Molkki 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi recognizes it to be Manas’s phone and checks it. She is shocked to see the video. I was right about it. It was all Sakshi ji’s doing. I cannot believe it that she was fooling me and Mukhi ji. I will tell him everything now. Arjun says you finally know the truth. Purvi is taken aback to see Arjun and Sakshi. Purvi asks Sakshi why she is here with Arjun. Sakshi nods. Arjun and I have been responsible for whatever happened with you till now. Purvi says I don’t understand anything. Sakshi says we have been trying to get you out of my life since Daksh’s death. You have ruined my plans! It would have been better if my bullet had shot you instead. I wouldn’t have to do any of this then. Purvi looks at her in shock.

Sakshi says you have heard it right. Daksh was shot by me. Flashback of that day is shown. Sakshi says everyone thinks that it was Mukhi ji who had shot him but I had mistakenly shot him instead. I regret his death too. I never intended to kill him. I came in between by mistake and that’s when Arjun and I made this plan. We made you believe that Arjun is your last option. I wanted you to agree to whatever he says. I got you married to him as I wanted to get rid of you! I want you out of Mukhi ji’s life. Because of you, I ended up risking the lives of my own kids. I had to get them kidnapped! I wanted to save them and make a place for myself in Mukhi ji’s eyes. Everything was ruined though. Manas had to go through that condition because of you. I am a mother after all. I could not see my kid in that condition. Purvi says Manas would not have been in that incident if you had actually cared or thought like a mother.

Juhi and Virender bring Manas to hospital. Senior doc checks Manas. He is rushed into emergency ward.

Purvi says you wouldn’t have tried to kill the baby that’s inside me. This baby is yours and Mukhi ji’s. Manas and Juhi are your kids. I was only raising them after you left. Why did you do all this? Sakshi blames her for it. You snatched my Mukhi ji and my kids from me. I wanted everything back. I was ready to become a mother again but you chose to become a surrogate mother instead. All my plans failed because of you! I did everything because of you.

Senior doc tells Virender not to worry. Have faith on us. Virender tells him about Manas’s medical condition. Senior doc assures him that Manas will be fine. He goes back inside. Juhi hugs Virender. Will Manas be fine? Virender nods. He will be fine. He makes her sit but then wonders who could have hit Manas like that.

Sakshi says how could I let you give birth to my baby and that my Mukhi ji will take care of you. That’s when I decided to kill you. I hurt you. I am responsible for the hospital incident, for the cream under your sandals and for the branch that fell on you. I tried so many things but nothing worked. Purvi says I thought Ma and Anjali Bhabhi were behind it. They are innocent. Sakshi says they are not innocent though. They had held me captive for 5 years. They made you Mukhi ji’s Molkki. I have taken revenge for all the misdeeds that they have committed till now. I dint want you to live either but fate was on your side. Purvi corrects her. it was love. My love is so strong and pure that my Kanha ji kept me safe till now. He wont let anything go wrong now either. Aren’t you ashamed to want to kill your baby that is inside me? This baby is going to save Manas’s life. I could never imagine something like this! Sakshi says I am not a fool. It was my plan only. Purvi asks her what she means.

Senior doc tells Virender that there is nothing to worry. I only had to put some stitches. What were you earlier telling me about bone marrow transplant? Virender tells him. Senior doc says I don’t think he needs it. I can examine again if you want but I can assure you that that’s not needed. Which doctor was it? Virender takes Dr. Rathi’s name. Senior doc sends nurse to bring Dr. Rathi. Senior doc notices Dr. Rathi going somewhere and stops him. He asks Dr. Rathi for details. Dr. Rathi makes up and excuse and goes away on the pretext of bringing the reports.

Purvi asks Sakshi what she is saying. Sakshi begins to explain when Arjun stops her. we haven’t come here to explain things to her but to kill her. he gives the gun to her. Kill her. Purvi tells him Sakshi wont do it. She tells Sakshi not to kill her as Sakshi’s baby is inside her. Sakshi says I will shoot as I neither want to see you nor this baby. Purvi requests her against it but Sakshi points her gun at Purvi. Sakshi receives Dr. Rathi’s call just then. He is in a panic and tells her what just happened at the hospital. Can you hear me? Arjun disconnects the call. Dr. Rathi is in a fix. She isn’t helping me when it’s time. He decides to run away. He keeps his stuff in a carton and leaves.

Arjun and Sakshi argue over what should be their priority. Purvi starts running. Arjun chases her but she throws dirt on him and manages to run away. Sakshi and Arjun chase her.

Nurse comes to Dr. Rathi’s cabin but he is not there. She informs the senior doc and Virender about it. Virender speaks of Manas’s bone marrow transplant. Senior doc tells him that Manas does not need that transplant. He is perfectly fine. Virender wonders why Dr. Rathi lied to him. Senior doc agrees to speak to Dr. Rathi.

Purvi hides behind a pillar in a secluded place. She calls Virender. He tells her about Dr. Rathi’s lie. She tells him about Sakshi and Arjun trying to kill her and begs him to save her. he asks her where she is. She replies that she does not know where she is. She ends the call as she hears the sound of approaching footsteps. Purvi prays to Kanha ji to save her. Someone taps at her shoulder just then. She thinks it to be Virender but it turns out to be Arjun. Sakshi and Arjun corner her and take her with them forcibly.

Virender reaches haveli and is taken aback to see the decorations. Sakshi comes down dressed as bride. Virender asks her about the mandap and pundit. Who is getting married? Sakshi says we are getting married again. He asks her if she has lost her mind. Where is Bawri? Sakshi tells him that his Bawri is with her. Her life is in danger though. Anything can happen to her any second. She shows a video to Virender. There is a noose around Purvi’s neck. Her hands are tied and she begs Virender to save her. Virender asks Sakshi why she is trying to kill Bawri. What has she done to you? Sakshi says she snatched my husband, my kids and even the right to be the mother of my own baby. How can I spare her then? I can still let her live but you must marry me again. Only that can save your Bawri. He tells her to stop her nonsense. Tell me where she is. Sakshi refuses to tell him anything. Marry me and save her. Virender asks her why she is doing all this. I can give you more money and property if you want. Let her go. Sakshi tells him to accept her. I will let her go. I don’t want anything apart from your and my kids’ love. It cannot happen till the time she is alive. There are only 2 options now – she can either leave this world or she can leave you after divorcing you. Now you have to decide what you want. Purvi tells Virender not to accept her condition. The woman who could love her husband or kids can never be your wife or the mother of Juhi and Manas. Don’t worry about me. Let me go. She has ruined our life a lot. Sakshi says it is you who has done that. He got away from me because of you. He dint let anyone come in his life for 5 years but you snatched him from me! I am taking my Mukhi ji back from you today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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