Molkki 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sakshi tells Virender to call someone to fix the roof. I have called some women at home tomorrow for karwachauth puja. He nods. She suggests that Purvi should not fast right now as it wont be good for her health or for the baby. Doc also told her to take care. Virender nods. Tell her not to keep the fast. Sakshi tells him to speak to her. she may not understand me but she will agree if you say so. He agrees.

Purvi and kids are making preps for karwachauth. They also compliment her dress. Virender comes and sends the kids outside. She shows him the stuff that she has been preparing. He tells her not to keep fast tomorrow. She reasons that she has been doing it since they got married. He nods. This time you have to look after yourself and the baby so you wont keep it this year. She insists but he is adamant. This is my last decision. He walks out of the room. Sakshi thinks things are finally going as per my plan. I will keep fast for Mukhi ji’s long life tomorrow. He will break my fast himself. I am step ahead of you this time. Be prepared for another surprise tomorrow. Purvi is sure she will keep fast tomorrow. I wont let anything happen to our baby either.

Prakashi, Anjali and Sakshi are having sargi when Purvi joins them. I will eat sargi too. Prakashi says you weren’t going to keep fast. Purvi says I will not keep fast but I will still eat sargi. Sargi is a healthy meal. My baby and I need it a lot right now. Purvi sits next to Sakshi. sakshi looks at Purvi and thinks that she knows that Purvi has kept fast for Mukhi ji today. I will expose you and will break your fast eventually.

Virender is having breakfast. Sakshi sends the maid to bring Purvi. Maid goes. Sakshi thinks that Purvi wont be able to escape this time. I haven’t left you with any option now. Purvi tells maid she will come soon.

Purvi comes downstairs and tells Sakshi and Virender that she had samose and golgappe. I was craving for those and asked kids to bring them. Sakshi asks her about it. Kids come there just then and tell Sakshi that Purvi had 5 samose today. Purvi shares that she is full. I don’t think I will be able to eat anything till dinner time. She heads back to her room with the kids. Sakshi is upset that Purvi is lying and that she has also involved the kids in her lie. She decides not to let Purvi complete her fast.

Purvi brings the kids to her room and apologizes to them for lying. Juhi says you only told us that a lie that helps someone is not wrong. Manas nods. Babbar Sher is going to get surprised too. Purvi smiles and hugs them.

Workers come to fix the roof. Sakshi takes them upstairs and tells them what the problem is. They repair it. Sakshi tells the manager to stay back and tells him to send the workers back. He nods.

Purvi and Sakshi get ready for karwachauth puja. Sakshi thinks that she found out about the Molkki 2 years ago on karwachauth only. I will throw her out of your life today on karwachauth only.

Virender compliments Purvi. She says every married woman gets dressed properly on karwachauth so I got ready too. He tells her to stay in the room. You should rest as you haven’t kept fast this time. She says I can still do puja for your long life. He realizes that she wants to do rituals like other women. She nods. I will eat but I will continue following the rituals like always. He agrees. You look so beautiful today that I don’t feel like going anywhere though. I want to spend all the time with you in this room only. Let’s repeat the frog and princess story now. He kisses her on her forehead and hugs her. Sakshi sees them thus and fumes. I hate her just as much as you love her so I don’t regret what I am going to do to her today!

Moon is visible in the sky now. Purvi gives puja thaal to all women. Sakshi smiles as she looks at Virender. Purvi looks at them. Sakshi looks at Virender through the sieve. Anjali breaks her fast by looking at her husband’s photo. Purvi feels dizzy. Virender is about to feed water to Sakshi when Purvi passes out. Kids shout at Virender to check haathi. He drops the pot and rushes to Purvi’s side. He helps her sit down. How did you fall? Juhi says it might be because she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Virender questions Purvi. She says it is karwachauth after all. I have kept it for your long life. He asks about the baby. She tells him not to worry. I spoke to doc earlier. She told me that I wont have any problem if I eat glucose biscuit. I had them in the morning itself. I am going to be a mother but I am a wife too. I ate as a mother and I kept a fast as a wife too. Virender smiles. I don’t know what to give to you. Juhi tells him to feed water to haathi. He happily obliges. Sakshi glares at them. Virender tells Purvi his kids have become extremely smart after living with her. sakshi thinks that she has not seen a more cunning woman before. You have interrupted my puja today. I will punish you for this. I will take revenge from you today itself. She throws her dupatta away. Juhi hugs Purvi.

Sakshi tells Purvi to do the puja if she is feeling better now. Purvi nods. Sakshi takes her to a particular corner and goes to bring water for her. Virender stands in front of Purvi. Purvi looks at Virender through the sieve and does puja. He feeds her laddoo. A guard tells Virender there is a call for him. He tries to dismiss it but guard points out that it is from the mill. Virender goes to attend it.

Flashback shows Sakshi paying the manager extra money. He asks her what he should do. She tells him to break the biggest branch of the tree in a way that it falls when she will want it to. He agrees. Mukhi ji will kill me if someone sees me! she assures him that everyone will be busy at that time. You will get a lot of money for it and you can leave Rewari then. He agrees to do it. Flashback ends.

Sakshi signals the manager. He pulls the rope which was holding the broken tree. Virender hears the sound and looks up. He shouts at Purvi to move but it is too late. Purvi falls down after getting hit by the branch.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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