Molkki 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

Renu asks Prakashi about Anjali. Prakashi shares that she is heartbroken after what she saw. Anyone will be devastated to see her husband with someone else in a compromising position. I am worried that she might end up harming herself in some way.

Sakshi tells Virender not to do this. I wont be able to see you in this condition. I wont be able to bear anyone insulting you. She threatens Purvi not to harm Virender in any way or she wont be able to recover ever in life. Virender asks Purvi if she heard him. Put this turban on my head. You have my swear. Put this crown of thorns on my head. He reaches for it himself when she hesitates. He takes it. She requests him to stop. Virender says it was easy to cheat me. what happened to you now? You must do it. I will help you. He makes her hold it and tells her to wrap it around his head. She cries but he wont give up. She tries to take it down saying that she wont be able to do it. Please forgive me. he is bleeding and tells her to continue. I will wear it at any cost from your hands! Sakshi looks on. Purvi gets hurt by thorns and he too starts bleeding because of the thorns but Sakshi watches them quietly. Purvi breaks down. Virender asks her how he is looking now. Am I not looking better than before? Are you satisfied now? This is how you wanted to see me, right? These wounds will never heal. I will never let them heal. They will remind me of your cheating for my entire life. I wont let these wounds heal and I will never forget what you did till my last breath! Sakshi tries to say something but he warns her against it and walks away. Sakshi leaves as well.

Renu and Prakashi ask Anjali to open the door but in vain. Yogi gets worried for Anjali too. He shouts from outside that he hasn’t done anything. You know me well. I don’t know how Bhabhi and I ended up like that. He breaks open the door upon Prakashi’s askance and is shocked to not see her in the room. He asks Prakashi who asks him about it instead. She hasn’t been able to face anyone because of you! She jumped out of the window and ran away because of you. She left us! Yogi shakes his head. Don’t say this. We must find her.

Renu is on phone with Inspector. Please tell us if you find anything about Anjali Bhabhi. She ends the call. Purvi asks Renu if Virender has left from police station. Renu walks away without a word.

Virender comes home drunk. Purvi tries to take the bottle from his hand but he pins her to the pillar. Why shouldn’t I drink? All those who I have trusted have cheated me! you too ended up to be like one of them. She tells him it isn’t true. You know me. I can never do it. Ask your heart if I can ever cheat you. It was a trap. Someone wants to create a rift between us. I was trapped. He asks her who can trap a smart girl like her who exposes everyone. She swears upon Kanha ji but he refuses to believe her. I guess you couldn’t manage becoming a Mukhiyayini from a Molkki. Sakshi was right. Something was going on between you and Yogi. She tells him against it. Look into my eyes. He repeats that she helped Yogi because they had something going on behind their backs. You two must have met behind our backs too. Who knows? She swears on Kanha ji again that she is innocent. He asks her if she isn’t ashamed to have a relation with his brother. She tries to stop him but he walks away. Everyone has backstabbed me. do whatever you want to do! Be with whoever you want to be! He drinks.

Next morning, Purvi comes downstairs holding a bag. She tells everyone that she is leaving the haveli. It might be good for everyone. Mukhi ji blamed me of ruining the lives of his elder kids and he blamed me for being a cheater and characterless. I wasn’t wrong in the past and I am not wrong today as well. Mukhi ji realized his mistake last time. I am sure he will realize it this time too. I will wait for that day, Mukhi ji. She touches Prakashi’s feet who shakes her head and refuses to bless her. Renu and Sakshi look on. Purvi looks at Virender sadly but he isn’t even looking in her direction. Past memories flash in her head. Purvi thinks that she is still waiting for a miracle. I wish something happens because of which you (Virender) will trust me again. Hope you will stop me before I leave the house. She becomes emotional as she thinks of all the good and bad times.

Virender looks at her as she heads for the door. He calls out after her to stop. Purvi smiles in anticipation. Virender asks Purvi about the hair peeking out of the big box. He asks the servants to open it. They are shocked to see Anjali locked inside the box. Everyone is stunned at the sight. Prakashi checks her pulse but she isn’t breathing. She cries. Anjali is no more! She blames Purvi for it. Anjali was waiting for her husband since months and she died because of you! It is a suicide and you are responsible for it! Purvi tries to explain but Prakashi does not let her say anything. You know how worried we were and this happened because of you! Purvi says I kept my stuff in this box myself last night. I don’t know how Bhabhi ended up here. Sakshi calls it a lie. Anjali committed suicide because of you. You are responsible for her death. You were just trying to take care of the dead body today. Purvi tells Virender it is a lie. He tells her to be quiet. Epi ends on Purvi’s face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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