Molkki 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Arjun and Purvi reach the bodyguard’s house but it is locked. Arjun says I told you he wont be here. She wonders how they will find out anything now. He suggests asking around. Purvi asks everyone nearby but no one has a clue. Purvi notices a lady and asks her. She shares that he packed his bags and left some time ago. Purvi asks her if she asked him anything. She nods. He said he wont come back now. Arjun asks her if someone came to meet him. The lady takes Prakashi’s name. She stayed for some time and then left. Purvi fumes as she walks back to the car. She can go to any lengths to hurt Mukhi ji! Arjun says she is his mother though. She says she is step mother. He tells her how Prakashi had come to meet Virender in jail earlier too. She was instigating Mukhi against us with a photo she had clicked when you were making coffee. He dint fall for it though. Purvi vows to teach Prakashi a lesson.

At home, Prakashi keeps acting in front of Sakshi. You worked so hard yet nothing happened. Sadly, Virender is still in jail. You only got 2 days. Sakshi says things change in seconds. Mukhi ji will be out in no time. Purvi says Ma does not want it to happen. He wants to die asap and our lives be ruined. Prakashi denies. I want him to come out of jail asap. Purvi says I am not lying. Tell the truth if you can dare to. You bribed Mukhi ji’s lawyer and even tried to instigate him against me. Prakashi declines bribing anyone or instigating Virender. I am his mother. I only went to meet him. Purvi tells her to stop her drama. We know the truth very well. Sakshi isn’t surprised. We would have thrown you (Prakashi) out of the house right away if Anjali wasn’t hurt. You don’t want Mukhi ji to come out of jail so you will stay in the Kalkothri till that happens. Prakashi is shocked. Sakshi says you wont be able to plot anything against mukhi ji now. You will do everything in Kalkothri from now onwards. Sakshi holds Prakashi’s hand. Prakashi tells her she is mistaken. I dint pay any money to anyone. I just had a heart attack. Why are you taking me to Kalkothri? Sakshi locks Prakashi in Kalkothri. You will stay here till the time this case is over. This is your punishment! Prakashi screams against it but in vain. Sakshi leaves. Prakashi is worried for herself. How did I end up here? Who paid the bodyguard and trapped me? I must find out who this over smart person is?

Kids are pleased that Purvi and Sakshi are with them. They ask both of them to sing the lullaby for them. Purvi and Sakshi gladly start singing it. Kids fall asleep in no time. Purvi thanks Sakshi. I may not have been able to arrange money for Mukhi ji or reopen the case if it wasn’t for you. Sakshi says I dint do it for you. I did it for myself. I did it for Mukhi ji as. She stops mid sentence. Purvi completes it. You did it as you still love him, right? Sakshi says I love him since day 1 but he and the kids are happy with you. I am happy with what makes them happy. I will leave the haveli as soon the case is over. Purvi is touched by her support.

Next morning, Purvi asks Arjun to have food. He tells her that he will have it later. I am going to look for new clue. She offers to tag along but he declines the offer. Sakshi tells Purvi she is going out for an urgent work. I will be back soon. She sends Purvi to Manas and Juhi’s room as they seem upset.

Purvi cheers up the kids by suggesting that they should play something. They hug her and say I love you to her. Kids suggest playing hide and seek. She tells them to hide and covers her eyes as she starts counting to 10. Juhi gets caught in no time. They start looking for Manas together. They go in separate directions as they fail to find Manas together but in vain. They head downstairs. Preeti has no clue either. They have checked every possible place and head to Arjun’s room finally. Purvi finds Manas sleeping in the cupboard. Purvi wakes him up. The game is up! Arjun’s files fall down as he leans on the cushions for support. Purvi starts keeping everything back up when she finds the bullet. She sends the kids to their room. What’s this bullet doing here? Is it the same bullet that Mukhi ji had shot? Why is he hiding it here if it’s true? What is he up to?

Arjun enters in his room and finds Purvi sitting there. What are you doing here? She replies that she was waiting for him. I want to know what game you are playing with us. He is confused. She shows the bullet to him. It is the bullet that was shot by Mukhi ji. Why is it with you instead of police? He tries to say something but she does not let him speak. Tell me the truth. He tells her it is none of her business. How dare you come to my room and search my room? She calls it fate. I wouldn’t have found this bullet if Manas hadn’t hid here. Tell me honestly. Where did you find it? Arjun tells her that he found it in the hotel room and brought it here. He tells her everything honestly. She says you could have told me. Why didn’t you? You could have proved in court that Mukhi ji is not the culprit and that someone had paid the bodyguard to lie in the court. Arjun tells her that he was the one who had bribed the bodyguard. She asks him if he really intends to save Mukhi ji or if he has come to kill him. Arjun says I will surely save him but I need my fees before that. This bullet will be of help to me. She asks him what he means. He reminds her that he needs an invaluable thing as his fees. She nods. What is it? He says I will ask for it today. I want you. She looks at him in shock. Arjun tells her that he wants to marry her.

Precap: Arjun tells Purvi that choice is hers now… whether she wants to wear his name’s mangalsutra or she wants to see Virender getting executed. Later, he shows the bullet to Sakshi and tells her to convince Purvi. If she marries him before court hearing, then Virender will survive.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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