Molkki 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sakshi walks towards Purvi and raises her hands to push her when Virender calls Purvi’s name. He comes there and asks Purvi to come. It is time for your medicine. Sakshi backs off.

Later, Purvi and Sakshi are head downstairs when Sakshi loses her balance. Purvi holds her. Sakshi decides to push Purvi a little. She will trip to the bottom. She is about o nudge Purvi when kids come to ask Purvi if she had breakfast. Purvi asks Sakshi if she is fine. Sakshi nods. Purvi goes with kids.

Sakshi is furious as Purvi continues to survive one way or another. I will get rid of you by Diwali! She receives a Happy Diwali text from Arjun. He has texted me on the right time. Now he will have to come here at the right time to take care of Purvi.

Kids are painting diya’s. They decide to do something special for Virender and Purvi. they should be able to spend time together. We will decorate on the terrace and put lanterns there. They run to tell them the surprise plan.

Manas tells Virender they have planned a date for them. Juhi nods. Come upstairs after an hour. Get dressed just like you do on a date. Sakshi overhears them. Purvi agrees. Virender tells the kids to wash their faces. You have color on your faces. They laugh. It is paint. He nods. They run to their room. Sakshi decides to call Arjun on the terrace. No one would be able to find out who called him here.

Manas and Juhi find the terrace in a mess. Juhi shifts the date location to another place (near the river). Manas agrees. They go to inform Virender and haathi.

Sakshi texts Arjun. Meet me in the empty ground behind the river. I am starting now.

Virender enters in the room when Purvi is getting ready. He looks at her mesmerised. You look very beautiful. I am reminded of that song right now. Kids come there just then. They both compliment haathi. Virender asks them to compliment their Baba too. They tell him that he is looking smart as always. Virender smiles. Let’s go on terrace now. They tell them that their date location has been changed. We have informed driver uncle. They nod. Virender gets a call. He tells them that he will join them there directly. I have to take care of something at Panchayat. They agree. Virender leaves. Juhi and Manas tell haathi that they are going to complete the decorations. Start on time. Purvi nods.

Juhi and Manas have decorated the place beautifully. Manas starts making videos as the decor is amazing.

Sakshi meets Arjun. I have tried everything to get Purvi out of my way but I have failed every single time. That’s why I called you here. Arjun says I will kill her. what about the baby? Sakshi says I want to get rid of Purvi at any cost, even if that means killing the baby. You must sacrifice some pawns to win in chess. I sacrificed Prakashi to save myself. I am ready to sacrifice the kid if that means Purvi getting out of my way! Prakashi claps. I had never thought that you will play such a big game! You showed everyone that you are a nice person and blamed everything on me!

Manas notices all 3 of them there and decides to find out what Arjun is doing here. He clicks their video.

Juhi floats a lantern in the sky and jumps excitedly.

Manas moves closer to record everything.

Sakshi asks Prakashi if she forgot the way she was insulted that day. Prakashi shakes her head. How can I forget what all you did to me! I came here to give you a fitting reply. How can you stoop so low? Molkki was your ally and you want to kill her unborn child! Entire Rewari should know what kind of a cheap woman you are! Manas is still recording everything. Sakshi agrees that she is a cheap and low woman. How will I spare you when I can kill my own baby? Your time has come too!

Juhi shouts for Manas as she cannot see him anywhere. She starts looking for Manas.

Sakshi tells Arjun to take care of Prakashi. Prakashi says no one knows what you two have done but you have messed with Prakashi Devi this time. I will tell the truth to Virender. He should know what you can do! Sakshi stops her. She holds out her hand. Arjun gives her a gun. I will send you to cemetery just now! Prakashi asks her if she forgot about those 5 years. Sakshi rues that those 5 years have only turned her into this. How can I forget those 5 years? Get ready. She aims the gun at Prakashi. Manas is still recording everything. Arjun notices him and takes Manas’s name. What’s he doing here? Sakshi is shocked to see him. Sakshi and Arjun start walking toward Manas. Arjun tells Manas to give the phone to them. Manas refuses. You and Ma are haathi’s enemy. You even trapped Dadi wrongfully. I wont spare you two now! I will tell baba and haathi everything. Arjun says I wont spare you. Give me the phone. Manas refuses. Sakshi says we are not haathi’s enemy. It is Dadi. Give us your phone. Manas tells her not to lie. You are trying to harm haathi. I will tell them everything. Arjun vows to take the phone. Manas starts running. Sakshi looks on helplessly. Manas decides to hide the phone. It should not get into Ma or Arjun uncle’s hand.

Purvi realizes that it is time. I should leave. The end of her dupatta gets stuck in Manas’s photo and it falls down. Purvi wonders if he is in some trouble. She shakes the thought out of her head. He will be fine. She kisses his photo. I will get it fixed later.

Manas comes back to the date site but Juhi is not there. He puts his phone in the lantern and sets it free. Arjun reaches there just then and asks for phone. Manas points at the lantern. It’s gone! He laughs. Arjun is furious and hits him on the head with something. Manas screams. Sakshi comes there and asks Arjun how he dare hurt her son. Arjun says he knows everything. He recorded everything. We will be exposed. Sakshi does not mind. I can die for him. Arjun hears a honk and asks her to come. She is reluctant but he takes her away.

Virender reaches the location and finds Juhi looking for Manas. He asks her what happened. She tells him that he went missing when he was making videos of the decorations. He offers to look for Manas with her. they find Manas unconscious there and leave in a rush.

Purvi is about to reach the venue. I cannot wait. I wonder what they must have done. The lantern falls in front of her car. She asks the driver to stop the car and gets down. Manas’s phone drops out of it. She recognizes it to be Manas’s phone and checks it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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