Molkki 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender is sure Sakshi has cheated. Something is fishy. She cannot win like this. Villagers love us so much. How can you not win? They hear dhol playing and Sakshi walks in with Anjali, Prakashi and her followers. Virender asks her how she dare come inside. She points out that they are celebrating her victory. Also, this haveli belongs to me legally. Let me remind you that I got your property under my name when you were in jail. I am the owner of this haveli. My word will rule now. I will see who will stop me from staying here. Virender is about o charge at her when Purvi stops him. There is no point fighting now. Let’s go. They head to their room. Prakashi asks someone to bring puja thaal.

Next morning, Virender asks Purvi what she has made in breakfast. They see Sakshi sitting in his chair. Purvi tells him not to lose his cool. They begin to walk away when Sakshi tells Virender it is his place. You will sit here only. She moves aside. Virender sits on his seat. Anjali is about to serve breakfast to him but Purvi takes it from her. I will look after Mukhi ji till the time I am here. 2 ladies come to Sakshi to seek help. They share that there is a pr*stitute right outside Rewari and their husbands are wasting their hard earned money there. Sakshi agrees to help them. I will call that dancer here for a performance and then I will speak to her. Bring your husband’s here as well. I will try my best to throw the dancer out of Rewari. Ladies leave. Virender asks Sakshi if pr*stitute will dance in haveli now. This has never happened here before. I wont let it happen! Sakshi reminds him that she is the Mukhiyayin now. Things will happen as per my wish. I will see who will stop me! Virender accepts the challenge and walks away followed by Purvi.

Virender continues pacing in his room. I made a very big mistake by listening to you. This wouldn’t have happened if I had killed her that day! She will let a pr*stitute dance in the haveli while I am alive? I will show her her place. Purvi stops him again. She is doing it intentionally. She knows your weakness. She knows that you can do things wrong when you are angry. We will be able to throw her out of the house only when she loses her calm. We should remain calm. Please calm down. He nods.

All the preps have been made for the dance. She looks up and notices Virender and Purvi standing in the corridor. Virender realizes that Bawri is right. Anger makes one lose a lot of things. Anjali praises the preps. Few villagers come in as well. The pr*stitute walks in just then. Sakshi glances at Virender who is looking at the pr*stitute pointedly. He turns to go when Sakshi invites him to see Mujra. It is happening for the first time in haveli after all. Mujra starts.

Virender and Purvi are in their room. Virender is irked by the noise. My head is about o burst because of the noise! Few men fall on the floor and throw money. Their wives pull them away. Virender removes the cotton balls and gives them to Purvi. This is of no use. I will fix this! He heads outside. He screams at everyone to stop the dance / music. He asks the pr*stitute and the musicians to leave. This haveli isn’t meant for you! The pr*stitute stays put. Virender asks her to leave. She stays put. Virender ends up pushing hr. The lady looks up. Virender and Prakashi are shocked to see her. Virender takes Renu’s name. Purvi gets curious about her. few ladies point out that she is Mukhi ji’s sister. Virender asks Renu if she became a pr*stitute. Prakashi is in disbelief as well. Have you really stooped so low? Dint you think about us even once? How can you do something like this? It takes years to earn respect. Have you not thought about us even once? Sakshi smiles. It is fun now. Everything is turning out the way I had thought it will!

Flashback shows the same ladies approaching Sakshi with their problem yesterday. Sakshi goes to meet the pr*stitute. She reaches there with Anjali, Prakashi and those ladies. Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali are shocked to see Renu. Prakashi thinks of talking to her but Sakshi stops her. we have been given such a good chance. Let’s put it to good use. Prakashi asks her how it will benefit them. Sakshi says she is Mukhi ji’s sister. I will use her to melt Mukhi ji’s word and win him over again. Flashback ends.

Prakashi reprimands Renu. Virender adds that she ruined everything the day she ran away from the house with her lover. I had selected a great guy for her. She would have lived happily if she had married him. This wouldn’t have happened then. Renu admits that she was wrong. I thought that Harish loves me but I was wrong. He loved my money. He ran away with my money and jewellery. What else could I do? I was dead to you the day I had eloped from haveli so I couldn’t come back here. I met an old man. I thought he will help me but he took me to a brothel instead. All my hopes died that day. I thought this is my destiny. I accepted it as it is! Prakashi asks her if she couldn’t accept her death as her density. Renu shouts that she did try to kill herself many times but they used to take me back there every time. I felt as if I was being punished. I spent many days without food and water. I broke down eventually as I couldn’t understand what I should do. I dint want to do it but I was forced to do it. It wasn’t by choice. She breaks down. I survived there somehow. a lady points out that her story wont change her character now. Another lady points out that she will be labelled as a pr*stitute only. Sakshi decides to take the lead but Purvi steps forward. Enough!

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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