Molkki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update

urvi decides to speak to Virender on the matter. I must expose Satyam before him asap. She pats at Virender’s shoulder. You have shared your happiness with me till date. Why are you bearing this pain all by yourself then? Virender wipes his tears. It would have been good if Renu had never come here. She should have stayed at the brothel. She dint get anything by coming here. I had promised to protect her. Forget about protecting her, I wasn’t even with her. This house is unlucky. No happiness thrives in this house. People are leaving one by one. She tells him not to say so. Don’t fall weak. You are my strength. What will happen to me and the kids if you will lose like this? Virender rues that his own son is looking at him as a criminal. Don’t know why he has stopped talking suddenly. I am all alone in this inauspicious haveli. She tells him he isn’t alone. I spoke to doc as well. Manas will be fine soon. She holds his hand and rests her head on his shoulder. He is very disturbed. It wont be right to say anything to him right now. I will still find out everything about Satyam. It might be possible that he had called Hirabai to strike a deal.

Anjali feels bad for Satyam. He might have done wrong to me but he did love Renu Didi genuinely. He is ill yet he is only thinking about her. I must forget everything and look after him now. She comes to Satyam’s room. The lights are off so she switches them on. She notices the blood on his hands and puts the photo away. She nurses his wound. He tells her to switch off the lights again. My life is dark as Renu ji is no more. She tells him to stop this madness. Do you want to prove that you love Renu Didi very much by doing this? Her soul will be hurt to witness this. Look after yourself and take your medicines on time. She bandages his wounds. Have food. He points at his hands. How? Anjali feeds him. Satyam says I never did any good to you yet you care so much about me. you have a big heart. He takes a few bites and tells her to keep the rest. I will eat them later. She nods. Eat your medicine afterwards. She leaves. Anjali feels bad for Satyam. He has become a mess after Renu Didi’s death! Satyam smirks as he hears her. He removes the bandage, wipes the fake blood and eats dinner. This food is amazing. I hope no evil eye falls on me now!

Purvi comes to her room and notices Virender setting his bed on the floor. He tells her that he knows that she hasn’t forgiven him yet and she wont share the bed with him. She tells him to sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the floor. He lies down and closes his eyes. Purvi lies on the bed after switching off the lights but feels bad. She cries silently as she sits next to Virender on the floor. She keeps looking at him for a long time and then falls asleep. Virender wakes up as she slips next to him in her sleep. He holds her hand. She looks at him. They both ignore looking each other in the eye but stay put. Purvi feels bad to see Virender in this state. They sleep in that position.

Next morning, Purvi wakes up first. She is headed downstairs when she notices Satyam’s room empty. Where would he be at this hour? She notices something strange outside and goes to check. It seems like Satyam was out the whole night. He is coming stealthily so no one will catch him. Where would he have gone? Is he responsible for Renu Didi’s death? She confronts the person. Virender, Yogi and Anjali come there as well. Virender asks the guy who he is. How are you responsible for my sister’s death? He tells Virender that he has returned from America yesterday itself. I am the younger son of Karnawat ji. I was flying my drone yesterday and it fell here. I came to pick it but you guys looked really sad so I dint disturb you. He shows the drone to them that he finds under the chair. Virender asks him why he came here stealthily. He replies that he found out that someone died in their house at the same time when the drone fell here. I thought to not get into trouble. Virender tells him he is right. Will you use your camera at someone else’s place like this? He tells Yogi to call police.

Police is at haveli. Virender and Inspector make the guy play the video. They see the video where Satyam (in Virender’s disguises) pushes Renu from the terrace. Everyone is in disbelief. Yogi vouches for Virender. He must have gone upstairs to save Renu. She might have slipped by mistake. Anjali is confused as well. Renu Didi was so happy with us a few minutes ago. Virender insists that he never went outside. The door was locked from inside. Someone hit me on my head from behind when I was trying to open the door. Purvi tells him to think once again. What happened next? Virender says I cannot remember anything. It was a strong one. They tell him to try and remember something. Satyam comes there just then. I went to temple to pray for Renu ji’s soul. Why is everyone so shocked? He looks at the video as well. Virender tells Satyam this isn’t true. I am not in that video. Satyam asks him how he can do this to his own sister. It was a drama! You were upset with Renu ji’s past. Hirabai was right. You wanted to get rid of Renu ji. You were losing your respect. Purvi insists it isn’t true but Satyam points at the recording. Purvi asks Inspector to investigate. Mukhi ji cannot kill anyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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