Molkki 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Guards stop Virender from entering the school saying PDSS group has bought the school and their order is to stop him from entering the school. Virender says, who are they to stop me? He asks the guards to call them. A man comes and says, you don’t know what’s going on inside. There’s going to be Purvi’s, your wife’s, class. A girl is taking Purvi to the new principal. Purvi asks why the principal called me. The girl says, come inside and you will find out everything. Purvi asks the girl who are you? She says, I am her personal secretary. They enter the principal’s office. The secretary gives a bucket to Purvi saying she has to clear the entire school because principal madam has fired the cleaner. Purvi says, I am teacher. I won’t do this. The secretary says, you will have to do it because you have signed the bond and if you quit your job within 2 years, then you have to pay 10 lakh fine. Purvi still refuses and tells the principal, I signed the bond that doesn’t mean I am your slave. I am here to do teacher’s job. I will quit the job, but won’t do the cleaning. The secretary asks, from where you will get the money? Purvi says, you don’t need to worry about that.

The principal passes a paper to the secretary. The secretary tells Purvi, here’s your resigning letter. Just remember, if you quit this job, then your kids will have to leave the school as well and principal madam won’t let them get admission in any other school. Purvi asks who is your madam and why does she hate me so much? The principal turns and her face is revealed. It’s Prakashi. Purvi gets shocked seeing her. She says, so you bought the school? Prakashi says, yes. This is my school. You kicked me out of the house, right? Now watch what I do with you. I don’t spare anyone. Purvi says, I haven’t seen any woman like you. How can you do this with your children? A mother protects her children, not take revenge. I won’t let you spoil these innocent kids’ lives. I will be their shield. Prakashi says, you lecture well, but I don’t have time today to hear it. Pick up this bucket and mop the floor. Purvi says, I won’t do it. A kid screams, save me. Prakashi says, don’t be too worried. The kid is just locked in a bathroom. A peon comes saying someone locked the door and took the key. Prakashi says she will handle the matter. After peon leaves, Prakashi says, I have the key. Poor kid is alone in bathroom. He will be scared, suffocate, and eventually die. Purvi says, what these kids have done that you are doing this with them. Prakashi says, they haven’t done anything. If you mop the floor, then I will get the kid out. His life is in your hands.

Virender warns the guards not to stop him, but they don’t let him enter. The guards challenge him. He walks back. The guards laugh. Virender takes out his gun and starts beating up the guards. One of the guards attacks on Virender’s head with a rod. He falls on the ground.

Manas and Juhi wait for Purvi in a classroom. Purvi is cleaning the floor. Prakashi rings the bell. All kids come out and see Purvi mopping the floor. Prakashi asks, why did you stop? Continue. Manas and Juhi say, Dadi, what are you doing here? Prakashi says, I am no one’s Dadi and this is not Haathi, it’s Purvi. This is my first day as principal and I want all kids to race today. Make a line. Whoever doesn’t listen to me will get punished. Kids run and floor gets dirty. Prakashi tells Purvi to mop the floor again.

Outside, the guards say what to do with Virender? We will have to show some mercy as he is madam’s son. One of the guards says, madam has said not to show any mercy. This is our chance to show our loyalty to madam. We will gift his dead body to her. They pick up a big rock and are about to throw on him when he imagines Purvi saying that she needs him. If he gives up, then what will happen with her? She knows that he won’t give up and asks him to stand up. The guards throw the rock, but Virender moves away.

Prakashi tells the kids that they will race again and makes them run. Juhi and Manas just stand there. Prakashi asks why they didn’t run? Manas says, we won’t run. We know you are doing this purposely to make the floor dirty and then make Purvi clean the floor again. Prakashi says, I am the principal. You will have to do what I say, else I will give such punishment that you never imagined. Juhi and Manas say they won’t run. Manas shows the cloth on which Purvi made sketch and says our Haathi loves us a lot and we love her a lot as well. Prakashi gets angry. She takes the cloth and says, Purvi will clean the floor with that cloth. Manas cries and tells Purvi not to do that. Prakashi grabs his hand and threatens her by showing the lock key. Manas bites Prakashi on her hand, takes the cloth and runs away. Prakashi tells the guards to catch him and bring him to her. Purvi begs Prakashi not to do anything to Manas.

A truck comes with kids’ lunch. The guards let it go inside. Virender gets underneath it and manages to enter the school. The guards wonder where he disappeared and starts searching for him.


Update Credit to: Simmy

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