Molkki 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi tells Yogi about the fun evening that they have planned. We will play games too. Do join us as the kids will be really happy. He agrees.

Virender calls it unfair as their team is weak. Yogi knows about every movie that has possibly existed. Change the teams a little. Renu tells him not to worry. I have seen more films than Yogi Bhaiya. Purvi is sure they will win. Renu asks Sakshi to join them for dumb charades but she refuses to join them. Virender thinks to include Prakashi too as she might be feeling left out. He tells everyone that Yogi got glued to movies because of Ma. She has become old though so she may not remember a lot of them. Prakashi wonders why Virender is still being nice to her after how mean she has been to him. She tells everyone that she hasn’t forgotten anything. You think I will not remember the films? I am not old. She joins them and challenges to take her in the game. You can change my name if I am not able to tell a movie’s name. Manas jokes that they should start thinking of another name for her. Everyone laughs. Prakashi tells him to sit quietly or she will break his teeth.

The game starts. Sakshi is watching them from far. She tells Gulabo that she will take the tea herself. Sakshi asks Anjali to take tea. Anjali tells a movie’s name to Yogi and then heads to the kitchen. Anjali tells Sakshi that she should have joined them too. Sakshi remarks that the earrings that Yogi gave to Purvi look really good on her. Anjali looks at Purvi and Yogi bonding happily. They hi-five as Purvi guesses the movie name. Anjali looks unhappy. It is Renu’s turn next.

Anjali starts walking towards Purvi with the tray. She keeps staring at the earrings and is about to drop the tray on Purvi when Virender pushes the tray away. The glasses fall on Sakshi’s feet. Renu rushes to check on her while Virender and Yogi ask Purvi if she is fine. She nods. Sakshi thinks that Virender asked Purvi but he dint even glance in her direction.

Purvi is checking Virender’s forehead. Today’s game made me realize that you have literally stocked up all the laughter inside. Why don’t you laugh like this every day? He asks her if she is an astrologer. She denies. My Tau ji had taught me this trick. He holds his head and screams at someone to bring him a medicine. His Tau ji has caused me a headache. I will die! She tells him not to say so. Manas hugs her from behind. Read my face too. She touches his forehead and smiles. You will do a lot better than your Baba. You will become a Prime Minister. Virender asks Manas if he knows what a Prime Minister is. Manas shakes his head. Purvi offers to tell him. My Tau ji knows it too Virender says there isn’t anything that he does not know. He gives her a picture and tells her to read his face. How is he (Satyam) for Renu? Use your fingers on his forehead and tell me if this is a good choice or not. She tries her trick. He reminds her that it is a photo but she is positive that she will still get something. She starts saying something when Renu snatches the photo from her hand and goes outside in a huff.

Prakashi tells Anjali to feed dinner to Yogi. Guru Maharaj is here. Don’t spend too much time talking as Guru Maharaj is going to keep jagrata for your baby today. Anjali heads to her room. Yogi is already eating in his room which surprises Anjali. He tells her that he was feeling a burning sensation in his chest so Bhabhi made the kids bring dinner for me. Anjali says she is feeling that sensation too. All you talk about is that Molkki. She stomps out of the room. He tries to make her understand but in vain.

Sakshi asks Anjali if Molkki isn’t too attached to Yogi. He came back after a long time but he is willing to eat the tasteless (salt less) food that Molkki has sent for him. Be careful as she is Molkki after all. Anjali leaves. Sakshi smirks. I have started a fire. I just have to fan it so Mukhi ji and Purvi’s relation will burn down!

Virender asks Renu why she is crying. Everyone has to settle down one day or another. Bawri has been so happy since I told her about it. She is even grinding mehendi for you. Renu tells him not to show her such dreams. Who will accept a girl who has spent years at a brothel? He applies mehendi on her hand. I will clear the stains on your head and hand forever. I will change your life for good. She nods. Purvi adds that she will put a beautiful dupatta like her on her head as her Bhabhi as per the ritual. Renu nods slightly. Virender receives a call and is informed about a fire. He tells Purvi and Renu about it. Purvi is worried as it is too late but he reasons that he must go there. Hope no one is hurt. Virender rushes to his room followed by Purvi. Sakshi is right outside Renu’s room and overhears Renu blaming Purvi for all that goes wrong in this haveli since Virender and Purvi’s wedding. Purvi is that eclipse who wont be at peace till the time she finishes Bhai ji and this haveli! Sakshi says you and I have actual right on Mukhi ji but neither of us will get our right till the time this Molkki is in the house. Support me so I can get her out of this haveli before your engagement ceremony. Renu asks her how.

Sakshi adds powder in 2 glasses of milkshake and gives the tray to Renu. Renu is hesitant. He is my brother after all. Sakshi says Yogi was the first one who knew that you loved Harish. You wouldn’t have been through all this if he had supported you. You would have been happy with your own family right now. You must do this if you want that Molkki to be thrown out of this haveli! Renu is worried but Sakshi tells her that the fire was intentional. Your brother will come back by morning only. Renu takes the tray and goes.

Renu gives milkshake to Yogi. He complements her and finishes the entire glass. She notices him feeling dizzy on her way out. He notices the second glass there. Anjali is in jagrata. I must keep this in kitchen. He is unable to focus though and passes out.

Anjali is boiling milk. Renu tells her about the milkshake that she had made for everyone. I forgot your glass in Yogi Bhaiya’s room. Purvi thinks of giving milk to kids first but Renu says I have given it to them already and they are asleep. Renu takes her to Yogi’s room. Purvi complements the milkshake too. I am very happy to see that you have left your past behind and are starting afresh. Everything will be good from here on. Renu nods. Manas asks haathi to help him find the remote of his car. Purvi decides to find it for him but Renu goes with him instead. Purvi keeps the glass down. It was really tasty. She notices the other glass. I must keep them in kitchen. She feels dizzy suddenly and passes out on the bed. Sakshi and Renu peek at them from the window. Sakshi says it will be an unforgettable day tomorrow. Mukhi ji, Ma and Anjali will be shocked at the sight. No one in this haveli has witnessed anything like that before!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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