Molkki 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender asks Purvi what she is thinking. What happened? Purvi says I have to give breakfast to kids. Can I give it afterwards? Renu says anyone can give money to kids. You can give me money now. Virender offers to give it instead. He is shocked to see the safe open. Was there a theft? He summons the servants. Sakshi is standing at the door. Virender asks the servants and Purvi about the money. Why was it open? Sakshi pretends to be shocked. Someone stole from the haveli! Virender asks Purvi again. Sakshi says she would have said something if she knew anything. I will call police. Purvi tells her against it. I took out money from safe. Virender asks her why she needed it. Purvi lies that she helped Sudha. She needed money for NGO. Virender says there is nothing to worry. You did a good thing. She is helping NGO a lot. I will ask my assistant to bring more cash. He gives whatever is in the safe to Renu and tells her to manage for now. She nods. Renu and Sakshi leave.

Renu asks Sakshi what has happened to Bhai ji. You wanted to trap Purvi but Bhai ji ended up praising her on what she did. How did you know that the safe was empty? Sakshi smirks.

Flashback shows Sakshi noticing Purvi opening the safe late at night and shifting the cash in the bag. Why is she taking out money stealthily? It seems like she is hiding something. I must find out what it is. It is a good chance. I will use it for my benefit. She knocks at Renu’s door and tells her to ask for more money from Virender tomorrow. Renu is hesitant but Sakshi tells her not to use her brain. Do as I say if you want to take revenge from Purvi. Renu agrees. Flashback ends.

Sakshi is sure Purvi is hiding something. Why did she have to steal the money at night if she had to give it to Sudha? We must find out what she is up to. Renu nods. What should we do now? Sakshi says I will tell you what should do next.

Renu tells Virender she is curious to work in the NGO after hearing about it from Purvi Bhabhi. It will keep me distracted. He appreciates the thought and takes her to meet Sudha.

Virender introduces Renu to Sudha. Renu speaks of the donation made by Purvi. I want to do something as well. Sudha says it is a good thought but Purvi hasn’t made any such donation. Renu speaks of the donation that Purvi had told them about. Sudha says it must be about some other NGO. We haven’t met since some time. It cannot be true. Renu asks Virender why Purvi told them that. Virender says I don’t know that either. There must be a misunderstanding. You can work here. I will be back. Renu is pleased at the thought that Purvi has been exposed finally. Let’s see who will save her from Bhai ji now.

Virender is pacing in the haveli. Why did Bawri lie to me? She said that she donated the money to Sudha’s NGO but Sudha said it hasn’t happened. What has she done with the money? Sakshi and Renu are watching him from upstairs. Sakshi tells Renu she did good. Mukhi ji looks nice as he is angry with Purvi right now. Let’s see what happens when Purvi comes back. Purvi enters just then. Virender asks her where she was. She lies about going with Sudha for some NGO work. He tells her she is lying. You weren’t with her today and you dint even give her money yesterday. Purvi realizes that he has found out everything. I must handle the matter or his anger will be piqued. Virender asks her to speak up. Purvi repeats her words. Virender asks her why Sudha told him that it isn’t true. Sudha enters and tells Virender it is her fault. Purvi had told the accountant not to tell me about the donation. Virender asks her why. Sudha says she did not want me to find out that my friend has helped the NGO. I did not know about it when you had asked me but I find out from the accountant after you left. I had told her as a friend that NGO needs money. She had agreed then and there only but I did not want her to help me just because she is my friend. You can see the receipt if you want. Purvi tells her not to worry. Mukhi ji and my bond is not so weak that he will need proof. Virender tells her that none of this would have happened if she had told him the entire truth yesterday. Sakshi and Renu look upset. Virender praises Purvi on the donation. Purvi and Sudha look at each other.

Flashback shows Purvi meeting Sudha. Sudha tells Purvi about the donation. Purvi asks her for her help. I took out a big amount from the safe. I lied to Mukhi ji when he asked me about it. Sudha realizes that this is why he was asking her about money. I told him that I did not take anything from you. What will happen now? Purvi says I don’t think he will discuss this topic but you must lie as well. Sudha asks her if she is in some trouble. Purvi assures her about it. I will tell you the truth when it’s time. Sudha nods. Flashback ends.

Virender tells Purvi he made a mistake by doubting her. Purvi corrects him that he was keeping a record of it. He wasn’t wrong in doing it. He smiles. Sudha takes their leave. Purvi goes to see her off. She thanks Sudha for saving her. Sudha says I don’t know who you have given it to but is it the right thing. Purvi asks her if she trusts her. Sudha nods. Purvi tells her not to worry then. I will handle everything. I don’t understand Renu Di. I take so good care of her but she still seems upset with me over something. Sudha is confused. What could be the reason? Purvi shrugs. She asked for money from Mukhi ji yesterday and then again today. I saw that the bundles that she took yesterday were lying untouched in her drawer. I think what she did today was intentional. She wanted Mukhi ji to find out that the safe is empty. I think she wanted Mukhi ji to question me over it. Sudha says it might be true. What will you do now? Purvi wants to speak to her and clear the misunderstanding. Sudha tells her to be careful. She is Mukhi ji’s sister after all. Purvi nods. They hug and Sudha leaves.

Renu makes a face as Purvi enters in her room. Purvi asks her if she has some problem. Is someone bothering you? You can tell me if there is anything. Renu decides to make an excuse. Purvi should not know why I asked for money from Bhai ji twice. She lies to Purvi that she took money to buy an expensive gift for Virender. Do you doubt me? I took it from you to buy gift for Bhai ji. Purvi stops her and apologizes to her if she felt bad. I was worried that you might be in trouble or if you are hiding something. What you are thinking is good. There have been so many misunderstandings recently. I don’t want them to aggravate. She leaves. Renu locks the door from inside. Sakshi steps out of the bathroom and praises Renu. You have lied brilliantly. Purvi wont doubt you at all. Renu says it wont matter. Bhai ji still believes Purvi. He still thinks that everything is fine. Sakshi tells her that she has a solution for that.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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