Molkki 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi serves Renu her favourite breakfast. Renu becomes emotional. Purvi sends the kids to their room to watch some TV. I will help Bua with breakfast. They leave. Purvi asks Renu why she is crying. Is everything alright? Renu hugs her. Yes, I am fine. I am getting so much love and respect after so many years so I was overwhelmed. It has become possible only because of you. I wouldn’t have been able to meet my family or brother if it wasn’t for you. Purvi tells her not to say so. Prakashi blames her for making a wrong choice. Anjali seconds her. Any other woman in your place would have killed herself! Purvi asks her why she is not killing herself then. Didi was helpless while your actions were intentional. You have done enough drama already. Purvi tells Renu to calm down. Learn to ignore such remarks. She says an idiom – dogs bark when an elephant walks. Anjali gapes at her whereas Virender praises Purvi. You hit a score there! Anjali walks away in a huff. Sakshi looks on quietly.

Purvi tells Virender to change. He asks her if there is something special today. She nods. Renu Didi is here so I thought we should celebrate Bhaidooj again. Is it fine with you? He nods. All the problems have gone away from my life as you are with me. I will celebrate Bhaidooj with my sister after so many years because of you. You do so much for me. He hugs her sweetly. Purvi reasons that Renu Di is her SIL. All that belongs to you is mine as well. Get ready now as Didi must be waiting. He takes the kurta from her. She asks him if they should inform police about what happened last night. He denies. I am sure the goons were hired by someone from our family only. She asks him if he doubts Sakshi or Ma. He nods. It is either of them. We will find that out. He goes to change.

Virender gives a gift to Renu as they celebrate Bhaidooj. Renu hugs her brother. This is very precious to me. Juhi tells Manas she will do his teeka too. He nods. Your gift is ready. They celebrate Bhaidooj as well and hug.

Purvi asks Virender to come with her for shopping. We have to buy clothes for Renu Didi. Kids come running there just then. Purvi tells them to take care of their Bua. We will be back soon. They promise her.

Virender and Purvi are in the market. Purvi says I could have bargained and saved few more rupees. Virender asks her if she will build a haveli for herself with that money. She denies. Tau ji says that every penny counts. He says it is your Tau ji’s words. Someone collides with Virender and apologizes. Virender turns and says it is ok. He notices the mark on the guy’s face.

Juhi and Manas are showing Virender and Purvi’s wedding pictures to Renu. Renu notices a guy in the photo and is shocked.

The guy (goon) tells Sakshi on the phone that Virender has seen him. Virender pushes him just then. The guy starts running. Virender and Purvi follow him. The guy falls down while running after colliding with a cyclist. Virender throws a stick at him as he tries to run. You cannot run anymore! How dare you kidnap my sister? He holds him angrily by his collar and drags him along.

Renu asks the kids about the man. Juhi shares that he is haathi’s Baba and their Nanu. Renu gives the album to them worriedly. He is Purvi’s Baba? He is the one who had left me there!

Virender pushes the guy on the floor as he enters haveli. He calls Renu downstairs and slaps the goon. Prakashi and Anjali come there as well. Virender questions the goon and hits him. Sakshi comes there too. Virender threatens to hit him but the goon shares that they will kill him if he takes their name. Virender says I will kill you right away if you don’t. He starts beating him. Who ordered you to kidnap my sister? I will kill you if you wont speak up! A guy is standing in the corridor. His rifle is aimed at the goon. He shoots the goon before he can tell anyone anything. Purvi looks up in shock. Virender sends the guards after the guy. Purvi wonders how it could be.

Virender looks at Sakshi. She says you are looking at me as if I did something. Why would I get him killed when I don’t even know him? Virender looks at Prakashi who tells him they don’t have the means to hire someone. It must be Renu’s Mausi. We have nothing to do with it. Renu is shaken. Purvi tries to comfort her but Renu murmurs that she does not want to go back there. Virender and Purvi take her inside. Sakshi looks at the dead body.

Purvi tells Renu they are with her. Virender tells Renu his guards will watch her day and night. No one can take you anywhere or enter in your room without your permission. Entire haveli has guards at every corner. Purvi helps her lie down. You should rest. Nothing will happen to you. I will stay with you to keep you safe. Sakshi overhears Virender orders his guards to take very good care of Renu. She shouldn’t be harmed in any way. They nod.

Prakashi praises Sakshi. you have learnt to play a good game in very less time. This was your doing, right? Sakshi replies that he had become a danger for her.

Flashback shows the goon telling Sakshi on phone that Virender had caught a glimpse of him last night. He collides with Virender on his way and starts running. Sakshi tells him to run before getting caught. She next calls someone and orders him to kill the goon before he utters anything. Flashback ends.

Sakshi says that’s why I had to get him killed. Prakashi laughs. Your game is ruined though. Sakshi says my game cannot be ruined. I will play a bigger game with Purvi now. Prakashi is curious but Sakhsi suggests her to wait.

Juhi, Manas and Renu are playing quiz game. Renu gets tensed when Purvi comes there. She gets worried after recalling that the old guy in the wedding album is Purvi’s father. She replies half-heartedly to Purvi’s questions but is good with Juhi which puzzles Purvi. What did I do wrong?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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