Molkki 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi is patting Manas’s head. Mukhi ji isn’t back yet. It is so late! I have to get up at 4 am for puja as well. Sakshi ji is also in his room today. Is she up to something again? She turns and notices Virender behind her. When did you come? He says I never left you. Manas asks Purvi who she is talking to. You tell me to sleep at 10 but how will I sleep if you keep talking. Purvi tells him that it his Baba who is talking non-stop. Manas looks around. Where is he? There is no one here.

Purvi looks back and is taken aback. She puts Manas to sleep. What’s happening, Kanha ji? I spoke to Mukhi ji in my dreams. I think I have lost my mind. Virender pats at her head. Don’t you dare call my Bawri mad! She says I said that already. Plus, you are in my thoughts. You aren’t here for real. I think Sakshi ji is going to do something again. Virender says you have become Karamchand Jasoos. You should give some rest to your mind or you will end up as that mad woman at the intersection. She tries to reason but he tells her to sleep. It is 10 already! He pats at her head sweetly.

Anjali is making preps for the puja. Yogi asks her what she is doing. She tells him about Ma Prachandini’s puja. I have to keep fast tomorrow. He says you fast every year. Why are you making so much preps today? Anjali nods. I only kept it for the sake of it in the past but I really want to give it my 100% this time which is why I have made all the preps myself. You have accepted me and my baby. It is a huge favour which I cannot forget! Yogi tells her that she may not know it but he is very happy with her. She points out that Purvi made this possible. I was so wrong. I used to think ill of her, taunt her upon Ma’s askance and I used to get her punished. She ended up changing my life! She is a gem. I really pray that she should stay happy with Jeth ji. Hope no evil eye, especially Ma and Sakshi’s, fall on her. Yogi assures her that everything will happen as per her wish. She hugs him.

It is morning. Purvi thinks to get Goyal’s number from Sakshi as Virender isn’t home yet. She enters in Sakshi’s room and drops the puja thaal in shock. Virender and Sakshi wake up. He is stunned to see Purvi standing in front of them. He asks Sakshi what she is doing here. Sakshi replies that they are back together. Virender gets up immediately. I don’t know how I ended up here. Purvi is in tears. Virender tells her to listen to him. I really don’t know how I ended up in this room! I don’t remember anything. Purvi says I can see it very well what you two were doing here. Why did you do this to me? he tells her she is mistaken. She shakes her head. It isn’t a misunderstanding! I stayed awake the entire night thinking that you must be in the mill but I dint know that you were here! I am indeed a fool. Sakshi smiles.

Purvi says I am a fool to dress up like this and to keep fast for you. I just realized that you gave that right to someone else last night. Virender asks her what she is saying. Purvi says you have blamed me incorrectly in the past. How could that just Virender cheat his Bawri like this? You should have told me if this is what you wanted. I would have left your life long ago. I dint have to see any of this. I never had a problem with Sakshi’s presence in this haveli till date. I thought that your character isn’t weak and you will never cheat your Bawri! I was wrong though. I let her stay here as she is Juhi and Manas’s mother. I dint allow her to stay here so you could do this with her behind my back! You have crossed the limit and proved to me today that you don’t deserve my love. I wont do puja or keep fast for you! Our relation is over today!

Virender tells Purvi she knows how much he loves her. It is her doing! I have been having weird illusions since I drank water last night. I saw Ma, Manas and even you! He holds Sakshi by her throat. What did you mix in that water? I will kill you if you don’t say anything now! Sakshi admits that she mixed something in his glass. It is all because of you! You couldn’t understand my love in your senses. I have gained you again by doing this. I love you a lot! I am crazy for you! Virender tells her to be quiet. She tells him to remember her touch and the moments that they spent together last night. We were very happy. He warns her to be quiet and raises his hand mid-air. She tells him to kill her. I cannot live without you. I love you a lot. I can go to any extent to gain you! Virender says that’s what you did. You stooped so low last night! Sakshi agrees. She tells Purvi she will pay her any amount of money. I will give you more than what Virender had given to your Baba for your Molkki. Just leave my Mukhi ji! Virender slaps her. quiet!

Virender holds Purvi but she tells him not to touch her. You touched her with those hands. Don’t touch me! Virender insists that it was unintentional. Purvi says even I dint do many things in the past intentionally. You still punished me. I dint go to Yogi Bhaiya’s room but you said so many mean things to me. you asked me how I couldn’t realize that something was mixed in my milkshake. I ask you the same question today. I was inebriated yet I dint cross my limits but you did! This is an unforgivable crime! Virender insists that he has no idea how he ended here. Purvi tells him to stop this drama. Our story ends here.

Virender tells her not to say so. I cannot stay without you. She tells him that she cannot live with him as he has broken her trust completely. You have shown me my actual place today! A Molkki is Molkki after all. She can be bought, used and thrown away! How would I know what a wife is as I have not been given that respect till date! I don’t want to live this life anymore. I will return the money with interest to you! You can buy a person but not their love with money! Sakshi smiles. Purvi throws her mangalsutra on the floor and wipes her vermilion shocking Virender. She runs out. Sakshi stops Virender. Let her go. We will stay together now. He shrugs her hand away and goes after Purvi. Sakshi picks up Purvi’s mangalsutra.

Purvi’s dupatta catches fire but she continues running. Virender shouts after her but in vain. He catches up and douses the fire. She throws it away. She turns and ends up colliding with the chandelier. She runs over the glass shards. Her feet are hurt but she runs out of the house. Virender is chasing her.

Anjali asks the maid if everything is fine. What was that noise? Sakshi comes there with puja thaal just then. Come out, Renu. It is time for puja. Renu asks Sakshi what happened. Sakshi tells her that she made it happen. I told you that Purvi wont join us for the puja. She isn’t here! She has left. Nothing can go wrong in our life now as she isn’t here anymore. Mukhi ji is only mine now. I will do this puja. Renu nods. Anjali and Yogi are taken aback. Sakshi looks at the door. Renu and Satyam do puja followed by Anjali and Yogi. Renu tells Sakshi this puja is complete when husband and wife do it together. Bhai ji isn’t here. Sakshi is sure Mukhi ji will come.

Virender is looking for Purvi and keeps shouting Bawri. Purvi is hiding in a corner. She can hear him but does not say anything.

Precap: Sakshi asks Virender to come. Virender throws the puja thaal away. Why did you come back in my life? Get out of this haveli and my life for forever! He pushes her out. Virender reports to Inspector that he cannot find his kids. Juhi and Manas pray to Kanha ji to make them meet their haathi. A van is headed in their direction.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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