Molkki 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

Inspector asks the landlady if no one is here. She nods. He is leaving when he hears someone snoring inside. Landlady wonders who is snoring inside when her husband isn’t at home.

Juhi has put the snoring recording on haathi’s phone to avoid being caught. Landlady tries to stop him but he goes inside. You said no one is inside then who is it. She replies that it is her husband. He points at the long hair. She starts acting. This is such a pain for me. He never got a haircut. People mistake him to be a woman from behind because of his long hair. Kids are having a hard time controlling themselves from laughing. The lady says I feel so embarrassed. Why did God give me a husband who has longer hair than me? What should I do? Inspector gives her his kerchief and tells her not to cry. She closes the door as police leaves. Kids and landlady high-five afterwards. Kids are jumping on the bed excitedly. Manas slips and hurts himself on the head. Landlady says it is good that the wound isn’t big. You should get a tetanus shot though. He hugs her in fear. I don’t want injection.

Virender is at Purvi’s home. Her mother tells him that she isn’t here. I don’t know where she would be and I am worried. Purvi’s father walks in just then and is completely drunk. He tells Virender that Purvi was his responsibility. If you have come to take the money given for Molkki then I have no money. Virender asks him if he is still concerned about money. I haven’t seen a cheap person like you! Virender’s guard shares that a woman has taken 2 kids to doctor in a nearby village. No one has seen those kids before.

Purvi tells Juhi that Manas is very strong. He dint cry when he got hurt. Juhi mimics how Manas had cried when he had hurt himself on his head. They chase each other around the room. Purvi stops them. Chachi is here with tooty-fruity. I will make custard for you now. Don’t act naughty. They agree. Purvi opens the door and is shocked to see Virender. Why are you here now? He stops her from closing the door on his face. Give water to someone who has come so far. She gives him water. Virender asks the kids if they left to find haathi like him. Manas tells him that he isn’t like him. I am honest and cute like haathi. Juhi seconds him. We are not talking to you as you have hurt our haathi. Virender apologizes to haathi. Let’s go home now. No one moves an inch. Juhi and Manas continue looking at Purvi. Manas tells Virender sorry wont do anything. We have decided to stay here only. Virender helps him pronounce the word correctly. Juhi tells Virender that they have decided not to leave haathi. We will stay here only.

Anjali blames herself for leaving the kids alone. Don’t know where they would be and in what condition! She prays for their well-being. Yogi assures her that they will be fine. They are too smart. They could have easily fooled you. Bhaisahab is looking for them. They will be found. He goes to police station to find some information about them. She decides to light a diya in their name in the temple. It brings the person home quickly. Satyam hugs her from behind just then. Are you taking good care of my baby? She pushes his hands away but he pins her on the wall. She asks him how dare he call this baby his. You are nothing to him! I am the mother and Yogi is the father of this baby! I wont let your shadow fall on my baby. He laughs. We will be staying under the same roof now. I will come to meet you and my baby every now and then now. She tells him to stop his nonsense. Leave me. He tells her not to act. You know that your husband cannot give you what I can. Just let me do as I please. He tries to get close to her but she bites him on his hand and pushes him on the floor. Renu enters just when Anjali is getting out of the room.

Purvi gives custard to Manas and Juhi. She goes outside to speak to Virender next. He admits that he made a mistake. Please forgive me. You know that I was drugged at that time. I could see you everywhere. How will I live without you guys? How will I live alone? Please give me one last chance. I will win your trust again. This was unintentional. She looks at the pot and asks Manas to come out for a minute. He follows her. She asks him to shoot the pot with his catapult. He breaks it.

Renu twists Anjali’s hand. How dare you lure my husband? What were you doing with him? Anjali tells her she is mistaken. Satyam says it was my mistake to come here. I thought you will get the luxuries but things are going in a different direction. Your Bhabhi had first blamed me falsely first and she tried to come close to me today. I told her against it but then she bit me on my hand angrily. It is paining too much. Renu pushes Anjali away and tends to Satyam’s wound. Let Yogi Bhaiya come home. We will decide who will stay in this haveli now! Satyam goes with Renu.

Purvi asks Virender if he can see the broken pot. He asks her how it is related to his problem. She asks him to mend it again for her. He suggests buying a new pot instead. She tells him that that’s how trust is. It cannot be mended again. Get yourself another Bawri as I wont come with you again. He tells her to try once. She tells him it is no point discussing this. I wont come with you. He asks her how she will raise 2 kids by herself. She replies that she is sure she is capable enough to fend for all of them. I promise you that there wont come a day when I will have to ask you for money. Virender asks her to come with him. She refuses. He tells her to understand. How will all 3 of you stay in such a small house? He tells the kids that their toys are in haveli. Come with me. Purvi tells the kids it is she who is upset with Baba. You two should go to haveli with Baba as your things are there. I wont be able to give them to you. Manas tells Virender they don’t need toys. We only need our haathi. Juhi seconds him. They hug Purvi. Haathi is ours! Virender gives in. He tells Purvi to take care of herself and the kids. He looks away as his eyes well up. He leaves with a heavy heart. He thinks of all the past moments with Purvi and stops at a temple. I am sure that Bawri and I are meant to stay together for 7 births. She may be upset with me but I will do everything in my capacity to win her again. She must have felt so lonely when I had brought her home but she won everyone’s heart with her honesty. I am also feeling lonely today. I too must win her and my kids’ heart in a similar manner. Give me strength to make it happen. I want to bring them home again.

Purvi meets the Principal of a school for job. Principal says we have seen your demo lecture and lecture. You are also good with the kids. We will give you the job but the pay wont be as much as you got in the city. Purvi doesn’t mind. I have 2 kids too. Can I get them admitted here? Principal allows her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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