Molkki 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender tells Purvi he wont go anywhere till the time this matter is resolved. I will work from haveli. He notices her lost in thoughts and asks her about it. She tries to dismiss it but he can see that she is worried. What is it? She does not want to bother him but he insists. She shares that she feels as if Renu is upset iwht her for something. Virender finds it hard to believe. You have done so much for her. What could it be? Purvi is clueless herself. Maybe I said or did something wrong. She did not even speak nicely to me today. Virender says it might be because of what happened yesterday. I know how to fix her mood. Let’s throw a big party tomorrow on our anniversary. renu will be pleased to hear it.

Virender and Purvi tell Renu about the anniversary party. Renu is hesitant to be there but Virender wants to tell everyone about his sister. You must come. She nods uncomfortable. Kids jump excitedly. Virender tells Renu to buy beautiful clothes for the party. Purvi offers to take her. Renu does not want to go but Virender insists. She gives in. Virender and Purvi leave. Renu wonders how to tell Virender the truth. Purvi’s father is a cheater, sinner and greedy person which is why I have started to hate his daughter too! Bhai ji is doing so much for me so I wont let him find out anything at any cost.

Everyone is eating dinner. Virender announces about the anniversary party that he has kept tomorrow. I will take entire responsibility. I don’t want any drama if you all want to be there. Hope you would have understood my point. He leaves. Purvi follows him.

Next day, Virender and Purvi are dressed for the party. They complement each other. Virender gifts her necklace. Sakshi seethes in anger as she watches Virender help Purvi wear it. Purvi thanks Virender. I am sorry I forgot to bring gift for oyu. He tells her it isn’t a big deal. Your smile is my biggest gift. Get ready as the guests must be coming. She stops him. How can I forget your gift? She gifts him a pin for turban. She tries to put it but he is too tall for her. Please bend your help. He ends up lifting her in his arms. Sakshi fumes. Virender and Purvi share an eye lock. Purvi fixes the pin in his turban and smiles. Sakshi thinks that they can give each other as many gifts as they want. My gift will be the biggest one and it will be a blast!

Prakashi asks Sakshi about the blast she was referring to. We see nothing. Sakshi says let the mood set in. I will bring it then. Virender thanks the guests for coming. Today is a very special day for us. It is our anniversary and my sister is going to stay with us for forever now. Renu joins him. What’s the point of this? Virender says it is needed. He asks the villagers to welcome Renu. Purvi’s parents walk in just then. Purvi’s father says we are here as well. We just got a little late. Virender welcomes them. Kids are happy to see them whereas Renu steps back in shock. Sakshi is observing her keenly.

Renu shouts out of the blue and starts panicking. Get this man out of here! Purvi asks her what happened. Renu pushes her away. Stay away from me! Virender asks her what happened. Renu tells him to keep Purvi away from her. She breaks donw. I don’t want to go back. Virender asks her who it is. Renu points at Purvi’s father. Virender asks Renu what he has done. Renu shares that he is the one who had left her at the brothel. Everyone is shocked. Renu cries. He is the one who pushed me in that hell and I ended up becoming a pr*stitute! I saw his photo in your wedding album. I was worried that he would drag me back there. Please save me.

Purvi’s father tries to say something but Virender warns him to be quiet. Prakashi smiles at Sakshi. Virender tells his guards to lock Purvi’s father upstairs. He asks Virender to listen to him. I dint do anything. Virender does not pay heed to him. He comforts Renu. He made your life hell and it is my turn now! Just wait and watch.

Purvi brings water for Renu. I now understand why you were angry with me. it was because of my Baba. He has ruined your life like mine. Please forgive me. I know what happened to you cannot be forgiven but I don’t know why I got such a low Baba in this birth. I hate him just as much as you do. Renu asks her why. What has he done to you? Purvi shares that even she was sold like Renu. Renu is in shock. What are you saying? Purvi says I am not lying. Baba made me Mukhi ji’s Molkki for money. The guy who can sell his own daughter can sell others too. I was lucky to meet Mukhi ji or I would have ended in a similar situation. She folds her hands. Please forgive me. You had to go through so much because of my Baba. Renu tells her not to apologize. I was wrong to misunderstand you because of what your Baba has done. Purvi stops her. Virender looks on. I wont forgive Bawri’s Baba ever. I will make him pay for all the tears that my sister has shed!

Prakashi is impressed by Sakshi’s move. How did you do this? How did you call Molkki’s Baba? It was a blast! Sakshi says there will be after effects now. Purvi will be blown off soon! Prakashi says we want the same thing. How did you find out about this though? Sakshi says I heard Renu saying it.

Flashback shows Sakshi overhearing Renu realizing that it was Purvi’s Baba who had sold her at the brothel. She decides to make use of this information. Flashback ends.

Prakashi tells Sakshi that the move is good but you know how clever that Molkki is. She can even call police and send him to jail. I am just warning you. Sakshi is positive no one will be able to get out of her trap this time.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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