Molkki 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender follows Purvi in the corridor at a distance. Sakshi’s words echo in her head. Virender is disturbed too. He says I don’t know how many tests should we give and what else should we through. Our problems are never ending. Don’t know what kind of a crossroad this is. On one side, there is you and on the other hand, it is my son. I don’t know who to approach for help and what to do. I am badly stuck! Sakshi apologizes to Purvi with folded hands. I am a mother after all. Nothing is more important for a mother than her kid! I beg you to save Manas. I know how difficult it is to give what I have been asking from you. It wouldn’t have been easy for me either if it was I in your place. Be it first wife, we are women as well as mothers. A woman can back down but a mother can sacrifice everything for her kid. Trust me that it will only be for Manas. I will leave with the kid as soon as Manas becomes fine. Purvi says sorry to Sakshi. It isn’t easy for me to say yes to you and it is impossible to say no. It feels as if my world has been snatched from me. I need some time to pull everything together. Sakshi says I understand but you know that Manas does not have much time. We have to come to decision today only. Think it through and take the right decision. Purvi nods. Anjali overhears last bit of their convo and is intrigued. Purvi walks away. Virender leaves as well. Anjali wonders what this is now. It is fun though. Who will Purvi choose now – Jeth ji or Manas? I must inform Ma.

Prakashi is thrilled to hear the news. You have made me happy. I will give you anything that you want. Anjali says I will ask you anyways. What will happen to Molkki now? Prakashi says she was so proud to be Choti Mukhiyayin. Now she will only end up raising Virender and Sakshi’s kid. Anjali shares that Virender is waiting for Molkki to say yes so he can have a kid with his first wife. Prakashi calls it a show. I know how he is. Molkki will end up saying yes only. You know how much she loves Juhi and Manas. She will even die for them. No one is asking for that sacrifice anyways. It is only about a night!

Doc tells Virender, Sakshi and Purvi that Manas is better than before. We will shift him to general ward now. He agrees to discharge Manas as Virender says that they can look after him at home. Doc advises them to make up their mind asap for Manas’s sake. Medicine can only give him temporary relief. Your right decision will save his life. Sakshi nods. Mukhi ji and I will do whatever we can to save Manas. Doc goes with Virender to complete the discharge formalities.

Virender puts Manas in his bed and kisses him on his forehead. He leaves. Sakshi goes to bring Manas’s medicine. Purvi sits next to Manas. She gets up when Manas holds her hand suddenly. Why are you crying? She lies that something went in her eye. Manas tells her not to lie. You are crying as I am going to die. Sakshi is watching them from the door. Purvi covers his mouth. Don’t say this. Your haathi wont let anything happen to you. You trust your haathi, right? He tells her that he does not want to leave her. Purvi says I wont let you go anywhere and I will help you heal asap. She helps him sleep and kisses him on his forehead.

Prakashi and Anjali come there as well. Prakashi calls Sakshi lucky. It is good to know that Molkki and Virender are in your hands right now. You can make them do anything right now. Molkki will send Virender to you willingly now. Your husband is going to be yours again. You have fixed everything. You will have your husband and you will save your kid this way. Anjali seconds her. She tells Sakshi that she has won lottery. Do you remember your first night? Sakshi slaps her. I will throw you out of the haveli if you talk like this again! You are a woman yet you are mocking a woman’s misery right now. Do you even know what Purvi and I are going through right now? How will you understand that pain as you are not a mother after all? You will never understand how helpless parents can be for their kids. Respect Purvi’s decision as a woman atleast. Even I wont be able to do what she can. If she says yes then she will have to give Mukhi ji to his first wife. She will lose Manas if she says no. Stop making fun of her. You will see the worst of me if you say anything against Purvi! Anjali is too stunned to say anything. Purvi looks towards the door.

Purvi thinks of her happy moments with Virender and of Manas’s situation. Virender sits next to her on the floor. He holds her hand. I know what you are going through right now. I came to tell you that I will support you in your decision. Whatever will happen between me and Sakshi will be to save Manas. I belong to you from my heart and soul. I will be yours only. I know you are very smart and that your decision will be right for Manas’s sake. I will accept everything. Don’t worry too much. She rests her head on Virender’s shoulder and holds his hand. I don’t know how I will get out of this problem but I know this much that you wont leave my hand or me ever. Sakshi looks on. We (Virender and Sakshi) very well know that Purvi will say yes at any cost. God has given me another chance to get you back. I wont lose this chance.

Sakshi looks at the decor in her room. She takes the glass of milk from the maid and sends the servants outside. She applies perfume and smiles at herself in the mirror. Sakshi gives the glass of milk to Virender. I came to call you. He reminds her that Bawri hasn’t said yes yet. Try to understand a little. Sakshi says we both know her answer. She will say yes to save Manas. She leaves. Virender refuses to do anything till the time Purvi says yes. I will tell this to Sakshi clearly.

Sakshi comes back to her room. Virender comes as well. He begins to tell her when she tells him not to say anything. She closes the door from inside and keeps her fingers on his lips when he tries to talk. She tries to open his kurta but he holds her hand. She says it isn’t wrong. He holds her hands. She says I agree that our bond is not like before but I am doing this only to save Manas. We have no other option. This isn’t wrong. Someone knocks incessantly at the door. Sakshi opens the door. Purvi looks at Virender, Sakshi and at the decorations. She steps inside in shock. Virender closes the button of his kurts. She walks up to him. You could have waited for my answer. Sakshi says we know your answer. You can still say yes for Mukhi ji’s sake. Purvi says my answer is yes but I will give birth to this kid. This kid will be yours and Mukhi ji’s only but I will give birth to this kid. Sakshi is shocked.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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