Molkki 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sakshi says as per the plan, kids will meet me before meeting Purvi. Mukhi ji will then believe that Purvi was lying. He will throw her out and I will get my family back. You will also get your money. Neither you nor Purvi will be seen here then. Arjun thanks her for remember her promise and deal. Sakshi says all is well that ends well. It is time to end the game. Collect money from construction site and leave. Both of us will now get what we want. All the best! Arjun says same to you and they shake hands.

Virender starts coughing. Purvi gives him water but he refuses to accept anything from her hand. Sakshi enters just then. She smiles seeing them thus. Virender tells Purvi she is free to leave once they find Juhi and Manas. Sakshi walks up to Purvi who asks her where she was. Sakshi lies that she went to temple to pray for the well-being of kids. Did Arjun call? Purvi denies. She receives Arjun’s call just then. Virender tells her to put it on speaker. Arjun asks her to meet him at construction site in an hour if she wants to see the kids alive. Don’t act smart. If you miss bringing 10 crores then Juhi and Manas’ story will be over! He ends the call. Manas and Juhi overhear everything and are shocked.

Virender says let’s go. Sakshi asks about the money. Virender asks servant to bring it. It is ready.

Juhi and Manas figure out that Arjun has kidnapped them. They think of running to haathi. Arjun realizes it is time to leave. He comes to their room. They were just about to step out. Juhi tells Manas that they should let Arjun find out that they know his truth. Let’s play along. They lie to Arjun that they were feeling suffocated so they thought to go out. Arjun says you could have told me. they nod. Juhi asks about Baba, haathi and Sakshi. arjun says we will call them there only.

Arjun brings Juhi and Manas to the construction site. He is happy thinking that he will be rich very soon. Juhi and Manas signal each other. Manas tells Arjun he wants to pee. Arjun tells him to control himself but Manas insists. Arjun sends him to a corner. Manas shouts that he is unable to open the zip. Arjun tells Juhi to stay put. He walks towards Manas. Juhi signals Manas that she will run now. He should follow suit. She starts running. Arjun tries to drop Juhi but in vain. He decides to hold onto Manas but Manas and Juhi hide in time. Manas and Juhi pray that Baba and haathi should come asap and save them.

Sakshi, Purvi and Virender reach the construction site. Virender fumes. Arjun is a monster. He brought the kids to a place like this! Sakshi tells him to do anything to Arjun once they find the kids. She is happy thinking that it will be good if Arjun dies. There will be no proof against me after Arjun dies. I wont be trapped ever! Purvi says we will send him to jail once we find the kids. Sakshi says we will take care of Arjun once we get the kids. Arjun overhears them. None of them should know that the kids are not with me. I have to especially pretend in front of Sakshi that the kids are with me. I will leave with money somehow and they can continue looking for the kids.

Virender asks Arjun about Juhi and Manas. Arjun asks for money. Virender wonders what he should do. Arjun demands to see money first. Sakshi tells Virender to give him money. Kids are more important. Virender extends the bag towards Arjun. Purvi calls out to Juhi and Manas. Juhi calls out to them. I am here. I am not with Arjun uncle. Sakshi and Purvi help Juhi come out safely. Juhi shares that they find out about Arjun which is why they hid separately. They ask Juhi about Manas. Arjun snatches the bag from Virender and starts running. Virender shoots after him but misses him.

The bullet hits a lone pillar. Sakshi holds Juhi close. Virender goes after Arjun. Manas jumps excitedly and asks haathi to come to him. The pillar next to Manas starts crumbling. Purvi runs to save Manas. Manas is unaware of it and shouts at haathi to come to him. Purvi stumbles in her step but notices the bricks falling. Virender hears the sound too and turns. Manas falls down as few bricks fall over his head. Purvi runs and covers Manas. The bricks fall over her. Virender, Juhi and Sakshi run towards them. The roof crumbles too. All 3 of them move the bricks away. Purvi and Manas are unconscious. Purvi wakes up after a few seconds but is in a bad condition. Virender takes Manas to the car while Sakshi and Juhi help Purvi.

Doc rushes Manas to OT as he has lost a lot of blood. Nurse takes Purvi with her to tend to her wounds. Virender, Sakshi and Juhi wait outside the OT. Purvi comes back. Juhi hugs her and cries. Are you alright? Purvi nods. They both sit down. Prakashi and Anjali come to hospital as well. Prakashi asks about Manas. Virender says he is in operation theatre. She cries. Why is God testing us? He is a small kid. She asks Purvi why she is crying. We are in problems since the time you have come to this haveli! You have been after all the men in our house. I thought we will get rid of you once you got married but everything has been going wrong because of you! Virender asks her if it is important to say all this here. Don’t you dare say anything to Bawri! She has only looked after the kids till date. She even risked her life today to save Mans. Don’t utter anything. Stand here quietly. Sakshi looks on in shock.

Doc shits Manas to ICU. He is out of danger for now but there is a major injury in his spine. We have treated him for now but he wont be able to live like before. Purvi says I was covering him well. How could it be? Doc agrees that she covered him in time which is why the injury is only limited to spine or the damage could have been more. He can be given medication and injection but that will make him weaker. Purvi asks him what they should do now. Doc says he needs a bone marrow transplant. They nod. He has 3 elder siblings. Doc reasons that the sibling should be younger than Manas.

Virender asks him how much time they have for it. Doc gives them a year’s time to get the transplant done. We can use his life if the umbilical cord’s stem was saved during his birth. Sakshi and Virender shake their head. Sakshi thinks that she was cursing Arjun till now but he ended up making her work easier instead. No one can stop me from being a part of Mukhi ji’s life again. She holds Virender’s hand. I can do anything to save Manas’s life. I will become a mother again if required. Our kid will save Manas then.

Virender and Purvi are stunned. Virender asks her what she is saying. Sakshi repeats her words. Virender asks her what she is saying. Sakshi says I am Manas’s mother. If none of our kids can save Manas then we must have another kid! Doc seconds Sakshi. Manas is fine for now but his condition will deteriorate over time. It is risky. You must decide quickly. Purvi walks away teary eyed. Virender follows her.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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