Molkki 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Anjali tells Yogi that a new school is going to be built in her village in her Baba’s name. the inauguration is tomorrow. Baba will be felicitated tomorrow in front of everyone. We should go there and be with my family in this situation. Yogi readily agrees. We can leave asap so we reach there on time. Anjali is hesitant because of Satyam’s condition. Satyam assures them that he will be fine. Please go ahead without any worry.

Yogi asks him to join them as it is his hometown as well but Satyam politely declines the offer. I will handle everything here. Yogi says it is good to know that you care about us so much. He leaves with Anjali. Satyam sits down and enjoys grapes. Be it only for 2 days, I finally got rid of them! I cannot stop thinking about my mistake every time I see Anjali. She is carrying my baby. He receives an email regarding confirmation of his admission in Canada and is thrilled. I will enjoy to the fullest once I arrange the rest of the money. I am coming!

Montu (the surgeon) scolds his nurse for leaving a particular file outside. I will be in trouble if anyone finds out that we made a mask of the opposition leader for him! Understand it that you get paid hefty sum to be alert. I have told you this before too that our work is like a secret mission. No one should be made aware of it. She apologizes to him. I will be careful in future. He tells her that to burn that file.

Details of clients are saved in a folder names faces on desktop. She nods and leaves. He tells the ward boy (Virender) to clean up quickly. He receives a call and runs off in a hurry after telling Virender to finish his work quickly. Virender realizes that he was right that Ma and Satyam got the mask from here. How can I prove it without any proof?

Satyam is drinking at home. I am proud of myself for getting admission in Canada on my own. I will stop drinking this once I reach Canada. It will be just wine. He tries to reach for the bottle but it shifts. He jokes that maybe the bottle has feet. Will you fly now? The bottle shifts further when he tries to pick it. He panics. You are back! Have you come to seek revenge? What should I do? I have apologized already. I was even trying to commit suicide but your brother saved me. Why are you after my life? Stop it! Do you want to kill me? Purvi looks on.

Satyam asks the spirit what he should do. I will do what will give you peace. There must be a solution! I will go upstairs on terrace and jump. Forgive me. I admit my mistake. Satyam ends up near a pillar. Purvi is hiding behind it too. She notices that her face can be clearly seen in the mirror and covers her face with her hair. She faces Satyam thus. He backs off as he panics, hits his head on the table and passes out. Purvi decides to come later as he has passed out now.

Montu comes back to his room and asks the ward boy what he is doing here. He realizes that it is Virender. Virender says I am the same Mukhiya whose mask you have given to Satyam. Do you know that he used it to kill my sister and blamed everything on me? It has happened because of you. I wouldn’t have been called a criminal by police and the people of Rewari if you hadn’t done it. Why did you do it? He slaps Montu. Montu admits that Prakashi had asked him to do it. He gets slapped again. Virender says people worship doctors after Gods as they can save someone’s life. I am giving you last chance. Admit everything in front of police right now. He takes him to police station.

Satyam asks Prakashi to give him 50 lacs so he can leave. She asks him why he is in a rush. Where do you want to go? Calm down. He tells her that his life is in danger. I am eager to save myself. Give me money so I can run. She will come here to kill me otherwise.

Prakashi says I don’t understand what you are saying. I will give you money. She makes him keep the trunk in front of her. He gets overjoyed. I knew that you will understand my problem. The box turns out to be empty. She reminds him of their deal. You must kill Molkki! The box is empty as I need her cut head in this box. I will pay you as soon as I get it. I don’t lie when it comes to work. Do as I say so I can give you that money. Satyam promises to bring it for her. He leaves.

Purvi is waiting for Satyam in the haveli. I must expose him today. Satyam enters just then. I can do anything for money. The work that MIL has given to me isn’t difficult. Lights start flickering just then. Satyam thinks that she is here. Purvi covers her face with the dupatta, uses her phone’s flashlight and approaches Satyam. She uses the app to play Renu’s voice. I was so happy with you but you pushed me off the terrace. You even blamed my brother for my death. Why did you do this to me?

Flashback shows Purvi deciding to use the app to fool Satyam by playing Renu’s voice and forcing Satyam to confess.

Satyam panics. Purvi asks him why he did this. What did I do to you? She keeps asking him why he has done this. Satyam admits everything. We would have been living happily if you had gone with the Sheikh. She asks him how she could go when she loved him. He retorts that he dint love her. I married you for money only. Why are you only after me? Trouble your Ma. She is responsible for it too. I did everything upon her askance. She only forced me to make Mukhi’s mask to trap him.

Purvi tells him not to blame her Ma falsely. She can never do such a thing. I am angry now. I wont spare you. Satyam insists that it isn’t a lie. Let me tell you everything honestly! It was Prakashi’s idea to stage the school incident. I used that mask on my own when I went on terrace when Renu got pushed from the terrace. I wanted him to be blamed. It is truth. I admit that I mocked your love and played with your emotions. You have a big heart. Please spare me. I made a mistake. She refuses. Epi ends on Satyam’s shocked face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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