circumstances suspicious, given Riya’s suicide attempt and Avilash’s mysterious death. He decides to officially handle the case. Meanwhile, Varnika is distraught over Avilash’s death and fears getting caught. Bulbul reassures her that she shouldn’t blame herself and that it’s not her fault. Varnika worries that everyone will think she killed him. When Veer asks who she killed, Bulbul covers up by saying she was talking about a mosquito. She explains that Varnika is upset about killing a mosquito because she has a pure heart. Veer instructs them to get ready quickly so he can drop them at college.

Veer receives a phone call informing him that Avilash’s phone couldn’t be found. He suggests that it might have fallen near Avilash’s body and decides to call the phone to locate it. Bulbul, who had hidden the phone in her cupboard, plays a song to distract him and switches off the phone. Veer is informed that the call was disconnected and the phone was switched off. He instructs the caller to keep calling the phone, confident that someone will eventually answer it. Varnika confesses to Bulbul that she killed Avilash, but Bulbul, already scared, decides not to show her fear.

Bulbul suggests to Varnika that they should inform Veer about what happened. Varnika fears that if she reveals the truth, her photo incident will also be exposed, and she won’t be able to face anyone. She pleads with Bulbul not to reveal the truth. Bulbul takes Varnika to a deity and explains that they took this risk to protect Varnika’s dignity and didn’t do anything wrong. She prays for divine help, lights a Diya, and asks Varnika to close the door. A page opens, revealing Krishna’s advice to Arjun to focus on his duty and not worry about the results. Bulbul assures Varnika that they did everything to protect their honor and won’t reveal the truth to Veer. She believes that God will definitely save them.

Later, Vaayu shows a video to Sulakshana. Bulbul and Varnika prepare to go to college. Sulakshana mentions that Jyothi liked Bulbul’s embroidery and asks her to embroider a handbag. Bulbul agrees to try her best. Sulakshana admires Bulbul’s ability to manage both household chores and studies. Later, Veer questions Bulbul and Varnika about Avilash. Bulbul denies knowing him well. Veer mentions that Varnika was a close friend of Avilash. Bulbul accuses him of pressuring her and blaming her for his cheating. She asks him not to question them too much.

Veer discovers that the CCTV camera in his room isn’t working and considers checking the restaurant’s CCTV footage. Varnika and Bulbul become scared.

The episode ends.

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