Molkki 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender tells Purvi she must bear punishment for her sins. She killed herself because of you! Purvi tries to touch Anjali but Prakashi slaps her. don’t you dare touch her with your hands! She tells Virender to make sure Molkki does not touch her! Purvi says I did not do anything. Prakashi says I checked her. She isn’t breathing! It is all because of you. I regret the day you came here. You are a bad omen for us. We always fall in trouble because of you! You are worse than a Daayan! You are responsible for all of this. Slowly, we will die one by one too! She tells Virender to hand her to police. Virender says Panchayat and I will decide her fate. He takes her inside. Renu comforts Prakashi.

Renu storms inside kitchen and asks Sakshi what she has done. I supported you so as to throw Molkki out of the haveli! You ended up Anjali Bhabhi’s story in the process? I knew that you are a strategist but I dint know that you are a killer too! Sakshi is shocked. Renu says you killed Bhabhi today. It can be my turn tomorrow. Sakshi says enough. I haven’t killed Anjali. I would have gotten Molkki out of my way if I had to kill someone. I am also wondering who could be behind this. Purvi can never do this. Is Yogi behind this? Did he do this to get Anjali out of his way? Renu calls it impossible. He loves her a lot and can never do this. Someone knocks on the door.

Renu opens the door for Yogi. He shows the report to her. someone had mixed a drug in my food or drink. I haven’t done anything. He calls out to Anjali. I haven’t done anything wrong. She will believe me now! He calls out to Anjali. I haven’t cheated you! Where are you? He asks Prakashi about Anjali and notices Anjali resting in her lap. He asks his Ma why Anjali is sleeping. What happened to her? Why is she sleeping like this? He asks someone to tell him. What has happened to her? Prakashi replies that Anjali will never complain to him again. She will not ask you anything. There is no one who wants to know whether you were guilty or not! She has left us. Yogi drops the report in shock.

Virender locks Purvi in the room. You wont get out of here till the time Panch come up with a decision. He stands outside and cries helplessly. Purvi realizes that he is right outside and cries holding the door. She asks Virender if he is crying. He tells her to be quiet. You will see the worst of me if you try to come outside. She asks him if he is fine. Please listen to me once. He sits on the floor. Inside, Purvi sits on the floor as well and cries.

Prakashi is crying in her room. I brought Anjali here with love. I promised her parents that I will look after her. God should have called me instead! How will I face her parents now? Sakshi says what’s done is done. Take care of yourself. She leaves. Prakashi calls Kajri. She has left. She will reach the village by evening. She thinks she will stay in our old home but you know where she must stay. She ends the call. Whoever tries to act bold in front of me meets the worst fate! I can end someone’s existence when it comes to respect!

Inspector tells Virender that Anjali’s post-mortem report points at poisoning while investigation points at suicide. You can let me know if you doubt someone. Sakshi tells Inspector how Purvi and Anjali never liked each other. They had an argument yesterday after which this happened. Virender calls it rubbish. It is she who does not share a good bond with anyone. There are small arguments in every home but it does not mean that someone will kill like this. You (Inspector) have helped us enough. Thank you for that. Inspector nods. Tell me if you find any clue. Virender agrees. We have been through enough lately. We don’t want to get involved in this right now. He heads upstairs.

Constable tells Inspector that Anjali’s phone was active till 30 minutes ago. Inspector decides to tell Virender as Anjali died 6 hours ago. Sakshi stops him from meeting Virender. I will convey this to Virender. Inspector leaves. Sakshi decides against telling this to Virender. Mukhi ji wont doubt Purvi anymore otherwise. Who was using Anjali’s phone till now though?

Renu comes to Purvi’s room. Please forgive me. I had to behave badly with you in front of Ma but I know you cannot kill anyone. She tells Purvi about the milkshake. I made it myself for all of us but don’t know who mixed something in it. I swear I haven’t done anything wrong to you. Purvi tells her to calm down. You are Mukhi ji’s sister and my SIL. You are also like a sister to me. I know you cannot do something like this but I don’t know who is behind all this. Is it Sakshi ji? Renu is worried that Sakshi might end up blurting her name if Purvi confronts her. I got a chance to stay here after years. I cannot let go of this chance. I will have to save Sakshi Bhabhi to save myself. She lies to Purvi that Sakshi is innocent. Purvi wonders who can do this to her then.

Yogi brings Anjali’s ashes home. Renu and Sakshi follow him inside. Renu tells Sakshi not to worry. I have told Molkki that you were with me in kitchen that night. You must not worry. Sakshi looks at her.

Manas hugs Purvi. he asks her not to tell Ma that he came to meet her. Purvi agrees. How are you and Juhi? Have you two eaten? He nods.

Renu tries to go after Prakashi but he tells her to let her be for 2 minutes. I am not going to kill myself. I just want to sit alone for 2 minutes. Can I not have some time alone? She realizes that her phone is not with her. What if that person calls? She decides to go without it and leaves. She shouts that she will come back on her own and leaves.

Purvi tells Manas she was missing them so much. He says the same to her and wipes her tears. She asks him if he is studying properly. He asks her to add video games in Dadi’s phone as his phone is off. She tells him to study as well. He agrees. Where is everyone? Anjali Chachi had told me that she will make kheer for me. where is she?

Prakashi meets a maid outside. The maid tells Prakashi she was telling her that you would come any minute. I told her not to message you either. Prakashi warns them not to send her a text or call her at all. This should stay between us only. Leave for the village asap. All the preps have been made there. Leave quietly. I wont spare you if anyone finds out anything! Maid leaves with the lady.

Purvi gives the phone to Manas. He tells her that it is his favourite game. He receives a text and shows it to Purvi. Purvi is shocked to read Anjali’s text on Prakashi’s phone. The message says that they are on their way. We will text you once we reach Bodhia. Purvi gets thinking. Who is sending this message to Ma from Bhabhi’s phone when she is no more?

Precap: Purvi tells Virender she is relieved to know that he believes her. He tells her that he is compelled. I have to do rituals for Renu’s engagement with you. Purvi overhears Prakashi telling Kajri on the phone that they must kill the baby in the womb today itself. Renu’s marriage is fixed. Prakashi asks Sakshi to bring the ring but Virender stops her. Choti Mukhiyayin will bring the ring. He goes to bring Purvi but the room is empty. He finds a sorry note on the bed. Purvi reaches Bodhia village. Few goons are chasing a lady. Purvi realizes that it is the same woman whose baby Prakashi wants to kill. I must save the baby!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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