Molkki 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Prakashi says men in our haveli can never be at fault. It is daughters and DIL’s who are wrong. Don’t you dare point your finger on my Yogi! I care about his dignity too much. How will you understand when you don’t have any respect? Men of Rewari pay to spend the night with women. I paid 20 lacs for you. You are Virender’s Molkki. You have no respect. I was crazy to bring you home for Virender. I dint know you were so smart. You even snatched my Vaibhav from me for forever. You even came between Virender and me. I dint think you will be like this! Stop talking about treatment as Yogi wont go anywhere. She tells Kajri to give poison to Anjali. The baby should die within in her womb. Purvi disagrees but Prakashi holds her by one hand and points the gun at her head with another. Anjali begs Prakashi to spare her baby. I have considered you my mother since I have come to haveli. I know you love me. Please spare my baby. I want to be a mother too. Please don’t kill my baby. I want to be a mother. Prakashi tells Kajri to feed poison to Anjali. Anjali shakes her head. Purvi shouts against it too but in van. Another maid brings poison for Anjali.

Virender brings Renu to a room where a small toy house has been set up. She asks him about it. He reminds her how she used to make a makeshift house whenever she got angry as a kid. You used to stay there and I used to cheer you up. I used to follow you till the time you wont smile. She nods and sits inside. It is beautiful. I can think of my childhood after touching this duvet. I used to forget all my problems when I used to sit here. Virender says that’s how this is. It gives you immense peace. They promote the brand (Ek). Renu is impressed. Why did you buy so much stuff from this brand? He says you will get married in 6 months so I have to make preps. It is my duty as your brother. She tells him she loves all of this.

Kajri shows the glass to Anjali. This will give us the result in 3 hours. Things will then work the way we want to! Anjali covers her mouth. Purvi shouts at Prakashi and Kajri to stop. Prakashi tells Kajri to stop and ets go of Purvi. Purvi rushes to Anjali’s side. Prakashi tells Kajri she does not have to do anything now. Anjali is very dear to me. Now her newfound friend will do my work. Give this poisonous kadha to her friend. She will give it to Anjali now. Purvi is shocked. How can you say so? I cannot harm Bhabhi or her baby. Prakashi stays put and so does Purvi. Prakashi says you don’t understand anything sweetly. Go and look out of the window once. Purvi opens the window and finds her mother outside. Prakashi’s goons have tied her hand and mouth. Anjali and Prakashi are stunned.

Sakshi is walking in the corridor in trance. She recalls the time when Virender and she were madly in love and what happened today. Virender walks past her without paying attention to her but Sakshi holds his hand. He tells her to let go of him. I don’t want to talk to you. She replies that he wont be able to talk to her ever if not now. She falls in his arms. The bottle of sleeping pills slip from her hand. He takes her to her room.

Purvi requests Prakashi to spare her mother. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Why are you doing this? Prakashi says I don’t want to harm her. I have told the guy outside (Dharam) to take care of your mother. Dharma will leave your mother if you feed this kadha to Anjali. If you don’t then Dharam will send your mother to a place from where she wont return. Purvi asks her if she cannot show mercy. What has my mother done? Please spare her and Anjali Bhabhi. Prakashi says let me call Dharam then. Purvi cries. Prakashi tells Kajri to give kadha to Purvi. Purvi cries. I wont be able to do it. Dharam starts the car. Purvi panics. I will feed kadha to Bhabhi. Stop Ma. Prakashi signals Dharam. Do it quickly or you will lose your mother. Purvi requests Anjali to forgive her. There are many people who can support you but my brother only has my mother. She cries as she feeds kadha to Anjali. Anjali coughs. Prakashi signals Dharam who takes Purvi’s mother away. Purvi asks Prakashi why she is doing this. You said you will leave Ma if I do this. Prakashi says he has gone to drop her only. Purvi runs after the jeep but in vain.

Prakashi laughs. It is good. Anjali asks her how her baby had harmed her. You won this time as well!

Doc tells Virender that Sakshi is safe but her mental condition is not good. She has tried to commit suicide now and this can happen in future again. You brought her on time this time but time cannot be in your favour every time. Try to keep her happy and safe. Doc leaves. Virender sits next to Sakshi and holds her hand. How can I give you what you want? how can I forget what you have done to us? I can never forget it! He moves his hand away when Sakshi opens her eyes. Why did you save me then? You could have let me die. I cannot live without you. What will happen to our kids if anything happens to me? Your Bawri wont come back now. You may not need a wife but kids need their mother. Why are you snatching their mother from them? Virender heads outside.

Prakashi asks Anjali if she dint see how Molkki ran away her mother. Now she and her mother will end up in a jungle where wild animals will eat them up! Dharma will be back soon. Go with him to hospital. Do as doc says. I can kill you right away if I want. you know me very well. You are indeed dear to me so I don’t really want to kill you. Yogi should never find any of this or I will kill you! I wont remember how much I like you then. I have forgiven all that you have done but I wont spare you if Yogi finds out any of this. Go to hospital with Dharam as soon as he is back. They hear a car’s sound and maid takes Anjali outside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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