Molkki 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Purvi asks Virender to speak up. Virender reasons that he loved his sister the most in this house. It is my biggest lost. Why will I do this? Satyam says I wish this was true. Purvi supports Virender. I know he can never do this. Renu Didi was like his kid. How can he do this? Satyam says you and I can be mistaken but this is a live recording. He asks Inspector to arrest Virender before he runs away. Purvi insists that Virender cannot do this. Virender asks Yogi to vouch for him. Yogi says I cannot believe God too if He blames you but this video. Inspector arrests Virender. He will be given a fair chance in the court to prove his innocence.

Satyam takes out Renu’s jewellery. He finds a diary too. He reads that Renu has written Ram 1001 times for Satyam’s speedy recovery. He smiles. She was crazy about me. He also finds a note about the password of the safe. He finds another diary in which the password is written. He opens the safe and smiles. He steals whatever is inside and packs everything in a bag. I will get around 20-30 lacs with this. I should wait. Rest of the money for my fees will be arranged as well. Anjali asks him where he is off to as soon as he steps out of the room. Satyam says you are questioning me as I have sent Virender to jail. Do you think I stole something? She disagrees. I was asking casually. He tells her to go ahead and check the bag. I was going to donate Renu Didi’s clothes. You can check it or I will show the content to you. You can send me to jail if you find anything wrong. Anjali tells him to calm down. I was asking casually only. Sorry if you felt bad. She leaves. Satyam heaves a sigh of relief and leaves.

Purvi tells Inspector Virender cannot kill Renu Didi. He is innocent. Inspector says even I trust him but I am bound by law. All evidence point against him. Court will be closed over weekend too so he must stay here for the next 2 days. Purvi says there must be something that we can do. Virender tells her nothing can be done now. She sits next to his cell. He rues that he couldn’t save his sister. I have hurt you a lot too. God is punishing me for all that. She tells him this isn’t the right time to discuss this. I am with you. He wonders how he could be in that video as he wasn’t on terrace at that time. Life wont give us another chance now. I will be given death penalty. She stops him from saying anything further. I am with you. Kanha ji is with you. I promise you that I will take you home safely to your kids. He nods and holds her hand.

Purvi is speaking to a lawyer as she enters the main gate of haveli. You know that he is innocent. He has done so much for you and the villagers. He can never kill anyone. Please do something for him. He can never kill anyone. Lawyer tells her that he knows that but everything is against Virender. He disconnects the call. Satyam watches Purvi talk to herself as she enters in the haveli. Purvi is mumbling to herself that she is positive that Virender can never do such a thing. He is innocent. I will get him out of jail at any cost. You (Virender) have to come home for the kids and me. I know my Mukhi ji. He wont do anything like this.

Satyam thinks that she might not be able to accept being distanced from Virender. Who will support her now? I will support her. she is a young woman after all.

Yogi cries looking at Renu’s photo. Forgive me. I couldn’t save you even thought I am your brother. I cannot understand anything. You have raised so many questions after your death. I know Bhaisahab can scold you but he can never hurt you. Do something or give us some sign so I can save Bhaisahab. Anjali sits next to him. He tells her that there are so many unanswered questions. What to do now? Anjali says God calls good people soon. He might not have wanted her to suffer more. I think Satyam loved Renu Didi genuinely. He was heartbroken last night. He even did puja for her and he has donated Renu Didi’s clothes to orphanage too. It is a good thing, right? She will be at peace. I think he has changed a lot. You are the leader of this house after Jeth ji. I think you should forgive Satyam. Yogi nods. She tells him to rest. I will give food to Satyam and Purvi. they haven’t eaten anything since morning. He agrees.


Anjali requests Purvi to eat but Purvi politely declines. She still drinks milk for Anjali’s sake. Anjali leaves after telling her to rest. Satyam looks at Purvi from outside and smirks. There were sleeping pills in that milk. I will come in Virender’s disguise and take advantage of that situation. You wont be able to stop yourself from coming to me then. Purvi prays to Kanha ji to bring Mukhi ji home asap.

Purvi feels dizzy while walking and holds her head. Why is this happening? She does not find balm in the cupboard. She turns and notices Virender (Satyam) holding out balm for her. she asks him when he came home. I knew that Kanha ji wont keep us away for long. He hugs her. She tells him that she will fight with the world but she wont let him go away from her ever. He starts caressing her back and removes her dupatta. He opens the thread of her blouse and caresses her back again. Purvi slaps him and covers herself with her dupatta. Who are you? You are Satyam, right? Did you think that I wont know when you will mix sleeping pills in my milk?

Flashback shows Purvi noticing the undissolved sleeping pills in her glass. Someone tried to do this intentionally. It cannot be anyone else but Satyam who can do this to me in haveli. This will be a proof against him. Flashback ends.

Purvi tells Satyam that she knows about his ill intentions since day 1. Satyam decides to remain quiet. She will recognize me if I say anything now. Purvi tells Satyam that she also knows that he is lying to everyone about his illness. You married Renu Didi as you wanted to get hold of Mukhi ji’s property. I haven’t seen a cheap man like you till date! I think you are responsible for Renu Didi’s death too. If you can come here in Mukhi ji’s disguise then it must be you on terrace too. Right?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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