Molkki 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update

Radhika says I exposed him when he came to give me money. That’s when his practising license was cancelled. Purvi tells her she feels bad for her. I haven’t met a cheap person like Arjun till date. His license was cancelled yet he dint let me find out anything. Radhika says I don’t know whether you know it not but it is a criminal offence to fight a case once that happens. Purvi thanks her for help. Can you give me all the evidence to prove that Arjun is a culprit? Radhika agrees and asks for 2 days. Purvi agrees. Radhika tells her to take care. I will send you everything soon. Purvi tells her to take care too. She thanks Mata Rani for giving me this opportunity. I will be able to save myself, Manas and Juhi now. She calls Sakshi and tells her everything. Sakshi asks her if she is sure about it. When can we present them in court? Purvi says I will get them in 2 days. I will send him to jail then. Sakshi thanks Mata Rani for all the help. Arjun and your problems will go away from your life after 2 days! Purvi tells her to hide it from Virender for now. I will tell him everything with evidence. Sakshi agrees.

Arjun tries to distract the kids but they insist upon going with Virender. Purvi joins them. Arjun tells her that he and the kids are tired. They head home.

Purvi sits on the bed holding a knife. Her eyes are pinned on the door. She keeps hearing the sound of footsteps outside her door and remains anxious. She falls asleep eventually.

Sakshi covers Virender with a duvet and sits next to him while he is sleeping. She keeps her hand over his. He seems restless. She rests her head on the bed and falls asleep. Next morning, Virender wakes up and is shocked to see Sakshi sleeping beside him. What are you doing here? She says you seemed restless in your sleep last night so I held your hand. You slept peacefully then so I sat next to you. I fell asleep too. I am sorry. Virender tells her it is okay and gets up.

Purvi wakes up with a start. It is good that he stays away from me at home. She goes to wake up the kids but the room is empty. She starts looking for them. Where could they be at this hour? She asks Sahil who shares that kids and Arjun are not at home. Purvi thinks of Arjun’s threat. It cannot be! She reaches haveli and cries hugging Sakshi. Sakshi asks her what happened. Purvi tells her that Arjun took Juhi and Manas somewhere. I cannot find them. Virender asks her what she means. She tells him that she cannot find them. He asks her what she was doing. Why dint you stop him? You ruined my life by bringing Arjun in my life and now my kids are missing! You are to be blamed for all of it! She blames him for everything instead. I did it for you after all. She tells him everything. I find out his truth just now. His license was cancelled 10 years ago. I did everything unintentionally. I did it to bring you home safely. Sakshi seconds her. we had no other option to save you which is why this happened. He tells both of them be quiet. You risked the lives of my kids to save me. I would have died happily if I knew about it earlier. I don’t know where he would have taken them. I cannot do anything to Arjun even after being the Mukhiya. I was a fool to trust Purvi and give you the responsibility of kids. I forgot that you are their stepmother. A stepmother always behaves like a stepmother! It would have been better if I had given their custody to Sakshi. kids would have been safe atleast. Sakshi tells him to stop. What are you saying? Did you forget what all Purvi has done for our kids? You have no right to save this to her! no one can do this for you. Purvi says Mukhi ji is right. I am at fault here. I will find them at any cost. Virender stops her. they are not just your kids but mine too. I will come with you. Sakshi offers to come along. Purvi suggests filing a complaint against Arjun first.

Virender, Sakshi and Purvi reach police station. Purvi receives Arjun’s call just when she is about to go inside. He tells her to listen to him before going inside. She asks him how he knows where they are. Where are you? Arjun says I know you met Radhika yesterday. are you not worried about the kids? Are you not worried what I can do to them? She requests him not to harm the kids in any way. I will do as you say. He shares that he was one of the top lawyers in Delhi. I was super rich but then I lost my money and license because of Radhika. I am doing this for money. Get me 5 crores if you want to see the kids. Don’t waste your time in police station. Forget about the kids if you try to double-cross me! he ends the call. Purvi decides to stop Virender from telling the truth before Arjun can harm the kids in any way.

Virender tells Inspector that his kids are missing. Inspector asks him if he doubts someone. Virender is about to reply when Purvi interrupts him. Kids are fine. He asks her if she is sure. She nods. I panicked when I dint find them at home earlier but they are at home only. Please forgive me. Virender shakes his head. He apologizes to Inspector for the misunderstanding. They leave.

Virender, Sakshi and Purvi come to haveli. They start calling for the kids when Purvi tells him that they are not at home. I lied to you because of Arjun. He asks her what game she is playing. She denies. Listen to me calmly. She tells him everything. Virender refuses to give him anything. Call him and tell him to bring the kids asap. Sakshi says I don’t think he will come. She asks Purvi if Arjun told her where he wants the money and when. Purvi says no. He only asked for money in return of keeping the kids safe. Sakshi says we cannot trust him. He can do anything to the kids even after taking money. We should take help from police. Purvi tells them against it. I have an app to track Arjun’s location. He asks her if she knows how to use it. Purvi shares that she learnt to use it in Delhi. She opens the app and tracks down Arjun’s location. He is nearby. Virender says I will kill him once I find him.

Virender, Sakshi and Purvi reach a hotel room but the door is locked from inside. They break open the door but the room is empty. Virender asks Purvi if she is sure they were here. Sakshi nods and shows the ball to them. This belongs to Juhi and Manas. Virender says it means he left with the kids. He fined out that we are coming here. Arjun calls Purvi again. Purvi puts it on speaker. Arjun says I had warned you not to trick me but you dint listen to me. I left with the kids before you could track us. I am smarter than you. You cannot defeat me. Purvi asks about the kids. Are they fine? Don’t do anything to them. Arjun says they were right there. Did you not find them? Purvi denies. He tells her that he was kidding. Don’t try to outsmart me again or the kids will die. Purvi agrees. Tell me where to bring 5 crores. He increase is to 10 crores for trying to trick him. Kids will die if you act smart again! He ends the call.

Virender blames Purvi yet again. Their life is in risk because of you. I wont spare you if anything happens to them! Sakshi reasons that the kids belong to Purvi just as much as they belong to them. She can even die for them. Virender says I wouldn’t even look at her face if my kids were here. Sakshi reasons that they must focus on finding the kids first. Purvi wonders how Arjun is able to find out about their every move. There is someone who is helping him. Who could it be?

Sakshi comes to a secluded place to meet Arjun. He tells her that she has come at the right time. Sakshi smirks. Our time and plan are on the right track. Well done. You are doing great. They shake hands.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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