Molkki 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Satyam tells Virender it was he who has pushed Renu! Virender holds his by his neck. How dare you hurt my sister? Satyam tells him to think about his wife. She is still living me with me under the same roof right now. Keep your anger in check if you want her to be safe. What if she falls from the terrace like Renu? Virender says I made a huge mistake by getting you married to my sister. He pulls Satyam’s head towards the bars and hits him. Police intervenes.

Satyam puts on an act. He killed his sister and now he is trying to kill me too! Virender screams at him. Constable tells Virender to let go. One case is already going on and another case will be lodged this way. Virender warns Satyam as constables manage to free him. Let me get out of here. I will then show you who you have messed with! Satyam leaves. Virender warns Satyam not to hurt Bawri. He gets worried for Purvi. she isn’t safe with this cheap man in that haveli. I must warn her somehow. I have to keep Bawri and my kids safe.

Purvi comes to Anjali’s room. I will show you proof that Satyam has stolen the jewellery and sold it already. She thinks that Anjali might be in kitchen and is going out when she notices her report. She reads it. It means Bhabhi think I have gone crazy. She even met a doc behind my back. Now I will be given these medicines stealthily. Probably they will be mixed in my food. She checks the details of the doc.

He is the one who made Satyam’s fake report. She realizes that this is all Satyam’s doing. He wants to prove it that I am crazy. I wont take this medicine at any cost. Someone closes the door from outside. She asks to open it but in vain. Virender steps in from the window and calls her name. She asks him how he is here. What happened to you? He tells her that he asked the servants to lock the door. I don’t want you to step out of this room. She asks him how he got out of jail.

Flashback shows Virender giving his ring worth 50k to his cellmate. Sell it once you get out of here. He tells him a plan. I am drinking your tea. You can start the drama now. His cellmate challenges Virender. You must be Mukhi but how dare you drink my tea! They both start hitting each other and argue loudly. Inspector hears the commotion and the cell is opened. Virender’s cellmate holds the Inspector. Mukhi manages to flee. Flashback ends.

Virender tells Purvi they must leave for a safe place as Satyam is the one who had pushed Renu from terrace. You were right about him. Purvi asks him how he knows this. Virender shares that he came to meet him in police station and told me everything. Purvi goes with him.

Constable gives a phone to Prakashi stealthily in her ward. Latr, Nurse comes to give medicine to her. Don’t know how you are bearing this pain. You should have this medicine to soothe your pain. She leaves. Prakashi says I will be at peace only after killing that Molkki! She does not know who she had messed with this time! Even Yamraj bows down to me. Come what may, I wont die before killing her. I need someone who can do this work for me. I must search for someone who can kill that Molkki upon my askance. She receives a call just then. It is a jeweller. He tells Prakashi that Satyam came to sell Renu ji’s jewellery. I forgot to take his PAN number in a hurry. Can you ask him to share it with me? She agrees and ends the call. Prakashi decides to use him as her pawn.

Virender brings Purvi to a house. It is all dirty and has cobwebs. It seems like this has been closed since a long time. No one will be able to find us here. Purvi asks him if they are doing anything wrong. I think you should surrender yourself to police once again. Trust me, I will prove you innocent and bring you home again. Hope you don’t fall in another problem by doing this. He asks her what other chance he has. I have to prove my innocence and protect you from that man! I cannot do that while I am locked in a cell!

Purvi reasons that it isn’t easy. He is a cheap and cunning man. He has fooled everyone by faking that he is terminally ill. He even switched his reports when I was about to expose him in front of everyone. He is like a chameleon. He has even sold Renu Didi’s jewellery. He has proved it to Anjali Bhabhi and Yogi Bhaiya that I am not mentally stable. Virender feels bad that his family is in this mess because of him. I wonder why I got him married to a guy like him. Anjali had told me everything yet I dint pay heed to her. purvi reasons that everyone is at fault here. Renu Didi trusted and loved him blindly. He used to handle her badly. She had left brothel yet he used to ask her to sing and dance for him.

Virender is shocked. Purvi tells him it is true. Don’t know what all she has been through because of her love for him. He asks her what else she has found out about him. Purvi says nothing much. I was told that he is afraid of ghosts. Let this be. Virender tells her it is quite useful information. We must buy Renu’s jewellery again. She asks him how he will do that. You will be caught if you go to jail. He reminds her that he does not have to go to bank. I helped Yogi at that time. It is time to ask for that money.

Constable tells Prakashi that Satyam should leave before Sir comes on round. Prakashi nods. Satyam asks Prakashi why she has called him here. She says I wanted to ask you how you are doing. You must be happy as Renu is out of your life. There is no lie, no compulsion and no fake relations in your life anymore. He feigns innocence but she tells him that she knows everything.

You sold Renu’s jewellery after her death and have 27 lacs in your pocket. Don’t think that I don’t know anything just because I am here. I can twist your neck as I please. He tells her about the video in which Virender is seen pushing Renu off the terrace. Prakashi says you don’t know who you are dealing with. I am Prakashi. I can call police in a second. I was right there when Virender was pushing Renu. I am a live witness. I know it wasn’t Virender but you! I am the one you gave you that mask. Should I call police and tell them the truth? Satyam denies. I will do whatever you say. Prakashi says you are now saying the right thing. There is only one thing that you need to do – kill Molkki!

Yogi reminds Anjali that Purvi’s mental condition isn’t good. Doc said that everyone is in danger because of her situation. Let’s go to police and tell them that she has run away. Anjali receives a call and is shocked. Yogi asks her who it was. Anjali says it is police. Jeth ji ran away from jail! Yogi is baffled. What’s going on here?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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