Molkki 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Anjali tells Yogi that Jeth ji ran away from jail! Yogi is baffled. What’s going on here? I am going to police station. I will inform them that Purvi Bhabhi has run away as well. She stops him. They might be together right now. I am sure they are trying to gather proof to prove Virender’s innocence. We shouldn’t say anything to anyone right now. Let’s not inform anyone, especially police. He asks her till when will they remain silent. She says I don’t know that but I have trust in Purvi. She will prove Jeth ji’s innocence at any cost.

Virender buys the jewelry back from jeweler. Don’t tell anyone that we were here. Jeweler nods. I don’t understand why you are buying this again when your brother-in-law has sold them. Virender says they belong to my late sister. There is no price to the last memento. Jeweler nods. Virender tells Purvi this will help them get justice for Renu.

Satyam feels sleepy and closes his book. He lies down to sleep. He sits up with a start when his room’s window opens suddenly. He closes it and lies down. He hears the sound of ghungroos. My brain is tired and imagining things probably. It is nothing. The sound intensifies. He asks loudly who is outside but gets no reply. This is the sound of ghungroo! He checks his cupboard but the ghungroos are missing. Lights go off in his room. A shadow appears outside. I am wearing the ghungroos. He demands to know who is outside. The door opens. He panics. How can you be alive, Renu? The girl walks in wearing ghungroo and dances on the song on which Renu used to dance for him. He watches her in shock. He recalls pushing Renu off the terrace.

Someone might be playing a game with me. Dead people don’t come back to life. He decides to expose the person and pulls at the necklace. He recognizes it to be Renu’s. I had sold it to the jeweller yesterday only. Does that mean that Renu is alive? How can it be? It cannot be Renu! She starts walking towards him. He stops near the wall with Renu’s picture on it. He looks at the picture and turns around. She has moves away. He finds her standing in a different corner. He can see her reflection in the mirror but not when he turns. He loses his balance and the girl walks up to him. He slips on the floor. A lemon rolls towards him. He runs downstairs. She is here!

Yogi and Anjali wonder what has happened to him. Satyam tells them that she is here. Yogi asks him who he is speaking about. Who have you seen? Anjali asks him who he is speaking about. Satyam decides not to say anything to them as they wont trust him. They will take me to hospital and I will be doomed. He lies that he saw a bad dream. Yogi offers to check his room for him but Satyam denies. Yogi tells him to sleep without a worry. Satyam says one cannot sleep without worrying after losing someone. I will try. He heads to his room.

Satyam steps on the lemon which is smeared with vermilion now. What’s happening to me? Ma used to say that lost spirits come back to seek revenge. Is it Renu’s spirit? He dismisses the idea. It is my fear which is creating this illusion. He lies down but few drops fall on him. He is startled. The girl gestures him to follow her. Satyam starts following her in a daze. They reach the terrace.

Satyam notices that girl standing on the edge of the terrace. She tells Satyam that she is going now. I will come back and take you with me. She screams as she jumps. Satyam breaks down. Why did you do this, Renu? I can save you! He runs to the edge but notices the girl lying on the ground. I wont let anything happen to you! He runs downstairs but there is no one. Virender and Purvi are hiding behind the car. Satyam asks Renu why she is doing this to him. I agree that I made a mistake but I cannot change it. Stop torturing me! People die but love does not die! Don’t trouble me. I beg you! Don’t come here. Just go away.

Next morning, Virender says Satyam’s reaction proved that he only has killed Renu. Purvi seconds him. He was really shocked to see me in Renu Didi’s clothes. Your plan worked! Flashback shows Virender putting the lemon on the floor and then dropping some water to make Satyam slip. Satyam runs downstairs. Virender slices the lemon and puts vermilion over it. Purvi and Virender run out of the room.

Purvi adds that dropping fake blood on the bedside and then on Satyam! I could jump from the terrace because of your faith only. I was so scared otherwise. Another flashback shows Purvi jumping on the mattresses. Virender asks her if she is fine. She nods. What can happen to me when you are around? They push the mattress away and Purvi lies down. Flashback ends. Purvi is sure Satyam wont accept it so easily that it was Renu Didi’s spirit only. Virender agrees. He is too afraid already because of our stunt. He will admit it soon that he only killed Renu! We have to scare him till the time he admits the truth in front of everyone!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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