Molkki 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender says this ritual is amazing. I am loving it. Purvi tells him it is over now. Give me my gift. He mistakes it as the gift he gave to her yesterday but she stops him. I want a great gift. Virender says I will think about it. Kids ask him about the gift and they also ask Purvi what she is doing. She makes them sit. It is a ritual in our village. Every married woman massages her husband and kids with oil and turmeric. Manas gets excited so she does it for him too. My Tau ji used to get it done too. Virender gets irked. You talk about him all the time. Stop talking about him please. Kids laugh she applies turmeric on Juhi’s face. Give me my gifts now. Juhi gives gifts to Manas and Purvi. Purvi thanks them. See Krur Singh. She stops herself. Kids are better than you. They at least gave me a gift. You should get me one soon too. It should be precious. He nods.

Virender asks kids what gift he should give to haathi. Juhi tells him to think on his own. Manas says it will be cheating if we help you. It is bad to cheat. Virender asks them to help him. You know her likes and dislikes very well. Juhi’s suggestions are dismissed. Manas suggests giving her a puppy. She will play with it. Juhi points out that the gift is for haathi and not him. She tells Virender to think on his own. They rush downstairs to eat breakfast. Virender wonders how they got so smart.

Virender is standing in the corridor. He is mesmerized to see Bawri. You are shining brightly like a diya. He gives her a kerchief. You dint like it? She thanks him for it and begins to go when he pulls her. Did you think I am crazy to give you just this? He shows the waist band to her. She compliments it. They share an eye lock as he puts it around her waist. They both smile sweetly and share a hug. Juhi and Manas come running there just then. You two look so beautiful. Virender says the same to them. They celebrate Diwali together.

Next morning, Virender shows Panchayat’s form to Purvi. Panch have decided to elect a female candidate this time. Purvi likes the idea. He nods. It will help the women and will empower them as well. I don’t think there can be a better candidate than you. You will be the best Mukhiyayin. She says it is enough that I am your Mukhiyayin. I don’t think I will be able to shoulder this responsibility. He tells her has faith in her. No other woman can do this. You are the most educated and honest woman in this village. You must take part in this election. She asks him to support her if he wants her to take part in elections. You must also support me in my endeavours if I win. He agrees and tells her to fill the form.

Virender and Purvi submit Purvi’s form in the Panch office. A few ladies greet them. A lady says we were heartbroken when we found out that you have withdrawn your name from elections but we were relieved to hear that Mukhiyayin ji will be taking part instead. There cannot be a better candidate than her for this. I am withdrawing my name. She is a deserving candidate. Another lady seconds her. I have come to withdraw my name as well. A third lady encourages Purvi to contest in the elections. The officer is amazed to hear all of it. People fight to win elections but people are readily withdrawing their names so Mukhiyayin ji can win. I have never seen this before. Now there is no other candidate. I can announced her victory today itself. A man enthusiastically agrees and everyone cheers for Purvi. Virender stops them. Don’t do this. Elections should be conducted honestly. Let’s announce her name on the day of announcement only. Officer agrees.

4 days later:
Officer says no one has submitted their nomination against Purvi so far so I announce her as the. Sakshi cuts him mid sentence. Make preps for elections and voting. Sakshi Pratap Singh will stand against Purvi. She submits her form. Virender and Purvi walk out of there.

Virender wonders how Sakshi got out of jail. I thought she will spend her entire life in jail. Purvi tells him to let it be. We will see what happens. Sakshi walks up to them. You (Purvi) should accept that it isn’t so easy to get me out of your way. Virender asks her who dared to get her out of jail. Sakshi replies that he mistook her to be weak but that isn’t true. Arjun took the entire blame upon himself. No law can punish me now. You (Purvi) must be thinking that you will live happily after sending me to jail but how can I let it happen. I started my revenge when I had pushed you down the stairs. Just wait and watch what I do next. Purvi tells her to do whatever she wants. You wont be able to harm me till the time Mukhi ji is with me. I challenge you to stand against me in elections. We will see what wins – your revenge or my love! Virender and Purvi walk out holding hands.

Virender is furious by the time he comes home. How dare she come back in our lives? Purvi tells him to calm down. It does not matter to her. He tells her it does. The woman who can kill her own baby can do anything. She wont sit quietly. I cannot understand how she can stoop so low. She has become a monster. She did so much by teaming up with Arjun. She lied about Manas’s condition and has snatched your right of ever becoming a mother. Purvi reminds him that Juhi and Manas are her kids only. He nods. You have a very big heart. You can forget her mistakes but I don’t trust her. she will try to hurt you again. I will kill her before she tries to do any such thing! He orders his guards to find out about Sakshi’s whereabouts. Purvi tries to stop him but he heads towards the door. She gives him her swear. This is what she wants. She wants you to be behind bars. You will fall in her trap easily this way. He asks her if he should sit back and watch everything helplessly. Purvi denies. We must face her calmly so she ends up making a mistake. He asks about the elections. She makes it clear that they will fight honestly. We are each other’s strength. No one can harm us till the time we are together. Virender gives his gun to the guard.

The promotion is on in full swing for both the candidates.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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