Molkki 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sakshi tells Virender not to wipe his tears. Let them flow. You will feel better then. He tells her to leave him alone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Sakshi says you were alone since the past few days anyways. I know we don’t share the relation of love anymore but I am still your friend. You can share your pain with me. I cannot fill Purvi’s place but I can surely fill in as a friend. Share your pain with me. You will feel better.

Purvi sings lullaby for Juhi and Manas. She receives a text from Arjun. I will be reaching soon. Hope the kids are asleep and you are ready. She heads to the kitchen. Arjun’s words echo in her head. She picks up a knife angrily. She sits on the bed holding the knife. I will kill him with this knife if he will try to force himself on me. She hides the knife behind her back as she hears the sound of footsteps. Arjun walks in and removes his coat. He leans closer to Purvi. He picks up his pillow and blanket leaving her surprised. She asks him where he is going. He tells her that he knows what to gain and when. I will compel you to come to me. I wont force you for anything. Just wait till then. I am off to other room. Happy Suhagraat. He smirks as he steps outside. Purvi heaves a sigh of relief.

Sakshi tells Virender to sleep. Virender shakes his head. I have to find out the truth now. Why did Bawri take that step? She cannot marry Arjun. I have to find out why she did that. Sakshi says she said that she loves Arjun and that’s why she married him. Virender says she only loves one person in this world and that’s me. She must be compelled to take such a step. I want to know her reason now. She would have looked me in the eye if she did love Arjun but she was avoiding looking me in my eyes all along. It means that she was lying to me. she cannot leave me or my kids like this. There was something that she couldn’t tell me. She was hiding something from me. I wont be able to sleep peacefully till the time I find that out. Sakshi suggests him to find out the truth if he is so sure. He nods. She tells him that Navratre are staring from tomorrow. Pray to Mata Rani to find out her reason asap. You should sleep now. Virender leaves.

Next morning, Purvi and the kids are doing puja in Arjun’s house while Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali do puja in the haveli. Virender comes for the puja as well. Purvi prays for strength to face Arjun and to punish him for his misdeeds. Show me a way to save myself from him. Virender also prays to find out the truth behind Arjun’s action. Give me the strength to get Purvi and kids out of this problem and bring them home safely. Sakshi tells Virender not to worry. Nothing will happen to Purvi and the kids. He asks her how she found out that he is thinking about Bawri.

Arjun takes aarti from the puja thaal. I am going out for work. I will be back soon. Don’t try to act smart or it might cost you.

Sakshi says I know what you are thinking after looking at your face. I know that you will pray for Purvi today. Prakashi and Anjali ask them to come for breakfast if they are done talking about Purvi.

Purvi tries to go inside Arjun’s room but it is locked. She uses her hairpin to open the door. It is my turn to find Arjun’s weakness to teach him a lesson. She browses through his things and papers but does not find anything. How will I trap him now and get out of this mess? She hits the drawer while upset and a file drops. She realises that it wasn’t there earlier. She notices the tape above it. It might have been chipped above. She reads the article which mentions that Arjun’s license was revoked years ago. He cheated court and all of us. She reads the name of Radhika Ahuja. Purvi keeps everything in place and leaves the room. She sends a text to Radhika Ahuja and asks her to contact her asap. She realizes that the custody papers made by Arjun are baseless now. He has no right on the kids now. I have found his weakness. Let me meet Radhika once. I will teach you (Arjun) a lesson then and you will be punished.

Virender tells Sakshi to pack Prasad for Purvi and kids. I am going to meet them. I will give it to them. She nods.

Purvi is waiting for Radhika’s reply. She receives Radhika’s text just then and calls her. She asks Radhika about Arjun. Radhika calls him fraud. He made all the proofs and evidences disappear during my case but I found out everything in time and exposed him. I got his license cancelled. How can I forget him? Purvi tells her about her situation. I am worried about my kids. I want to show his real face to the world. Radhika tells her to fight this battle on her own. It’s been too long. I don’t want to see that guy again. Purvi requests her to meet her at 4 pm in Rewari market today. It is about my kids. I will wait for you. She lowers her phone when Arjun enters. He asks her who she was talking to. Why is the door closed? Purvi lies that she was speaking to Sakshi ji. She calls Radhika Sakshi and agrees to meet her in Rewari market at 4 pm. She ends the call. She tells Arjun it will be a good change for the kids. He decides to come along and leaves. Purvi wonders how to meet Radhika if Arjun will tag along.

Virender meets Juhi and Manas. He gives them halwa. Juhi shares that haathi did Mata Rani’s puja in the morning. She will take us to market in the evening. It will be decorated. Manas asks him to come as well. We will have fun there. Virender agrees and sends them inside. Virender tells Purvi to be ready to answer his every question in the evening.

Purvi and Arjun come to market with the kids. Arjun gives ice cream to Manas and Juhi. They are happy about it and tell Purvi. She smiles at them but is worried as to where Radhika is. Arjun asks her what she wants. She says nothing. Kids ask Arjun for candy floss. He takes them there. Virender is watching them from far and follows Purvi quietly. Purvi gets a call and excuses herself. Arjun tells her to come back quickly. Virender covers Purvi’s mouth as he pulls her aside. Don’t shout. I have to say something important to you. Why did you lie to me? why did you marry that cheater? She lies to him again by avoiding looking him in the eyes but he refuses to accept it. Tell me the truth. How can you love 2 people at once? What’s compelling you? Why did you take such a big step? She calls it her will. I married him as I love him. He makes her look at him. You can speak the truth by looking into my eyes. She tells him to think whatever he wants. This is the truth though. He stops her from going. He keeps her hand on his head. Say it now that you love Arjun. You will see me dead if you lie now. Tears stream down her cheeks as she moves her hand away. Please don’t do this. It is the truth. He tells her not to lie. I can still fix everything. Tell me why you did this. She becomes emotional and holds his hand. He asks her to speak up. What did Arjun say to you that you had to take such a big step? Arjun calls out to Purvi just then.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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