Molkki 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Puja starts. Pundit ji asks for ghee. Sakshi goes to bring it. Juhi and Manas want to help as well as this puja is for their haathi. They head to the kitchen as well. Virender and Purvi exchange a smile.

Sakshi pours ghee in a bowl. Juhi and Manas ask her to give it to them. She is worried that they might drop it but they insist. We want to help for puja. Prakashi and Anjali have come there too. Juhi takes the bowl from Sakshi. Kids leave.

Manas and Juhi argue over who will give ghee to pundit ji. They drop it on Purvi by mistake. She decides to change her clothes. Virender asks her who she is looking for. Purvi says Sakshi ji told me to keep it in my lap all the time. He makes her give it to him and heads to her room. Virender tells the kids to go and play.

Prakashi tells Sakshi she knows that she does not want to discuss this matter but I thought to poke you again and again. You are the elder DIL of this haveli. It hurts me a lot. She gives ash to Sakshi. it isn’t ordinary ash. Just add it in havan. You can do wonders with it. It will make Molkki’s body hollow. You will get Virender and kids and that Molkki will be out of your life! Sakshi says you are no less than poisonous snakes. Don’t you dare harm Purvi while she is trying to help me! There is a puja going on in the house right now or I would have given you a better reply. Leave! Prakashi and Anjali leave. Sakshi is sure that even they will believe it now that she is a big well-wisher of Purvi. they must be thinking that I kept this puja for Purvi’s sake but it isn’t true. I will enter in Mukhi ji’s life after this puja and Purvi will exit. Hope everything goes well, Lord.

Sakshi returns and finds the coconut in Virender’s hand. Where is Purvi? why are you holding it? I had told her not to give it to anyone till the time this puja is over. Virender says ghee dropped on her clothes so I took it from her. he gets a call and tells the person that he will call back. He catches hold of the coconut when it slips from his hand sending her in panic. He says you are afraid as if this is not a coconut but a bomb! I know it should not fall as it is for puja. I will give it to Purvi once she is back. She decides to bring Purvi. you can keep it back at where she was sitting earlier. He nods. It isn’t heavy. I will keep it. Sakshi decides to bring Purvi back before her plan is spoiled.

Manas and Juhi are bored. They go back to the puja.

Virender gets a call again. He thinks of Sakshi’s words and keeps the coconut in the puja thaal as he goes aside to attend it. Manas and Juhi come back but no one else is there. Juhi suggests playing a game with the coconut till the time haathi comes back. Pundit ji is busy with the preps. He does not notice the kids taking it.

Everyone comes back for the puja. Sakshi immediately asks about the coconut. He tells her that he had kept it in the tray. Where could it be? Sakshi gets tensed. Purvi will be saved again if it isn’t found in time. Purvi tells her not to panic. We can use another coconut. Sakshi retorts that she wants that particular coconut only. She composes herself. You wont understand. I want that coconut only. Virender asks her what happened. It seems as if you have lost one of your precious things. What’s so special about it? Sakshi replies that pundit ji has done puja when Purvi was holding it in her lap. It is for Purvi’s well being. He assures her that it will be here only. Don’t be mad. Kids come running there when they see haathi. Sakshi scolds them for taking the coconut. They apologize to her. Virender sends them outside to play. Everyone sits down for the puja.

Sakshi thinks it is about time. Purvi’s womb will be destroyed once this coconut blasts. Pundit ji tells Purvi the puja is complete. Let’s pray to Ganpati ji for everyone’s well being. They all stand for the puja. Sakshi wonders why the coconut did not blast yet. I have put the timer correctly. It should have blasted by now. She hears kids talking about the coconut and gets tensed.

Manas and Juhi are playing catch and throw with the decorated coconut. Sakshi takes it from them. How did you get it? Juhi says it was in the plate. We thought to play with it till the time haathi comes back. Manas wanted a coconut decorated in a similar way. I gave him a coconut decorated in the same way as the one used in puja.

Flashback shows Juhi and Manas looking at the coconut that they have decorated. It is decorated identically. They go to play catch and throw. Flashback ends.

Sakshi hears the bomb beeping and gets worried. Manas snatches it from her. I want to play with it. He runs around holding it but she snatches it out of his hand and throws it in the air. It blasts in air. She hugs them. They ask her why it blasted. Sakshi says it wasn’t coconut but a firework. I brought it here to check. Juhi asks her if such a coconut exists. She nods. Kids decide to tell haathi. Sakshi lies that she had brought it to check. We will give surprise to Baba and haathi on Diwali. Promise me. They promise her. She sends them inside to take Prasad. Sakshi is worries that her kids might have been hurt just now. Purvi’s luck is very strong. I am failing in all my attempts to get her out of here.

Purvi comes to her room and is surprised to see a rocking chair in the room. He asks her if she liked it and makes her sit on it. She tells him it is great. You are doing so much for me. he tells her it is nothing in comparison to what she is going to do for Manas. You are going to become a mother to save his life. I can do this much for you atleast. Just wait and watch how I will make the next 9 months memorable for you. She thanks him. Sakshi is jealous to see them thus. Don’t know what he will do once she is pregnant with the child if he is already showering her with so much love. I must do something to stop Purvi from becoming a mother.

Next morning, Sakshi feeds sweetened curd to Purvi just when Virender and Purvi are leaving. A lady comes running there and asks Virender to save her from her husband. He beats me every time he drinks. Virender says I will come with you later as I have to go somewhere right now. I will send a guard with you right now. She begs him to help her. Purvi tells him to go as it is his duty as a Mukhi. He does not want her to go alone. Sakshi offers to go with her instead. Virender goes with the lady. Sakshi goes to bring her phone.

Sakshi and Purvi are at a red light when a guy asks them to buy flowers. Sakshi asks her what she will do with it. Purvi says he is working hard instead of begging. This is fine. He runs to bring change for her. Sakshi tells Purvi to wait for the change but Purvi says we are going for such a good deed right now. Maybe his blessings will help us. Sakshi nods. It will be done perfectly and I will be the one who will give birth to this kid!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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