Molkki 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender asks Purvi to speak up. What did Arjun say to you that you had to take such a big step? Arjun calls out to Purvi just then. Virender tells Purvi to listen to him. She says my husband is calling me and runs off.

Virender is sure Arjun is playing some game. I will not spare him once I find out what control he has over Bawri!

Arjun asks Purvi where she was. I have been calling you. She lies that she was speaking to Sakshi. He tells her that kids want to play games. They go to the game zone. Purvi wonders what she should do. It will be a problem if I tell Mukhi ji everything and he wont be able to do anything. I don’t know whether Radhika will come or not. Manas tells Arjun he wants the big teddy bear. Virender watches them from far. Arjun wins teddy bear for Manas. Juhi asks for a doll. He agrees. Purvi tells Arjun she is going to a shop to buy something. She goes to a shop and writes a note for Virender. She calls Manas to her and tells him to give the note to Babbar Sher. He readily agrees.

Purvi comes to meet Virender behind the market but finds Arjun standing there in Virender’s disguise. What are you doing here? He asks her who she came to meet here. Who were you going to tell about me then? She shakes her head. He asks her to speak up and twists her hand. Were you going to tell Mukhi? She denies but he twists her hand more. Why did you write this note for Mukhi then? Flashback shows Arjun watching Purvi give that note to Manas. He asks Purvi if she dint like any frame. She denies and goes to Juhi. Arjun stops Manas. Where are you going? Manas shares that haathi had given him this note to give to Baba. Arjun offers to give it to Virender instead and gives money to Manas. Don’t tell haathi that you have given it to me. Manas agrees. Flashback ends.

Arjun tells Purvi he saw her writing the note to Mukhi. You want to tell him my truth, right? She denies but he tells her that he has been keeping an eye on her all the time. Forget about telling Mukhi anything. Don’t forget that I have the sole custody of kids. I am letting you live with them but I will disappear with them if you try to double-cross me. I wont let you see or meet them ever again! She pushes him away. They are my kids! I wont spare you if you try to harm them in any way. He holds her by her throat and threatens to kill her. how dare you threaten me? he lets go of her and gives her last warning. Fix your appearance and just behave! He asks her to smile and extends his hand. Make this smile permanent as my kids are waiting for us outside. We have to show them around. Let’s go. He keeps his hand around her waist forcibly and takes her outside.

Arjun forces Purvi to eat golgappa. He wipes the remains off her lips and holds her close. Behave a little like newly married couples. Purvi notices Virender watching them in the mirror. I know what you must be going through right now. Arjun is very dangerous. I will get out of this trouble asap. Sakshi comes to check on Virender and notices him looking at Purvi and Arjun. She notices Arjun’s arm around Purvi’s waist and goes quiet. Purvi offers to feed Manas and Juhi. Manas says I am big boy now. I can eat on my own. She tells him that she will always be little gainda for her.

Sakshi tells Virender she can understand how helpless and bad he must be feeling. Kids are in front of us yet we cannot meet them. Virender tells her it is about sometime only. She asks him what he is going to do. Virender says law can do anything but this father will take his kids with him today. Sakshi insists that law wont let him do it. Where will you take them? Virender says there are many places in India and outside. No one will be able to find them once I leave Rewari.

Arjun takes the kids back to play games. A shop owner greets Purvi as Mukhiyayin. Purvi tells the kids they wont play this game but they tell her that Baba used to let them play always. They request Purvi and Arjun. Arjun makes 2 teams. Kids will be in one team and we will be in the second team. Kids jump excitedly. Shopkeeper gives guns to the kids and Purvi. Arjun holds Purvi and tells her to aim. Virender is watching them intently. Purvi heads to the bangle shop. Arjun goes after her and tells the shopkeeper to take care of the kids. He agrees.

Virender asks the kids to come with him. They tell him that they missed him a lot and ask him to bring haathi too. He agrees to call her there directly. Inspector stops Virender from taking the kids. I am going to arrest you for this crime. Virender says they are my kids. It is not a crime to take my own kids with me. Arjun reasons that it is a crime. Virender tells the kids to play game on mobile. Arjun says they might be your kids but I have their sole custody. You cannot even touch them without asking me or Purvi. Virender tries to hit him but Inspector and Sakshi stop him. Sakshi tells him it is useless to even speak to Arjun. Arjun says it is foolishness to trust you. You (Virender) tried to kidnap my kids and tried to hurt me in front of police. It seems like you are missing jail food a lot! Sakshi tells him to stop his nonsense. Don’t you dare to falsely blame him! You cheated us and snatched our kids from us! You are a cheater and a cheap guy. Arjun tells her to shut up. Don’t talk to me in this voice. I have already told you I don’t like you so just stay out of it! Virender asks Purvi to speak up. Say that he made those papers stealthily and got custody of my kids! Arjun reminds him that she is Purvi Bajwa now. Purvi will indeed tell you the truth. He tells Purvi tell the truth to Inspector.

Arjun keeps his hand around Purvi’s waist and asks her to speak up. I am right here so don’t be afraid. Purvi supports Arjun. Mukhi ji gave custody of kids to me. he was taking them without informing us so it is no less than kidnapping. Virender asks her what she is saying. Arjun repeats it for him and Inspector decides to arrest him but Arjun tells him to spare Virender this time. I am sure now he knows that these are our kids, not his. We should give him last and final warning and let him go. Inspector asks him if he is sure. Arjun nods. Inspector tells Virender not to take law in his hands again. Police leaves.

Purvi takes the kids outside. They excitedly tell her that Baba is going to take them to a new place. She tells him that they are going back inside. They go with her. Virender tells Arjun he will beat him badly the day he gets a chance. Arjun goes back inside.

Sakshi suggests going home but Virender asks her how that will help. I will be haunted by their memories again. I will stay here till the time they are here. He goes inside too. Sakshi looks on unhappily.

Arjun asks kids to play again but Purvi suggests praying to Mata Rani first. All 4 of them head to temple. Purvi prays to Mata Rani to help her gather proof against Arjun. She receives a text from Radhika just then and thanks Mata Rani. She tells Arjun that she is going to bring Prasad for Mata Rani. He asks her if that’s her only intent. She tells him to come with her if he doubts her. he tells her that he was just joking. She goes inside.

Purvi thanks Radhika for coming here to meet her. radhika says I dint want to come but I thought it was better to come over to save someone else. Purvi asks her why Arjun’s license was cancelled. Radhika shares that she was raped years ago. Arjun promised to help me but hid all the proofs and evidences. He did everything to stop me but I wanted to teach him a lesson. I gathered evidences against him and even agreed to accept the bribe he was ready to give me. I exposed him when he came to give me money. That’s when his practising license was cancelled.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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