Molkki 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Purvi realizes that she needs to get Juhi out of there safely asap. I have to tell everyone that Ma is responsible for all of this. She tells Manas she is going out for some time. Close the door from inside. Open it only when you hear my voice. Take care of Baba. He agrees. Purvi steps out of the room. She prays for strength to save Juhi and all the kids.

Parents hold Juhi captive. Purvi comes outside. Juhi runs towards the door. Peon greets Purvi. I did everything like you said. Kids are hungry and working sinide. Everything will be ready by tomorrow. The main gate is opened. Parents charge at Purvi. they even taunt her for not being able to give birth. We should teach her a lesson. She wont be able to harm anyone! Purvi requests them to give her a chance. Let me explain. A lady slaps her. we got a blo*dy t-shirt. Who did you kill? Other parents demand her to free their kids. Purvi insists that she is also a captive but they don’t buy it. They pull her out of school to teach her a lesson.

Virender wakes up. Manas helps him drink water. Haathi told you to rest. You will recover soon then. Virender asks about haathi. Manas shares that haathi and Didi are in school. He shows the video to Virender where people are hurting Purvi. It means they think that Bawri has captured them? It also means that Ma wont change ever. I must save everyone asap. He asks Manas if he will play a game with him. Manas agrees. Virender tells him to hide inside the drawer. Do not come out till I open it. You will lose otherwise. Manas agrees. Virender closes the drawer to keep him safe.

Parents throw stones at Purvi. Juhi shouts at them to stop but in vain. Virender covers Purvi and shouts at everyone to stop. Why are you hurting her? I know that you are worried for your kids. They are fine though. A lady asks him how he knows that. Virender says they are safe with me. A man tells him not to lie. Don’t misguide us to save your wife. Virender shows a video to them. Parents recognize their kids in the video. Goons had caught hold of our kids. How did you do this? Virender nods. I was stuck inside too. Flashback shows Virender noticing one goon sleeping and another one eating. I must save the kids. Bawri must bear this torture for some more time. He mixes cough syrup in water and picks up some chilli powder. He passes it to a girl carefully. Kids pass it to each other and end up adding the chilli powder in the goon’s food. He notices them laughing and tells them to let him watch the video in silence. Virender makes the kids keep the bottle of water next to the goon. He drinks it as soon as he takes a bite and then passes out. A kid ties firecrackers around the second goon’s feet. Virender overpowers him and locks him inside as he takes the kids outside safely.

Virender tells everyone that his son is also stuck inside. This was all my mother’s doing whereas you started throwing stones at an innocent person without knowing the truth. Don’t you have mind? They apologize to Virender who tells them to apologize to Purvi. Parents decide to teach the kids a lesson. We will get out kids out first. Peon and Prakashi’s goons close the main gate again. Peon takes out his gun. Prakashi ji has ordered us to shoot anyone who tries to get inside.

Manas decides to not come out till the time Baba comes out. I don’t want to be out. Virender’s look-alike walks inside and whistles. Manas wonders if it is Baba. Manas hugs him from behind. Why dint you call out to me? He signals Manas to be quiet. Manas thinks that bad guys might still be outside which is why Baba is signalling him to be silent. Virender’s look-alike thinks that he might have been caught if he had called out to Manas. He takes Manas with him.

Parents are eager to meet the kids. Peon keeps blocking their way with a gun. Purvi steps forward. She challenges the peon to shoot them if he is strong enough. They open the door and walk inside. Virender shoots a gun in the air while overpowering him. Police arrests peon and Prakashi’s goons just then. Inspector thanks Purvi for informing them on time.

Flashback shows Virender hugging Purvi and Juhi. Purvi calls Inspector and asks him to come to school asap. Flashback ends.

Police, Virender and Purvi free the kids and the goons get arrested. Juhi tells Virender and Purvi tha she is relieved that they are here. I was so scared. Inspector asks them to give him a proof against Prakashi. Anjali walks in with Purvi’s father. He claims that he is innocent. I got this factory yesterday from Prakashi ji only. Inspector asks him if he will admit this in court too. Purvi’s father nods. Purvi rues that it would have been better if she did not have a father. You are up to no good. Virender says the same thing for Prakashi. We have to set an example for the kids. Prakashi’s car is approaching school. Inspector calls it great. Purvi asks for Manas.

Anjali, Virender, Purvi and Juhi come to the room to look for Manas but they don’t find him there. They hear Manas calling out for Baba and haathi just then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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