Molkki 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender drags Satyam to the hall. Satyam says listen to me. Renu asks, why did you break my trust? Anjali says, thanks to my friend. I put camera in the room. With fear of police, the culprit went to the room and got caught. Virender slaps Satyam. Renu requests Virender to stop. Virender takes out a gun and points it at Satyam’s head. He says, you tried to play with me. You brought tears in my sister’s eyes. I will kill you. Yogi tries to control Virender. Virender says his death is written in my hands.

Anjali and others also try to stop Virender. Virender receives a call from Satpal. Satpal informs him that someone withdrew 30 lakh rupees more just now. Virender is shocked and confused. He says how can that happen? Satyam is in front of me. Renu says, this means Satyam is innocent. He didn’t steal the money. Satyam tells Virender, I hope you now believe me. I didn’t withdraw the funds. Virender slaps him again saying you at least tried doing it. Is this why I paid for your education? Your intentions are only wrong. Virender tells Yogi to call police. Satyam thinks if police come, then my visa will get stuck. He begs to Virender to not call police and says, I did this for my treatment.

Renu asks treatment for what? Satyam says, I didn’t want to tell you this, but I have brain tumor. Treatment is available in Canada only. I needed to show money in my account for the visa. I thought to transfer back later, but everything went wrong. Renu asks, why did you hide this from me? You could have told me. I would have told Virender and he would have helped you. Satyam says, I made a mistake. But my intentions were not wrong. He tells Virender, I did this for my illness and for Renu. He cries and begs not to call police. Virender says, if you are saying the truth, then I will pay for your treatment. But if you are lying, then I won’t spare you. Virender tells Yogi if Satyam didn’t take money out, then who is it? He goes somewhere. Yogi follows. Satyam says sorry to Renu again and hugs her. He then smiles at Anjali.

Purvi is in market with kids. Kids say, Baba always give us gifts on New Year and now she shall buy them gifts. Purvi asks what do you want? Manas says that he wants a racing car. Juhi says that she wants video game. Purvi asks the shopkeeper for price and thinks how she can buy such expensive things. She needs to pay rent too. Purvi tells kids if they can look elsewhere. But they say they want those things only. Baba used to get us whatever we wanted. Why can’t you do the same? Purvi thinks that she should meet their demands if she took up their responsibility. She promises them that she will buy those for them. Kids get happy. She thinks it’s good that she signed the contract yesterday. If she wants to take care of kids, then there is no question of leaving the job. She thinks of taking extra classes too after talking to principal.

Renu hugs Virender and cries saying why she can never be happy. She got a new hope after Satyam came in her life, but now she is scared again. What will I do if anything happens to Satyam ji? Virender says, don’t cry. I promised you that I won’t let you cry. I won’t let anything happen to Satyam. We will take him to the best doctors. Virender gets a call from Satpal. Satpal asks him to turn on the news channel. The news channel says that some PDSS group/company has bought the primary school by paying double price. Virender thinks that’s the same amount as what was withdrawn from his account. He wonders what this PDSS group is and why they bought this school only in which his kids go, he goes, and where Purvi is teacher. He decides to find more information about this group.

Purvi is at home. Principal comes there. Purvi asks, you didn’t go home? You were still in the school. He says, he had meeting with the new management. He informs her that they fired him and there will be a new principal from tomorrow. Purvi gets worried for him. He says, don’t worry about me. I will get a new job elsewhere. But I am worried for you. I didn’t find those people good. They have no experience in managing a school. They paid double price.

Purvi asks who are they and why they paid extra? He says, I am confused too. But when I read the files, I found out that 2 years contract is only with you. No one else. I suspect they are plotting something against you. They are trying to make you a slave. I just came to warn you. She wonders about what principal said. Other side, Virender thinks if it’s the same people who stole his money and bought the school, then they can target his family. He thinks to tell Purvi to stay alert, but she won’t pick up his call. He calls her from a servant’s phone.

Purvi is making kids sleep and doesn’t see her phone. Manas presses the accept call button in his sleep. Virender starts talking, but gets no response. He thinks she picked up by mistake. He enjoys her lullaby and smiles. He thinks Bawri loves my kids so much. Even Sakshi couldn’t give them such love. Bawri is my family. I won’t tell her anything now else she won’t be able to sleep. I was going to school to win her, but now I will go to protect her. No matter what happens at home, I won’t skip the school.

Satpal comes to Virender and informs him about PDSS group’s website. You will be shocked after knowing the owner. Virender tells him to call the police and get that person locked up. Satpal tells him to look at his phone first. Virender says, what’s there to see? He checks Satpal’s phone and gets shocked seeing the owner. Satpal asks, do you still want to call police? Virender says, such a big betrayal. He is in dilemma now.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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