Molkki 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi is about to sign when Virender takes the pen from her and signs. He asks Satpal where else must he sign. Purvi and Satpal are shocked to see him. Everyone else walks in as well. Sakshi asks Purvi why she has come to take money from bank when she has the keys to the drawer. Who are you taking loan for? Prakashi says we too must know the reason. Did you want to steal the money? You could have asked Virender. Who were you taking this money stealthily for? Purvi replies that she wasn’t stealing. Renu says she might have come to take money for her family. Her father is greedy. He might have pushed her to borrow money. He might have done something wrong again and she might have had to cover it up. He is Purvi’s father after all so she must save him like she did in the past. Purvi tells her she wasn’t taking this loan to help her family. Anjali refuses to believe her. I can bet that a woman in Rewari would need 2 crores. It must be a man! Who is it? Virender glares at her. Anjali asks her who it is who is closer to her than Jeth ji. Purvi tells her to stop her nonsense. Virender asks her to tell the truth then. Sakshi says you can hear it in her silence. She is cheating you. You trust her a lot. Wear the crown of thorns now! Virender asks Purvi to tell them the truth. Yogi enters and falls in Virender’s feet. Virender is shocked. Bhabhi is not lying. She was taking this loan for me. Purvi nods.

Prakashi asks him why he needs 2 crores. Purvi says he was in a really bad condition so I couldn’t stop myself from helping him. I applied for the loan stealthily. Prakashi asks Yogi why he needs this much money. Purvi tells them everything. He was even going to commit suicide.

Flashback shows Purvi buying something in the market. A man picks a black piece of cloth and walks away. Purvi calls out after Yogi but he wont stop. Yogi looks at the approaching truck. He blindfolds himself and starts walking towards the truck. Purvi pays the vendor and rushes to help Yogi. She asks Yogi to move aside as she notices the approaching truck but in vain. She uses a cart to push him away. She removes the blindfold from Yogi’s eyes. Are you fine? What were you doing? He asks her why she saved him. I deserve to die! You should have let me die. She stops him. He asks her to let go. I must die. She asks him what happened. He tells her that he has ruined everything. Bhaisahab gave me a big responsibility but I ended up messing things up. The contractor robbed me off 2 crores. I don’t know what to do now! Purvi offers to help him. Flashback ends.

Purvi says I gave money to Yogi Bhaiya to pay the workers. The person who Purvi had given money to the other day was Yogi. Purvi says I asked Sudha to lie about the donation money. I had given it to Bhaiya to help him. Yogi folds his hands and apologizes to Virender. I made a very big mistake but Bhabhi is not at fault here. I dint know how to face you. Please punish me, not Bhabhi. Virender slaps him. Yogi tells him it is the right punishment for him. Virender says I dint slap you as you lost my money. I slapped you as you dint approach your brother first. You have considered me a stranger. Yogi shakes his head and hugs him. Virender comforts his brother. Yogi requests for forgiveness. I am alive today only because of Bhabhi. She has saved my life and has helped me a lot. Purvi tells him not to worry. Nothing can happen to you till the time Mukhi ji is with you.

Virender lashes out at Prakashi. You said she will steal my money? She has always repaid for all the favors. She has saved your son’s life today and has yet again proved that she will never cheat me or this family. Think before you speak! He reprimands Anjali next. You were tarnishing her character but she saved your husband. You would have been a widow today if it wasn’t for her! he tells Sakshi to look at the truth now. You all can see for yourself. I don’t trust her without a reason. She has made me proud today too. He tells Yogi to come home. We will manage profit and loss together. He nods. Virender walks out of there holding Purvi’s hand.

Prakashi does aarti of Yogi and welcomes him home. She complains to Yogi and Anjali that they haven’t made her Dadi yet. I wont hear any excuse this time. Give me a grandkid soon! Kids hug Yogi. Where have you been? What have you brought for us? He gives them chocolates. He shows gold earrings to Anjali. I thought I will give it to you but I want to give them to Purvi Bhabhi today. Purvi tries to say something but he requests her to accept it. This is the only way I can thank you today. She accepts the gift. Sakshi thinks to twist their love a little differently.

Anjali has put angeethi in the room and tells Yogi to be careful when he gets down from the bed. He pulls her closer romantically. Aren’t you happy that your husband is home after so long? She smiles. I am but don’t give my gift to someone else the next time. He smiles. This is what you are unhappy about. I thought you were angry as we dint have a kid even after 7 years of marriage. She pushes him away as her mood is spoiled. She takes the angeethi away. Yogi thinks that Bhaisahab saved me today but Anjali’s anger and this cold will kill me. Purvi smiles. No one can kill you till the time I am here. She asks the servant to put the heater in the room. Mukhi ji cares about you a lot. He knows you cannot bear cold and he even asked me to wear the earrings that you had given to me. I really wanted an elder brother who I could approach easily for gifts. This means a lot to me. thank you. He tells hr that what she has done for him is nothing in comparison to the earrings. She tells him to think that his younger sister has helped him. Kids are really happy to see you. Everyone will have fun in the evening. We will play games too. Do join us as the kids will be really happy.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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