Molkki 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender manages to get inside the school. He is having pain in his head. He wonders in what condition Purvi must be. Purvi requests Prakashi not to do anything to Manas. Prakashi says, you must be feeling very bad, right? I felt the same when I was kicked out of the house because of you. I had cried, begged to Virender, but no one forgave me. Why shall I forgive? She tells Purvi to continue her work of mopping the floor. The guards come and say that they can’t find Manas. Prakashi tells them to find else she will break their legs. They can’t handle a small kid. She then tells Purvi to go and change the water. Purvi goes, but water is not coming. Prakashi tells the workers to check. Virender slowly comes inside. He thinks if I have to fight with Maa, then I will. But I won’t let anything happen to my Bawri. A kid cries for help from washroom. Virender sees that the door is locked. He can’t believe Prakashi can stoop so low. He breaks the lock and gets the kid out. The workers come back and says that there was a blockage in water tank due to some cloth piece. Prakashi checks it and it’s the same cloth that Manas had. Purvi gets worried thinking Manas must be in the water tank. She gets shocked seeing Prakashi saying let him die. Purvi asks Prakashi, how can you even think like that? He’s your grandson. Prakashi says, I told you already that Virender has broke all relations with me and they all are my step-children. It’s better that they die today instead tomorrow. Purvi says, you might have forgotten your relations, but I am Manas’ mother and he is my son. I will do my duty and save him. She throws the mopping water in workers way and runs away. She bumps into Virender. She asks Virender what happened to him. He says, don’t worry about me. Kids are safe, right? Prakashi’s men come chasing them. They run outside the school and lock the door so that Prakashi’s men can’t come outside.

Purvi tells Virender that Manas is in water tank. They rush to the tank and find Manas in the tank. Virender asks him how he got in there. Manas says, bad uncle was coming to kidnap me, so I hid here to save from them. Purvi says, we are here. Nothing will happen to you. Manas cries saying he is scared. Virender is having pain in his head. He tells Purvi to go inside, lift Manas on her shoulder and then he will pull her out. Virender first pulls Manas out successfully. But when pulling out Purvi, he gets very bad pain in his head and leaves Purvi’s hand. He feels dizzy. He tries again. This time, Purvi manages to hold the edge. Virender faints and falls unconscious. Purvi manages to come out. She checks that Virender has high fever. She says it must be due to injury on his head.

Prakashi comes to a classroom. Juhi is there. Prakashi gives some material to the kids and say to follow the uncle. A girl says, this smells like firecrackers. Prakashi says, that’s right. You all will make firecrackers today. Juhi says, I won’t do anything until you bring Manas back. Prakashi says, I sent Manas in the water tank. Do you want to go to him? She tells Chanda to take Juhi to Manas. Juhi cries and tells her not to do anything to Manas. I will do whatever you say. Prakashi wonders where Purvi is. She sends one of the goons to check.

Purvi thinks what to do as the goons are about to break the lock and come out. She gathers sand and throws it at them when they come. She takes their stick and starts beating them up.

A security guard comes to the classroom and tells Prakashi that school hours are over. Parents are outside to pick up the kids. If they don’t send kids out, then there will be a scene. Prakashi thinks that’s what I want to see and sends the guard out. Prakashi receives a call from Purvi’s father. He thanks her for making him the owner of firecrackers’ factory. He asks why she did that though? She says, so that I can see your daughter her real place. He asks, meaning? She says, your daughter takes care of the entire family, so I thought you deserve this much. Everyone asks me what your daughter-in-law’s father does. I feel little ashamed to say the reality, so thought to give you this factory and bring you little bit to our level. He thanks her again and says, I won’t disappoint you. I am going to the factory now. After the call ends, Prakashi’s face shows revengeful expressions.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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