Molkki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The guy notices Purvi’s car leaving and calls out after them but in vain. Sakshi and Purvi go inside the hospital. He notices them going inside. I must return the change to her at any cost. He goes inside as well.

Nurse tells Purvi to change. I will take you to OT then. Sakshi tells Purvi she will wait outside for her. Purvi closes the room and starts changing. A ward boy covers Purvi’s mouth. Petals of rose in her hair fall on the floor. He lets Sakshi come in. She tells him to hide her where no one can find her. he suggests a secluded place. She pays him and they hide Purvi in the corner. She tells him to make sure no one is able to find out about her. He assures her. Sakshi wears the gown. The baby will be planted in my womb now. She wears a mask. Now no one will know who is in OT. No one will be able to do anything to me once doctors do their work. Someone knocks at the door. It is the nurse. She asks Sakshi (thinking her to be Purvi) to come with her.

The guy approaches reception and enquires about 2 ladies who have come here. She tells him no one like that is here. He approaches the same ward boy. He lies that they have left. He even asks the guy to leave but he manages to get inside stealthily. He starts looking for Purvi. he comes to the same room where Purvi has been hidden. He finds Purvi’s dupatta there and recognizes it to be Purvi’s. He even finds flower petals there. It means Didi is around. He starts following the flower trail and finds Purvi lying unconscious in the corner. He shouts for help but no one hears him. He drags the stretcher outside.

Doc asks Sakshi if she is fine. Don’t worry. We will start in a few seconds. Sakshi nods.

Virender asks receptionist where Choti Mukhiyayin has been taken. Receptionist tells him. He decides to wait. The guy comes there with Purvi on stretcher and shouts for help. Virender questions the receptionist. Who is in OT if she is here? Another doc checks Purvi. They take Purvi inside to check her. Virender rushes to OT and tells doc to stop. It isn’t Choti Mukhiyayin but someone else. He is stunned to see Sakshi. what are you doing in Purvi’s place? Sakshi lies that Purvi is nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t make the doc wait so I thought to come here. I thought Purvi got afraid and left. How are you here? Virender says I helped that woman and got free on time so I came here directly.

Flashback shows Sakshi calling that woman when she was in car with Virender. She picks up the call and pretends to be speaking to her daughter. Sakshi tells her to make sure Virender is never able to find out why she has done this drama. Keep him there for as long as you can. He shouldn’t reach hospital until I am done. The lady agrees. Flashback ends.

Doc demands to know what’s going on. Nurse brings Purvi there on wheelchair. Sakshi is stunned. How did they find her? she asks Purvi what happened to her. Where were you? Purvi tells them everything. Sakshi wonders if Arjun is doing this. He can go to any extent to seek revenge. What if does something to Purvi? Manas and baby’s life will also be in danger then. Do you still think Purvi should be the surrogate mother? Virender tells her not to worry about Arjun. Neither Arjun nor anyone else can be around Bawri. I will protect her myself. Come out now. Sakshi complies.

Doc tells Virender and Sakshi that the procedure has been successful. Purvi will be pregnant soon. It will start showing in a month’s time. Virender asks her if Bawri is fine. Doc nods. You can complete the formalities and take her home. Sakshi refuses to give up. I have those 9 months too. I will separate Purvi and Mukhi ji during those 9 months. Virender, Sakshi and Purvi are leaving. Sakshi is furious with that woman. She couldn’t keep Mukhi ji there and he came here on time.

The guy approaches them again. Virender recognizes him to be the one who helped them but he denies. It is Didi who helped me and my family. Virender gives him something as prize but the guy requests him to give him work instead of prize if he can. I want to raise my family well. Virender tells him to deliver flowers in haveli from tomorrow. This is your job. I will do as much as I can. He thanks them and leaves. Purvi thanks Virender. You look way cuter when you do something like this. He replies that he will do something like this every day then. He opens the car door for her. sakshi thinks that this love will turn into hatred soon. I will not let you win at any cost!

Virender has written responsibilities of servants, Juhi and Manas towards haathi on a piece of paper and gives to them. He tells Sakshi to feed delicious food for haathi. She nods. Juhi asks him what he will do. Virender says I will make sure you all will do your work well. Juhi and Manas laughs. This is not realy a duty. You must really do something for haathi. He tickles her and they go out.

Manas takes fruits for haathi. Haathi asks Manas and Juhi to eat with them. They agree. Tell us more stories. Purvi agrees. Sakshi comes running and scolds Purvi. Pregnant women don’t eat papayas. How can you be so careless? Purvi tells her she did not know it. I wont do it again. Sakshi says I know you are going to be mother for the first time but you know how important this kid is for us and Manas. You should have studied well before making this decision. You can have miscarriage if you eat papaya. What will happen to Manas then? He can be in a big danger because of it. Virender tells her to calm down. She might now know it but everyone in the house knows it. Who gave papaya to her? he asks Manas. Sakshi says I told Nisha what fruits Purvi should be given and what she should not give to Purvi. Virender sends the kids outside. Sakshi summons Nisha and questions her. I told you to send apples and oranges for Purvi. Nisha shares that fresh fruits were brought when I was cutting fruits for Purvi. sakshi scolds her and tries to fire her. Nisha and Purvi beg for another chance. Sakshi refuses. It is as much about the baby as it is about you!

Precap: Virender tells Purvi he is sure she will take good care of the baby for 9 months. Later, Purvi is chasing the kid. Virender holds her when she trips. Why are you running? Women walk very carefully in this condition and you are running here. Purvi wears heels and loses her balance. She falls flat on her face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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