Mera Balam Thanedaar 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Jyothi expressing her satisfaction about the ongoing mehandi function to the guests. She encourages Veer to share a dance with Bulbul, and they sway together in rhythm. Jyothi performs the ritual of warding off evil eyes from them. Bulbul assists the guests and even agrees to have mehandi applied on her hand when Jyothi suggests it. Meanwhile, Ratan is consumed by the thought of his impending doom, haunted by the memory of Bulbul’s attack at the restaurant.

When the mehandi artist asks Bulbul to reveal her husband’s name, she chooses to write ‘Thanedar’ herself. In a sinister turn of events, Ratan severs the chandelier’s rope. Veer, noticing the imminent danger, rescues Bulbul just in time, leaving Ratan frustrated and planning his escape. Veer is left puzzled about the chandelier’s fall, while Bulbul worries about him noticing her broken anklets.

Jyothi queries Bulbul about her ability to perform the Kalash puja the next day, while Sulakshana, nursing a wound, complains about Jyothi’s priorities. Varadha suggests Veer to escort Bulbul to his room, which he does.

Bulbul prevents Sulakshana from touching her injured leg, assuring Veer it’s a minor wound. Sulakshana proposes that she can manage the household chores while Bulbul rests and even offers to find a replacement for the Kalash puja. However, Bulbul insists on performing the puja herself. Veer expresses his concern about her stubbornness, especially given her injury, but Bulbul is resolute, declaring her willingness to do anything for her family. Veer reminds her of the decision she has to make on November 7th, which leaves Bulbul curious. He then proceeds to remove her anklets and administer medicine to her.

As Bulbul rests, Druv sends Veer CCTV footage that reveals Bulbul’s presence near Avilash. Veer confirms this with the waiter and is shattered when a sketch artist provides him with Bulbul’s sketch. The mounting evidence against Bulbul leaves him heartbroken.

Upon returning to his room, Veer discovers the broken anklets and Avilash’s phone in Bulbul’s wardrobe. He verifies the location and instructs Druv to bring the unit the next day for an arrest. Veer is overwhelmed by the realization of Bulbul’s deceit, despite his unwavering trust in her. As Bulbul murmurs his name in her sleep, Veer covers her with a bedsheet, moved by her gesture of holding and hugging his hand. He gently removes his hand and departs.

Driving home, Veer is swamped with emotions as he recalls the incidents and connects the dots. The thought of Bulbul’s betrayal leaves him devastated, and he succumbs to his tears.

And so, the episode concludes.

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