Molkki 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

Prakashi and Anjali return to the Haveli. Prakashi scolds Anjali for falling asleep instead listening to Guruji. She tells her to go, take shower, and read Hanuman Chalisha. Anjali leaves. Virender returns to the Haveli now. Prakashi asks where did he go this early? He says, there was fire in factory last night. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Anjali comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Yogi and Purvi sleeping together. Yogi is shirtless and Purvi’s blouse is also below her shoulder. Anjali screams. Everyone rushes to her room. First Virender enters and gets shocked. Then others enter and are stunned! Prakashi says, I never thought I will see something like this in this Haveli. Yogi returned to the house after so long and slept with his Bhabhi. Purvi is shameless already. We all are here and they are still sleeping. She screams asking them to wake up. Sakshi goes to Virender and tells him to be strong. Late, but at least Purvi’s real face came in front of you. You used to trust her so much, but she betrayed you. She reminds him of his words that he will take his turban out and wear thorns’ crown. She asks, will you do that now? I was warning you again and again, so you didn’t have to see this day. I love you, I care for you. That’s why I wanted to save you from this Molkki. He is quiet. She tells him to talk. I am with you. He quietly walks out of the room. Sakshi smiles. Virender comes back with a bucket of water and throws water on them. They finally wake up. Purvi and Yogi get shocked and confused. Virender stares at them angrily. He gives Purvi’s dupatta to her. Purvi says, I don’t know how I came here. Yogi also says, it’s not like what you are seeing. I don’t know how we came together in the bed. Virender slaps him. He takes Purvi’s hand and drags her out of the room. Purvi cries to listen to her. It’s not like what he thinks.

Sakshi smiles recalling how and why she did this with a help of a servant. Your game is over now, Purvi.

Yogi screams saying, you have misunderstanding, Bhaisab. It’s not like what you are seeing. He then pleads to Anjali and Prakashi that he didn’t do anything. Prakashi slaps him. Weren’t you ashamed of doing all this? You came back after so long and instead going to your wife, you did this? He tries to talk, but she slaps him saying not a word more. I can’t believe I gave birth to someone like you. It would be better if you had died. Anjali walks out. Prakashi goes behind her.

Purvi tells Virender to at least listen to her. He throws her on the floor. She says, it’s not like what you are seeing. I haven’t done anything. Sakshi tells him to throw Purvi out right now. There shouldn’t be her shadow on you. She holds his hand, but he furiously takes his hand back. Purvi continues crying and says, I can never spoil or insult your name or image. Virender brings a whip. She asks what are you doing? He takes out his turban, jacket, kurta. He hits himself with the whip. Purvi and Sakshi both tell him to stop. Purvi goes to him. He pushes her asking what else should I do? Kill you with my hands? I am not capable to show my face to anyone after what you did. He continues beating himself with the whip. She tries to stop him by hugging from back and gets hurt by the whip. He moves her aside and says, I should be punished for trusting you. Sakshi says, this Molkki deserves punishment. Purvi says, I don’t know how I ended up in Yogi’s bed. She thinks someone must have mixed something in that milkshake. He asks how much more will you lie? If you saw me in the bed with any other woman, then would you have forgiven me? You couldn’t see me and Sakshi sleeping together and that was to save Manas’s life. How can I forgive you? Sakshi says, it’s proven that she has an illegitimate relationship with Yogi and that is why she was helping him secretly. She must have done something for Yogi and that is why Yogi gave her wife’s earnings to her. She asks Purvi, what did you think that you will do all this in this Haveli and won’t be caught? I haven’t seen any cheap woman like you. Purvi tells her to shut up. She is saying anything since so long. She again starts pleading to Virender, but he tells her to stay away. He says, let my anger come out, else it will kill me from inside. I should remember for lifetime that I trusted and loved a Molkki so much. He continues beating himself. She goes to stop him and tells him to beat her if he wants to, but don’t hurt himself. If you think I am wrong, then I accept any punishment. He asks sure? She says, yes, even if you give me death punishment, I’ll accept it. He says, fine. He puts thorns in his turban’s cloth and says, when a wife ties a turban on her husband’s head, his head proudly raises high, but when you do something like this, husband’s head lowers down with a shame. You will make me wear this thorns’ turban with your own hands. Purvi looks on.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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