Mera Balam Thanedaar 29th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Sulakshana commending Bulbul on her performance, awarding her a perfect score of 10/10. Bulbul and Varadha are elated. Varnika feels she has not only saved Bulbul but also won over her family. Sulakshana urges Bulbul to uphold their family’s honor. However, their celebration is interrupted by Veer, who announces his intention to arrest Bulbul for Avilash’s murder, shocking everyone present. As Sulakshana drops the Kalash in shock, Varnika attempts to intervene, but Bulbul stops her. Varadha reprimands Veer for his inappropriate behavior. Sulakshana defends Bulbul, asserting her innocence and suggesting that Veer’s enemies are framing Bulbul.

Sulakshana pleads with Bulbul to declare her innocence, promising to stand by her. However, Bulbul apologizes, admitting her mistake, which shocks everyone. Sulakshana is heartbroken and feels betrayed by Bulbul, who she considered as her own daughter. She accuses Bulbul of tarnishing their family’s reputation and severs all ties with her.

Kaveri questions Sulakshana’s decision to send her to college and criticizes Bulbul. Veer requests Vishesh to keep the case confidential and not disclose any information to the media. Varnika pleads with him not to arrest her, but Vishesh sternly warns her to stay out of it. Veer arrests Bulbul and takes her away. Bulbul prays silently, contemplating that she did everything for Varnika and her family.

Later, Veer and Bulbul share a silent moment through the mirror. She offers her dupatta to wipe his tears, but he ignores her. Jyothi calls Sulakshana, reminding her of the wedding they have to attend. Veer takes Bulbul to the police station. Druv takes her signature. Bulbul reflects on her actions, realizing that she did everything for Varnika and her family.

The episode concludes here.

(Detailed Update coming soon)

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