Mera Balam Thanedaar 20th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Veer requesting the waiter to display the CCTV footage. He inquires if any unusual event occurred there. Without further questions, Veer insists on viewing the footage. Bulbul, unable to see anything, asks Varmika to stay put. She spots the waiter and recognizes him, fearing that he might recognize her if he notices her. Bulbul stumbles and quickly lies about needing to use the restroom. She prays for divine intervention, asserting her innocence. Veer expresses dissatisfaction with the unclear CCTV footage.

The waiter informs that the system is not operational. Veer presents a picture of Avinash to the waiter, asking if he recognizes him. The waiter identifies him as a regular customer who brought a girl in a yellow dress the previous day, but fails to recall her face. When Veer asks for a description of her face, the waiter suggests she resembles Bulbul. This revelation shocks Veer. He can’t be certain, but he believes she looks young. Veer requests a formal statement. Vickram accuses her of stealing his laptop and mobile. Veer asserts that she can’t evade him forever and will eventually tire from running.

Veer questions Bulbul about her veil. She complains about the strange place and the smell of alcohol, refusing to use the restroom there. He finds her behavior odd and suspects her sanity at times. She requests him to drop her at college to avoid punishment from the principal.

Later, Varnika and Bulbul decide to dispose of Avilash’s phone, realizing they only have his phone and not his laptop. Meanwhile, Sulakshana asks Varadha if he remembers the jewelry she received from his mother. After much effort, Sulakshana won her heart and plans to gift it to Bulbul, who has also won her heart. Varadha commends her. Bulbul and Varnika overhear students discussing Avilash’s death and praising the person who killed him, which pleases Bulbul. Later, Veer discovers a broken anklet piece. Bulbul informs Sulakshana about her market purchases.

Sulakshana instructs her to embroider a design. Veer arrives and asks Bulbul to show him her anklets. He compares the broken piece with her anklets and finds a match.

Veer reveals that he found the anklet in Avilash’s room, implying it belongs to the girl. He recalls the waiter’s comment about the girl resembling Bulbul and wearing the same anklet. Bulbul feels faint, and Veer, concerned, assists her. Kaveri notes her silence. Sulakshana explains that Bulbul is tired from juggling household chores and college. She reprimands Veer for conducting an investigation at home and advises Bulbul to rest. Veer mentions that Mohan informed him the anklet is a rare collection, suggesting they could obtain a list of owners. Bulbul becomes fearful and Veer advises her to take care of herself.

Later, Bulbul tells Varnika that Veer found her anklet and they need to act. Kaveri observes them but can’t hear their conversation. Bulbul devises a plan and asks Varnika to handle things at home. Later, Veer visits the jewelry shop to collect the list. Bulbul, in disguise, flirts with him to avoid suspicion. She lies that the owner tells all customers that it’s a rare collection. His phone drops, and she picks it up but bumps into him.

The episode concludes.

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