Molkki 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Satyam’s x-ray is done. He returns to his room. Virender asks the ward boy if everything is fine. Ward boys and Satyam nod. Prakashi says I am sure everything except his heart must be fine. He has given it already to Renu. Everyone smiles. Renu and Satyam exchange garlands. They are asked to take pheras when Purvi comes there running. This wedding cannot happen. Please stop! Prakashi is shocked to see her. sakshi asks her how dare she come here after what happened. Purvi says I told you that this wedding cannot happen. Renu asks her why. Purvi says you may not know but Satyam’s baby is inside a woman’s womb already. Everyone is shocked. Satyam asks her what nonsense this is. You should be ashamed to lie like this. Purvi says the same to him. He asks her to bring that woman here if it’s true. Show it to us. Purvi agrees. She goes out and comes back with Anjali. Everyone is stunned to see Anjali.

Yogi goes to Anjali. You are alive? How did this happen? I set your dead body on fire myself. Anjali reminds him how pundit ji said he will do havan during that time. It was all foggy for some time. Yogi nods. Anjali says I got off the pyre then and a mannequin was put in my place. You dint set me on fire. He asks her why she did this. Virender asks Prakashi how she got ashes when a mannequin was burnt. Prakashi says I don’t understand anything. She starts her act. Our Anjali is alive and back! Purvi says I am happy to see you so happy over this fact. Renu asks Purvi why she has accused Satyam that his baby is inside Anjali Bhabhi’s womb. He calls it impossible. I don’t know her. I have never seen her before. Anjali holds him by his collar. You are lying. This is your baby! You even offered to accept this baby if Yogi wont accept it. Satyam’s parents pull their son free from Anjali’s clutches.

Renu asks Satyam to tell them the truth. He shakes his head. I don’t know anything. Renu asks Anjali how it can be when everyone knows that she cannot become a mother. Prakashi says I don’t understand it either. How can you become a mother when you and Yogi have been married for 7 years? Say something. She holds out a knife to scare Anjali. Anjali touches her stomach worriedly. Purvi asks Anjali to tell them the truth. Is this a sham? Do you want to clear it that you can be a mother by making this up? I think I get it now. In a few days, you will slip while walking and you will say that you lost your baby. You will then tell everyone this so no one will doubt you! This is your plan, right? Anjali screams. No! It isn’t true. You know that it isn’t true. Say something. Truth is that I can be a mother. Truth is that the problem is not with me. I have a baby inside my womb right now. I have heard the heartbeat of my baby. I can make you all hear it too. I can become a mother. Virender asks her how they dint have a baby all these years then. Anjali looks at Purvi who nods at her. Anjali says it is Yogi who cannot become a father. Prakashi calls it a lie. Don’t talk too much. My Yogi does not lack anything. I know this Molkki has instigated you to say all this!

Sakshi says happiness was returning to our house after so long but you have cast an evil eye on us again. I don’t know what problem you have with us. Understand one thing carefully though. I have returned in Mukhi ji’s life now. You are not needed here. Purvi tells her she cannot do this. She insists that she can as she is the Mukhiyayini. I can even punish a criminal like you. Purvi asks her how she is a criminal when she dint do anything wrong. Anjali Bhabhi is alive. I kept telling you I haven’t killed her. I can never do this. I am not a culprit. Sakshi asks about the jewellery. Did you sell them off and send the money home? Purvi shows the jewellery to them. I dint do anything. Virender asks her why she took them. Purvi shares that doc was paid 10 lacs to kill Anjali Bhabhi and her baby. I took it to save them. Sakshi calls them all stories. Don’t know what game she is planning to play. First Anjali survived. She is found pregnant later and now she has been saved from doc? Who would want to kill Anjali and her baby? She asks Anjali to speak up. Anjali looks at Prakashi who shakes her head.

Purvi tells Anjali to speak up. I am with you. Tell everyone that Ma is responsible for your condition. Everyone looks at Prakashi who feigns innocence. How can I do this? I regret the day when I brought this Molkki home? How can I try to kill Anjali and her baby? Purvi insists that it was her. you dint just try to kill Bhabhi and her baby but me and my mother too. Virender asks her what she is saying. Purvi asks Prakashi to again say that she is lying. Prakashi stays put. Everyone knows how much I care for Anjali. You think I can kill her? How can you think like this? Purvi insists while Prakashi continues screaming that she was in temple. Purvi asks her to admit the truth. Dint you send Anjali Bhabhi to hospital with Kajri in the afternoon? Dint you kidnap my mother? You forced Bhabhi to drink kadha so as to kill the baby. You threatened to kill my Ma if I try to save Bhabhi and her baby! Dint you do any of this? Prakashi says these blames are so bad. Give me proof! Purvi goes to bring proof.

Purvi comes back with Dharam. Purvi tells Virender his loyal servant wont lie to him. Ask him if what I said was true or not. Virender asks Purvi to speak up. Dharam falls in Purvi’s feet. I respect you a lot but don’t force me to do this. Don’t make me lie against Prakashi ji. Prakashi smirks.

Flashback shows Prakashi calling Dharam to find out if Purvi and her mother are dead. Dharam lies that the work is done but she knows that he is lying. You repaid the debt to Molkki, right? You will be rewarded for this mistake. Molkki got the hole fixed but life cannot be saved if lost once. Go to a nearby river if you don’t find your daughter at home. Any dead body you see there will be of your daughter. He requests her not to do this. I will do as you say. She agrees to give him another chance. Flashback ends.

Purvi looks at Prakashi in shock. Dharam requests Virender to forgive him. I fell in Choti Mukhiyayin’s trap. I haven’t spoken to Prakashi ji since a year. Virender dismisses him. Purvi tries to stop Dharam but Virender tells her to let it be. Dharam said what he had to. I don’t want to listen to you now. Purvi refuses to let Renu’s life be spoiled at any cost. Satyam has lied to everyone by hiding the truth. Renu slaps Purvi. Virender shouts Renu’s name angrily. Prakashi smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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