Molkki 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Prakashi calls someone and finds out that Purvi was saved again. Prakashi is irked. I should have understood that Satyam cannot do it. I will kill her from inside the jail now. My mind is very sharp. I will think about that plan later. I must take care of that Satyam first. She calls someone and orders to put bomb in the van in which Satyam is being taken. Every policeman who knows the truth along with Satyam should die! She ends the call. I wont spare you, Molkki. You have had your days. You will die soon. I will make sure you die a painful death. Enjoy as much as you want with your family now. You wont be able to save yourself now. She hides her phone as she heads footsteps approaching her ward. Inspector confirms with doc about Prakashi’s health. Doc gives a nod to shift her to jail now. Inspector orders the constable to make preps for the same. Prakashi tells Inspector to make the preps. You can keep me in jail if you want. Remember that it will only be her body. Her soul and mind cannot be held in jail. I can do anything that I want from wherever I am! There hasn’t been and wont be any obstacle in what I want. Take me if you want. I will still do what I want!

Virender gives a gift to Purvi. She asks him what it is for. Virender says you got me out of jail safely. I cannot believe that all my problems have ended. You have a big contribution in it. Promise me that you won’t ever say that you will leave me. She promises him. You are incomplete without me and vice versa. Why did you get me this though? He says you deserve my love and this is one way of showing my love. She looks at the necklace. It is very beautiful and looks expensive. You should have given me a small thing also. It would have been enough. He says I saw many necklaces but I thought that this will look best on you when I saw this one. Now I feel that this isn’t much in front of you. He helps her wear it. She smiles shyly as they look in the mirror. They hug.

Virender receives a call from Inspector just then. He is shocked to know that Satyam is no more. The car which he was in was blasted with a bomb. He tells Purvi about it. She wonders who would do this. Virender says I don’t know but he finally got what he deserved.

Satpal is happy to see the account. Mukhi ji will be pleased to see the balance. He dials Virender’s number when 2 goons storm inside. One aims the gun at him while the other dials Prakashi and gives phone to Satpal. She threatens him to do her work or her men wont spare him. She reminds him of the Power Of Attorney (POA) that Thakur Gajraj Singh had left in her name. Just hand over those papers to my goons. They will spare you then. Don’t act smart or they might end up shooting you. Satpal gives the papers to Prakashi’s goons. One goon confirms the receipt to Prakashi on phone. Satpal picks up his phone to alert Virender but gets shot instead.

Virender is shocked to find out that Satpal has been shot. Purvi asks him if someone is trying to get hold of his property somehow. Virender realizes that there is only one person who can do this – Thakur Gajraj Singh. He was after my land and home since long but he in America now. Who could this new enemy be? I don’t know what’s happening. Purvi is in thoughts.

Prakashi’s cellmates are massaging her hands and legs. She slaps one of them as the lady presses her wound by mistake. Constable gives the POA to Prakashi. Prakashi says seems like jail has suited me. I could finally achieve what I couldn’t achieve while I was outside. She signs the papers. I wanted everything under my name since years. It has come true now! I want to see Virender, Molkki and their 2 kids begging on the streets! That’s what will give me peace.

Purvi asks the kids if they have packed their toys. They affirm. Few men enter and start throwing stuff. Everyone is taken aback. Kids hug Purvi. Yogi tries to argue but they hold him. Everyone calls out to Virender for help. Virender hits the goons. One of them aim the gun at the men. Virender and Yogi are sent outside. Goons tell the Anjali and Purvi to pack their bags.

A guy is waiting outside by the jeep. Virender holds him by his neck angrily. Who are you and what are you doing here? The man says I am your old friend and old enemy, Thakur Gajraj Singh. He turns around. Virender asks him what has happened to his face (half of it is covered with a metal / mask). You ran away to America out of fear. How come you are back? Gajraj says I went there. I dint die that I couldn’t come back. Accidents happen with everyone. My face got burnt. It is your turn now. You and your family will be thrown out of haveli!

Virender asks him if he has lost his mind. Who can dare to do this to me? Goons throw the luggage outside as they bring Purvi, Anjali and the kids outside. Purvi asks the goons who can force them to leave their haveli. She asks Virender what is happening. Virender tells Gajraj to stop his drama. I will call police otherwise. Gajraj isn’t bothered. I will call police instead. Police enters just then. Gajraj asks Virender if he had too much fun while he was away. Gajraj asks Inspector to show the papers to Virender. Virender is stunned to see the POA. How could Ma sign them when she was in jail right now?


Update Credit to: Pooja

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