Molkki 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi says to Kanhaji when you know that I am upset with Mukhi ji then why did you send him? I also feel sad punishing him. Virender peeks in from a window and then enters the classroom, asking permission from her. He says, I forgot to bring my lunch box. She says, so what? He says, so I came to eat with you. You just said to the students if anyone forgot, then they can join you. He sadly turns back. She says, wait. He jumps and sits beside her. She says, but there is only one plate. They share the plate. He says, no matter how angry you are. You make delicious food. She says, I am not your Bawri, I am your teacher. He sees his phone and gets shocked seeing a message about large withdrawal from his account. She asks whether all okay. He says, you eat. I have to go.

Virender comes home, talking on the phone with someone asking how did money go out of his account. He had saved it for factory’s machine. The man says, I am shocked myself. I complained in police station. They said that the money was sent to someone’s account in Canada. Virender says, I don’t even know anyone in Canada. How did money go there? Satyam hears and gets worried. Anjali comes and says, I know. Virender asks where did money go? Who withdrew it? Anjali points her finger at Satyam. Virender and Renu get shocked. Anjali says, I saw Satyam coming out of your room quietly. What was the need to go to your room? Satyam says that Anjali is right. I am the culprit.

Renu asks what are you saying? Satyam acts that I made mistake of marrying a rich girl despite being from a poor family. I made a mistake by staying in this mansion for your happiness. Even if a spoon disappears, then I will be accused for it. Servants are trusted more in this house than me. That is why I am culprit. Virender says, it’s not like that. We trust you. She just said that because she saw you outside room. Renu says, no. Satyam is right. Since my marriage, she is accusing Satyam. If she has a problem, then we will go and live elsewhere. Anjali says, please don’t do that. I am not lying. If you leave from here, then Satyam will get a chance to escape and with him, money will be gone too. Renu says, enough. You keep accusing Satyam ji and when I am talking about leaving this house, you are saying that it’s my planning? Virender tells them to be quiet. He says no one will go.

Anjali warns that Satyam will eat all his money and property. She requests him to trust her. He says, trust you? You have broken my trust so many times. How can I trust you? Virender gets a call from the man. He says, someone attempted to log into his account earlier today and that too from his laptop. There were 4 failed attempts. Virender asks everyone, where is my laptop? Renu says that she put it in his cupboard.

Kids say yuck seeing Karela. Purvi says, you shouldn’t disrespect food like that. The lady says, even you said you don’t like Karela a few days ago, then why did you bring it? Purvi recalls Virender liking Karela. She avoids the question.

Virender checks his laptop and says that his account is locked for today for continuous failed login attempts. Satyam says, a servant can’t do this. One of us has done this. Renu says, now I understood who did this. It must be Anjali. She must have turned on the laptop and logged into the bank website. When she couldn’t log in, she thought to put all the blame on Satyam. Yogi defends Anjali. Virender says, if money didn’t go out from this laptop, then who withdrew the money? Yogi says we will find all this after the culprit is found and we must inform police. We will match fingerprints on the laptop with everyone’s fingerprints. Renu says, fine. Call police. Satyam thinks if I or Anjali didn’t do this, then who did it? Laptop has my fingerprints and I must do something before police come.

Purvi takes attendance. Virender is not there. She thinks something big must have happened at home which is why Mukhi ji didn’t come. He seemed tensed yesterday too when he left. He tells the students to take their homework out. In the meanwhile, she calls Anjali and asks whether everything is fine. Anjali wonders how did Purvi find out. She tells everything to Purvi. Purvi shares an idea to catch the culprit before police come. A man comes to Purvi saying that the school will be run by new owners and they need her signature on some papers. Purvi reads and it says that she must pay 10 lakh fine if she quits her job before 2 years. Purvi says, this is not fair. I won’t even earn that much in 2 years. The man says, there is no other option. She thinks if I quit, then how will I take care of kids and pay debt? She signs the papers.

Satyam is wondering how to get rid off his fingerprints from the laptop. He goes to Virender’s room and cleans the laptop by wearing gloves. He is relieved after succeeding in his plan. However, when he comes out, he sees everyone standing there. Virender shows him the CCTV video in which he is destroying fingerprints. He grabs his collar and drags him out.

Other side, Purvi hopes that her CCTV idea works. Mukhi ji was so tensed. I brought this Karela sabji for you and you didn’t come. I can’t even smell it, forget about eating. She stands up without eating. She goes to wash her hands and sees Sakshi’s image in a mirror. Sakshi says, what did you think that I will leave you that easily? No, Purvi. I will keep chasing you by becoming your shadow. Purvi thinks when will she stop thinking about Sakshi? Sakshi says, what happened? You got scared. You thought that you will snatch my Mukhi ji away from me? You will always remember how Mukhi ji was sleeping with me and you saw all this with your eyes. You turned out to be too weak. You left home in anger that day. Now what happened? Did your anger go away? Purvi says, no. I will never forget what Mukhi ji did with me. I will never forgive him.

Sakshi asks, then why Karela sabji? You brought his favorite sabji, you’re upset because he is upset. Soon you will forgive him. What will happen after that? Mukhi ji will keep taking advantage of your trust. Last time, you saw him with me. Tomorrow, you will see him with someone else. Mukhi ji will keep breaking your heart. Purvi throws an object and breaks the mirror. She says, I won’t forgive Mukhi ji after what he has done with me. I will never forget his mistake and never forgive him.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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